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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Exo-force Ending

Posted by Blessed Blade , in LEGO, BZP, Computers, Creativity, General Life, Internet Jul 21 2008 · 424 views
Been wanting to feature this for a while.

Ok, by now everyone knows that Exo-Force is ending, correct? Ok. It's Lego's ONLY current giant mech theme. Got that so far? It had a bad year last year. With me so far? They decide to get rid of it just because of that, even though it had great mech designs in 2008. Wait, what?

Yeah, that's why Lego's ending the series, because of poor sales in 2007.

Ok, put this into perspective, in 2006 we had:

26 comics, give or take a few
Quite a few awesome mechs.
It was the first year.
It had light-up bricks, which had use.
It had interactive stuff online(Though, I must say, other than in the comic department, 2007 ruled there).

2007 had:

Around 12, if that, comics.
Skeletal, but still cool, mechs.
It was the second year, the feeling of it being new had worn off a bit... But still managed to draw in a few people.
It had Code Bricks, which weren't as functional as Light Bricks, and tried; but failed miserably; to make it up in weapons that had functions, but most of those were launchers...
It had tons of interactive stuff online, including 6+ games online.

So, 2007 WAS a decline, but brought in new fans, such as myself. And there was interactive stuff to do, like input code-bricks, or play games, online, but not enough story stuff, and what was there was rushed. So of course there was a decline in sets being bought, because there wasn't enough GOOD storyline.

In 2008 however, we had mechs that had seats. BUT; it wasn't even 2008, rather around October or so 2007, when we found the first hints of something awry with Exo-Force. A book featuring Chameleon Hunter on it's cover was cancelled. Then, codes went wrong when the site was updated and the mechs were released. Then, shortly afterwards, we find out about Exo-Force being cancelled. Still with me...?

Ok, so 2007 didn't do well, but, why was that...? Was it because of the lack of online content, the set designs, a combination of both...?I understand they couldn't keep it up if it wasn't gaining profits, and that it has a SLIGHT possibility of POSSIBLY coming back in the future... But why not take a step back and try to figure out what was wrong with the sets? I mean, though the current sets aren't AS good as late '06(I blame the lack of articulation and hands Posted Image ), they ARE a step up... And if they made something like an Exo-Force video game like they did with Bionicle many times, maybe it'd be more advertised and such...

Of coruse, these are all wishes upon wishes, slivers of hope that don't even have a chance of happening Posted Image I've accepted this fact for quite a while now, and just let it slwoly die, trying to make a more traditional mech design... But seeing as I've wanted to blog about this for quite some time, I couldn't pass up a chance to just say what I wanted to say then. I want you to know now, that I have no intention of flaming ANYONE, I'm just suggesting to the past, why couldn't they have just tried to improve on the comics or sets or something...? Ah well, what's done is done... We may; or may not; see one of our favorite(And only Posted Image ) Lego Mech series back in the future... All we can do is hope Posted Image

Also, offtopic but, I just noticed that all the entries that have comments have 2 comments in them Posted Image



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, General Life, Internet Jul 21 2008 · 107 views
I've gotta say, these premier perks are preeeettty nice. I've been actually wanting to remake this blog for a while now, since I made this when I first started BZP(Yes, I joined during Extended Premier Perks last year Posted Image), and finally got the chance. Anyway, more soon in other categories...



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, General Life, Internet Jul 20 2008 · 151 views
Premier Perks are back! I'll have more of this later, getting pulled off now...

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