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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Might As Well Go With The Flow...

Posted by Destined Blade , in General Life, Music Dec 25 2008 · 70 views
This is what I got:

Two CDs(Sugarland's Enjoy The Ride, and Jimmy Wayne's Do You Believe Me Now?. The latter came with two of his old songs, I guess redone, I think. All I know is I've heard them before, they're listed as bonus songs, and I think it just came out this fall...)
Gift Card.
Money(60 dollars isn't that bad =P)
... I'm pretty sure I got other things, can't reme- Oh, right, a bobblehead. =) Not that much, might get something tomorrow... Hopefully.*I'm hoping for Bleach: Dark Souls myself =P*



Posted by Destined Blade , in BZP, Computers, Creativity, General Life, Internet, RPG, The Terakou Files Nov 11 2008 · 219 views
I'm sixteen today, as it's my birthday. Just wanted to tell you guys =P

So far, I've had my RPG approved by Kex(Early present as it was dated last night =)), and got the Tim McGraw Greatest Hits limited edition two pack plus the new Toby keith CD called "That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy" from my Uncle as B-Day gifts =)


Obligatory Bleach Entry

Posted by Destined Blade , in Bleach, Anime, General Life Nov 04 2008 · 179 views
Well hey, why have a category when you can't use it?

So, the Bount arc just started over here in Canada, it looks interesting, but I'm just gonna not say anything in case people ha- Oh wait...



Lonestar - The Future: Status

Posted by Destined Blade , in General Life, Music, Random Oct 31 2008 · 140 views
... Delayed. Posted Image Too bad too, I was looking forward to it, but I the other day that it was delayed... Though, it sounds to be pretty good. The source says about early 2009 release though, I think.


New Sets

Posted by Destined Blade , in Bionicle, BZP, General Life, LEGO Oct 30 2008 · 150 views
Well, in the span of a few months, I've gotten a fair share of Bio sets.

Let's go in order.

Lewa Phantoka - He's awesome =D His Chainblade, mask, and color is good, though you could get tired of the bley.

Mutran & Vican - More lime, and black's introduced, but I finally have a Matoran I could Moderator to be an av-toran(All I have to do is switch the feet for a better one, and really that's good, since I'm not really in a position to have limegreen eyes...)

Pohatu Phantoka - Yay =D His orange is sparse, but very nice. I wish his mask had've been full head, but now I essentially have a Vahi!

Kopaka Phantoka - Awesome. His Bayonet is very cool(Pardon the pun), and his mask is nice as well. He's the only one without a visor for the Phantoa though.

Toa Ignika - My first encounter of the Piraka Torso kind. The torso is pretty cool, though those characters are usually shorter than those that have Inika torsos, because you can't adjust where the Torso connects to without heavy changes. His mask is cool too =D

Onua Mistika - Woot, Onua's very cool. Though I've already got his feet twice(Jaller Mahri and Pohatu), this is the first in Black, and are very cool. Plus, I can see his battering ram Nynrah attachment coming in handy for stuff. And his shield's pretty cool. Plus, the piece that keeps his head from wobbling is very nice. And contrary to popular belief, to me, you CAN in fact see his eyes while looking at the front of the mask.

Gali Mistika - Gali isn't half as bad as every keeps saying. She's got a good mask, her mask fins being pretty ingenious, and silver Inika legs are fine with me. Plus, the feet jets are cool too. Though, I wish the Set Designers had've made the shoulder armour more like the Inika Shoulder Armour, because it wobbles. A lot. Not that much of a problem, just the noise when she's moving though Posted Image I don't like the setup for her head, but it's nothing a little MOCing can't fix, and is a step in a better direction(Though Onua's was better =P)

Krika - He's surprisingly big for how many pieces he has. His blade's are awesome, and his white pieces that have red in them are trans white. The rumours about not being able to stand with only three legs are true, but most people wouldn't be worried about that, except for the people who pose their sets. His head is interesting, and has a black metru arm for a neck, so that's cool. His torso has a white version of Onua's chest armour, which is pretty good, and did I mention his blades are awesome?

Gorast - First of all, Limegreen and Black are very cool. Anyway, she comes with two of the claw pieces Takanuva uses for his hands, in silver still though. Her mask is fully rubber, which was surprising to me. The new claw pieces she uses for her feet are interesting, and so is the set-up of her body. I think the wings could've been done a little better to have articulation though, but meh. Her head kinda sticks out pretty far unless it's at an angle, where it looks pretty good, so I keep it there mostly, unless I'm doing a pose which she looks good to have her head out, like hissing. Anyway, moving on to the final set I've got...

Tahu Mistika - The Ninja strikes in the Swamp! Tahu actully looks pretty cool, and has a red version of Kopaka's feet, which is good since I only had only pair, Kopaka's. His Spinning Blade Shield is pretty cool, though I've found you should mount the shield on one of the stud holders on the side instead of where the instructions say, spins better there. As for the mask... As all the Toa Mistika and Toa Ignika had, Tahu has an insertable stud rod for a mouth attacher. Mostly it stays on the mask, though sometimes it stays in the person who is wearing the mask's mouth, which can look pretty comical. Anyway, Tahu's jets look pretty cool, and I've found they can be slightly modified with some of the pieces attaching it to point in front of Tahu, meaning he looks right when on his front and flying, though I think the air pushes downward through the jets, instead of the other way. I mean, it'd explain how the OTHER Mistika don't fly towards the swamp, seeing as Onua's jet faces downwards, and when Gali has her feet in a swimming pose, the Jets face that way too. Moving on, the Nynrah Ghostblaster is cool. Does always fire far, but unless the rocket's pushed in too far, it DOES fire. Tahu ALSO has those Gorast claws, and silver Piraka legs, which is cool, plus metru arm armour, which is pretty cool for me, plus he has one of those tri connectors. Also, as with almost all the Toa sets this year, he has an Inika Shoulder Armour piece for Solek to connect to, but I haven't tried that, since all I have is my deteriorating Av-Matoran MOC, and Vican.

Anyway, that's a sum up of my sets I got recently, ... Plus a kinda mini-review =P


Lonestar - Let Me Love You

Posted by Destined Blade , in General Life, Music Jul 24 2008 · 122 views
It is awesome. Haven't gotten it memorized enough for lyrics, but it's very good Posted Image I recommend you listen to it if you like New Country.


Amount Of Posts

Posted by Destined Blade , in BZP, Computers, General Life, Internet, Random Jul 23 2008 · 161 views
Randomness Stuffz
I've got almost 2600 in a year.

... This is madness!

... Madness? This! Is! BZPOWAAA!!!</McSpam'sformerblogbanner>

... I actually really just wanted to shout that XD


Doc Walker - That's All

Posted by Destined Blade , in Lyrics, General Life, Music Jul 23 2008 · 177 views
Just as I thought it was going alright
I find out I'm wrong when I thought I was right
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

I could say day, you'd say night
Tell me it's black, when I know that it's white
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

Well I could leave but I won't go
Though my heart might tell me so
I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes
But why does it always seem to be
Me looking at you, you looking at me
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

Turning me on, turning me off
Making me feel like I want too much
Living with you's just putting me through it all of the time!

Running around, staying out all night
Taking it all instead of taking one bite
Living with you's just putting me through it all of the time

Well I could leave but I won't go
It'd be easier I know
I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes
But why does it always seem to be
Me looking at you, you looking at me
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

But I love you, more than I wanted to
There's no point in trying to pretend
There's been no-one
Who makes me feel like you do
Say we'll be together 'til the end

I could leave but I won't go
It'd be easier I know

I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes
But why does it always seem to be
Me looking at you, you looking at me
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

Running around, staying out all night
Taking it all, instead of taking one bite
Living with you's just putting me through it all of the time

It's just as I thought, it was going alright
Found out I'm wrong, thought I was right
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all
It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all...

Come on.

It's always the same(Always the same)
It's just a shame(Just a shame)
*Repeat until fade*

That is awesome =D


Bs01 Aqua Blaster Blade Contest

Posted by Destined Blade , in Contests, MOCs, BZP, Computers, Creativity, General Life, Internet, LEGO Jul 23 2008 · 215 views
I'm so entering. Watch out guys, I've been listening to the C&C for my old MOCs Posted Image ... Dunno how that'd relate to a weapon MOC, but meh XD

Anyone wanna see a Chainblade?


Exo-force Ending

Posted by Destined Blade , in LEGO, BZP, Computers, Creativity, General Life, Internet Jul 21 2008 · 220 views
Been wanting to feature this for a while.

Ok, by now everyone knows that Exo-Force is ending, correct? Ok. It's Lego's ONLY current giant mech theme. Got that so far? It had a bad year last year. With me so far? They decide to get rid of it just because of that, even though it had great mech designs in 2008. Wait, what?

Yeah, that's why Lego's ending the series, because of poor sales in 2007.

Ok, put this into perspective, in 2006 we had:

26 comics, give or take a few
Quite a few awesome mechs.
It was the first year.
It had light-up bricks, which had use.
It had interactive stuff online(Though, I must say, other than in the comic department, 2007 ruled there).

2007 had:

Around 12, if that, comics.
Skeletal, but still cool, mechs.
It was the second year, the feeling of it being new had worn off a bit... But still managed to draw in a few people.
It had Code Bricks, which weren't as functional as Light Bricks, and tried; but failed miserably; to make it up in weapons that had functions, but most of those were launchers...
It had tons of interactive stuff online, including 6+ games online.

So, 2007 WAS a decline, but brought in new fans, such as myself. And there was interactive stuff to do, like input code-bricks, or play games, online, but not enough story stuff, and what was there was rushed. So of course there was a decline in sets being bought, because there wasn't enough GOOD storyline.

In 2008 however, we had mechs that had seats. BUT; it wasn't even 2008, rather around October or so 2007, when we found the first hints of something awry with Exo-Force. A book featuring Chameleon Hunter on it's cover was cancelled. Then, codes went wrong when the site was updated and the mechs were released. Then, shortly afterwards, we find out about Exo-Force being cancelled. Still with me...?

Ok, so 2007 didn't do well, but, why was that...? Was it because of the lack of online content, the set designs, a combination of both...?I understand they couldn't keep it up if it wasn't gaining profits, and that it has a SLIGHT possibility of POSSIBLY coming back in the future... But why not take a step back and try to figure out what was wrong with the sets? I mean, though the current sets aren't AS good as late '06(I blame the lack of articulation and hands Posted Image ), they ARE a step up... And if they made something like an Exo-Force video game like they did with Bionicle many times, maybe it'd be more advertised and such...

Of coruse, these are all wishes upon wishes, slivers of hope that don't even have a chance of happening Posted Image I've accepted this fact for quite a while now, and just let it slwoly die, trying to make a more traditional mech design... But seeing as I've wanted to blog about this for quite some time, I couldn't pass up a chance to just say what I wanted to say then. I want you to know now, that I have no intention of flaming ANYONE, I'm just suggesting to the past, why couldn't they have just tried to improve on the comics or sets or something...? Ah well, what's done is done... We may; or may not; see one of our favorite(And only Posted Image ) Lego Mech series back in the future... All we can do is hope Posted Image

Also, offtopic but, I just noticed that all the entries that have comments have 2 comments in them Posted Image

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