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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Awesome Mario Kart Win

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Mario Kart, Gaming, Nintendo Jan 25 2012 · 496 views

Alternative Title: So You're Gonna Knock Me Off The Course Eh...

So. I've been recently trying to 3 star the 150CC courses... I've gotten three cups done so, and now finished my fourth. That was a massive pain, though. xD

The first two tracks were fine, though there were some panic moments on DK Jungle(Not Rosalina's Ice World, it's one of the best courses on this game. =P).

Then I get to Bowser's Castle. I hate that track, I really do. -_-' For one, when you drift after the first/second thwomp, you have a 90% chance of sliding right off the track, and landing in the lava. -5 seconds, head to 6th place. Then there's the underwater part. Multiple sections like that. -10 seconds, fall to 7th place. Then there's all the blue shells and such so that when you do get into 1st place, you get knocked out. -_- I had to do this track twice because of that; I fell off the track literally right before the end of the third lap, and no matter how hard I tried, there was simply not enough time to catch up. So, after I beat that a second time, it was onto Rainbow Road.

I was leading that more or less a good chunk of the time; though there was an absolutely cheap move right at the beginning, I somehow got hit by something, and got thrown off the track at the first ramp section. That was fine, I got back my lead by the time I got to the rings, and kept my lead all the way past, though there were a few times I was surprised that I didn't fall. Then you get to that spinning section that has the jumps following it. Surprisingly, I didn't mess up on the jump and get hurled into Oblivion(Though how I'd have gotten into an Elder Scrolls game is beyond me...); but my panic didn't help; I made a couple jumps, and then hurled myself off into Oblivion(There it is again!). I get set back onto the track with only about maybe a fourth or fifth of the race left; I make my way past those dang ramps, and hit an item box.

LIGHTNING GET! >=D I begin to drift, and hit the L button as soon as I could... Instantly, the entire group of opponents is sent spinning, and some even get knocked off the track. I then start laughing out loud literally, as I pass them all easily, without even having a mushroom or drifting, and proceed to win the race. This was literally right before the finish line; the last two turns! xD When the fall happened I was going "NO, NO, NO!!" And then when I got the lightning, that turned into "YES, YES, YES, TAKE THAT!!" Overall just awesome, as i did not want to replay that race again. =P Now to finish the rest... *Starts the other 'last' cup first* No way am I saving the SNES Rainbow Road for last... That'll be even more of a pain. >_>


Host Quit Fail

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Goldeneye, Nintendo Jan 23 2012 · 222 views

Alternative Titles: I Want My Exp Dang It!

So, yeah, total opposite of that other entry. =P

I dunno what I've been doing, but I should do it more often. =P Every second match toady on Goldeneye has had a host quit of some sort. In fact; just now, I got into a match, and it hadn't even started and the host quit!

I must just be that awesome. B-) ... Certainly doesn't help me get the last 8000 or so EXP I need to get to level 35, though...


Goldeneye Revisited

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Goldeneye, Gaming, Nintendo Jan 10 2012 · 638 views

Other Titles: All RIGHT!

So... I'm playing over on Archives. I'm shooting people with the shotgun as usual... And then I get killed. HOWEVER! At the exact same time, I fire the shotgun, and get my killer, with a headshot to boot. I love revenge kills. =P

Then, I start playing on the facility... I spawn Bond, and then camp(Yes, I know, I know... *Hangs head*) in one of the ventilation shafts. I keep my safety up with a proxy mine; however, two start to attack. I toss a proxy at them; one moves forward, and blows up both. =P

Then, I'm typing this, right? Well, one of the enemies was a little uh... dumb. He decides to camp in the exact vent I'm in. I decided to give him a nice little pat on the back in return. =)


Rainbow Road

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo Dec 27 2011 · 187 views

Other Titles: That's How I Fly

At this rate, I'll need to make a Mario Kart category too... xD

So. I just played through 50CC Special Cup. Rainbow Road, to be precise. I was in first for a lot of the race, but that last part with all the star rings threw me off the course. I then had to catch up, as Koopa passed me. Fell off again, but both times I timed the boost correctly, and got just enough speed, combined with the jump ramp boost trick, to barely get past Koopa, and win.

I was honestly kinda shocked. =P I guess that happens when you nearly lose. :rolleyes:

Now I just need to finish off the Retro courses part to hopefully get the Mii unlocked.(I lost on the Bowser course, so hopefully that doesn't count against me...)


Mario Kart 7

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo Dec 27 2011 · 127 views

Other Titles: How I Found Out My Kart Racing Skills Have Declined

So, yeah, I have MK7 now. If anyone wishes to race me, join either the BZP community(The code's in Kohaku's Blog or the Mario Kart topic in COT), or you could add me as a friend; my Friend Code's in my profile. Try and PM me before you add me, though, just so I know to add your Friend Code in return. =P

The game's very good. It's just me that's not good, at the controls, that is. xD ... Then again, I was playing at like midnight last night, so tired reflexes might be part of it. =P


Link's Awakening

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Zelda Dec 23 2011 · 261 views

Other Titles: Otherwise Known As 8-bit Link To The Past

So! Good news! Nintendo finally found Canada on the map, and sent eShop prepaid cards here. So; that means I can now actually buy stuff from the 3DS eShop. Take a wild guess what the first thing I got was. =P

Link's Awakening DX is awesome. Dunno if I'd want to play the original version, though it might be nice to try. If, of course, there was someone I knew that had the original and a working Gameboy. =P

But, I haven't yet even gotten to the first dungeon. I'm mostly procrastinating, and exploring to see how far I can get without the Roc's Feather. xD

All these 2D games that have the Jumping ability, however, makes me wish that there was a 3D game that had a Roc's Cape or Roc's Feather. D= Nintendo! If you're listening, and you're making a 3D Zelda game for the 3DS, please include the Roc's Item as one of the items you can find. That would be awesome. =D



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Zelda, Nintendo, Gaming Dec 22 2011 · 192 views

Other titles: Why Phantom Hourglass Is Awesome

So; I'm playing the Battle mode of Phantom Hourglass, right?(Aside from being surprised that there are still people playing it, four, nearly five years later) I crush the first guy under my foot a couple times.

Second guy I play, defeats me by a silly way. Nearly had him, and he tossed my Force Gems out just enough so that I lose. >_>'

Second game; I barely beat him.

Third game? I'm on my way to utterly destroying him; but just as I have almost all the Force Gems, guess what? The game pauses. Which never happens under normal circumstances, so I start laughing. Next minute, my suspicions are confirmed, as it says "Your opponent has left."

This is why I love this game; I have people disconnect; and I still manage to laugh at it. =P

That said, I wanna have a steady stream of points for both my files(Though that second file might be deleted and remade soon), so, if anyone on here wishes to play me tomorrow or on the weekend, just comment in here, or PM me. =P


Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Zelda Dec 22 2011 · 118 views

Alternate Title: Echoes Are Good Too

So, uh, anyone here still play Phantom Hourglass?

And, uh, for that matter, anyone play the online mode of Phantom Hourglass? xD I was thinking of going on the online mode, or even starting a new file to try and complete that, but, well, it's not exactly something I should try, if no-one plays online, as that's pretty much one of the only ways to get some things that you need for 100% on PH. =/


End Of Minish

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Zelda Dec 22 2011 · 132 views

Other Titles: Well Not Really

So, I'm getting near the end of Minish Cap. Unfortunate, yes, but I still have stuff to do afterward anyway. =P

Which leads into the main reason for this. Nintendo. If you're going to give a reward for all 136 figurines, make sure people can't get into the place that gives said reward with only 130 figurines. xD I have all 20 Hearts before the end of the game because of this reason. I'm not complaining, I'm just finding this hilarious. xD


Minish Cap

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Zelda Dec 21 2011 · 135 views

Other Titles: Fusion... Ha!

I'm honestly surprised at it's length, now that I'm playing it again. xD

Most of this is all because of the Kinstone Fusions, of course. =P ... And that Cucco catching minigame that could stay as far away from this game as possible.

But really, I've just finished the fourth dungeon, and given how much is left after this, I'm both impressed by the length, and saddened that my first file on the ambassador game is nearly done. xD ... Though, that's only one file on one game. I still have the rest to complete. ._.'

The side-stuff in this is really hard to keep track of, however, especially when you have like 140+ things to find in total, between the Heart Pieces and Kinstone fusions, and the upgrades, and everything. xD

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