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Trainer in a Faraway Place



Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Internet, Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. Feb 06 2011 · 443 views
So.... As I hinted in the last entry; I now have Brawl. It's awesome. However; now I see what the deal is with the Wi-Fi. Friend battles, perfect at times. With Anyone? ... Not so much. Sure; I've had some good battles at times, but... Corneria. Final Destination. Heck, Battlefield lags, though even that has a reason.

And why isn't there a way of tracking online wins and displaying them on your profile? Or at least tracking them for friend battles, and against individual friends?

Either way; I'll use this entry, or a future one to do that, and then break it down per character. Posted Image

While we're talking about individual characters, by the way, I'm currently using Ike as my main, as I do best with him it seems. Not too shabby with Link either; offline at least.



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. Feb 04 2011 · 425 views

Well this is a surprise. Wasn't expecting this. Return from my slight inactivity leave(I blame Brawl. =P) to find that I'm now a Premier Member. Nice. =)

So; I would like to thank whoever helped me out with the Premiership. =) Not sure however how long it is.


Pokemon Sunday Update

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Nintendo, Internet, Gaming, Computers, Pokemon Jul 24 2010 · 182 views
Yet another entry that needs a new category. Posted Image Fix'd. =P

So; as people may have seen, a new Pokemon was revealed today on Pokemon Sunday. It'll be an Event Pokemon like Mew and the rest, but more along the lines of Shaymin.

It's name is 'Bikutini' apparently, and requires an item that'll be given out over Wi-Fi in Japan from the 18th of September, to the next month on the same day.

However... Apparently it's Isshu Dex numbered... 000?

Anyone else find something off about that? Not sure if it's a typo or what...

/EDIT: Nope; apparently not. Apparently the official Japanese site just updated with pics and details about this new Pokemon; and it clearly shows 'Bikutini' at Dex number 000 in the Isshu Dex. 0_o It kicked Missingno out of it's spot. D=

//EDIT: I can verify it. For one, the animation that begins right when you open the site's been redone. =P And the pic is on the site, yes. Along with a pic of you receiving the Liberty Ticket... In a weird new way? Not sure how else to describe it.


New Games

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Megaman, Nintendo, Pokemon Jul 20 2010 · 355 views
Randomness Stuffz
So, pretty much old news, but a month and a half ago now, I got Megaman Zero Collection.

Very good game; especially as a collection, and especially for someone who hasn't got any of the Zero series games. Posted Image

And then there's Pokemon SoulSilver I got way back in March. Doing pretty well, but I'm long way away from Living Dex completion... And while we're on that note; does anyone want a Dratini or Cyndaquil? ._.;


Ryuusei No Rockman 3/ Megaman Star Force 3

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Nintendo, Megaman, Gaming, Computers Dec 22 2008 · 399 views
It looks awesome. I'm getting Black Ace when it comes out here. Still haven't decided exactly which noise will be my main yet, but I hope to have a green combo for the merge out.



Battle Network 5 And Star Force 2

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Gaming, Megaman, Nintendo Jul 21 2008 · 227 views
Those are the two games that have been in my DS for the last few days Posted Image Star Force 2's ending is pretty interesting...


I've been playing Battle Network 5, to see if it really is harder than Star Force... Here's my verdict: If you're used to Star Force: Load up on long-range chips Posted Image

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Pokedex Completion

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Kanto Dex: 109/62 -- Yellow

Johto Dex: Not Yet Started -- Crystal

Hoenn Dex: Not Yet Started -- Emerald
Kanto Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- FireRed

Sinnoh Dex: Not Yet Started -- Platinum
Johto Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- SoulSilver

Unova Dex: Not Yet Started -- Black
Unova Dex, National Mode: Not Yet Started -- Black 2

Kalos Dex: Not Yet Started -- ???
Hoenn Dex, National Mode: 721/721 - Main File/Alpha Sapphire

Alola Dex: 301/301 - Main File/Moon