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Zero Blade


Mann vs. Machine - Part 2

Posted by An/A Blade , in Team Fortress 2, BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Steam Aug 16 2012 · 123 views

Alternative Titles: Criticals Everywhere!


This mode has filled me with a newfound hatred of The Scout. However, it is amazing. =D Pyro works well for everything except... Well... Other Pyros. =P

Only played one mission right now, though. I kinda wish that you kept your credits between missions, but at the prices you get upgrades at, compared to how much money you get for each robot, I don't think that'd be possible...


Mann vs. Machine

Posted by An/A Blade , in Steam, Internet, Gaming, Computers, Team Fortress 2 Aug 15 2012 · 165 views
Mann, Vs., Machine
Alternative Titles: I'm Trying To Avoid Making A Team Fortress 2 Category


So, Mann Vs. Machine gets released sometime today. This looks very good, and should be fun. After all, it's probably the closest we'll get to an actual story mode or so in TF2. =P Well, that and we get to demolish tons of robots, which is always fun.

The upgrade mechanics look pretty cool, too, though hopefully it's as fun in practice as it sounds. =D

I foresee a rise of Scouts, however, simply because of things like instant respawn. =P

Also, just as a slight reminder... If you don't already have me on your Friend List(I'm BZP Blade, just to remind people, since my current display name is so similar to others. =P), then I won't be able to add you as a friend myself, until I get Portal 2, which might take a while due to me having to get it physically for now, and that being an issue in itself. -_-;


We Still Don't Go To Ravenholm

Posted by An/A Blade , in Ravenholm, BZP, Computers, Gaming, Half-Life, Internet, Steam Aug 10 2012 · 175 views
We, Dont, Go, To, Ravenholm
Alternative Titles: Well At Least I Know My Comp's Better Than Cholie's Old Computer.


So, yeah, remember last year, when I was playing through Half-Life 2, and I put up those Ravenholm entries? They're baaaaaaack. Thanks to me trying out HL2's demo(So that I know what it's like on my computer, given I was playing it on the Xbox last time), I am now back in Ravenholm. The sawblades are just as awesome as I remember. The headcrab zombies scare me more than I remember. And there are mysterious flies I don't recall hearing. Must be the earphones. =P

I may make this into a series like the Blenders, the Master Sword(Which I still need to photograph, now that it's brought up...), the Steam entries recently, and Minecraft. We'll see how well I handle Ravenholm. =P

(Also, the tags fit perfectly. =D)


Steam - Take Three

Posted by An/A Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Internet, Steam Aug 08 2012 · 160 views

Alternative Titles: Never Mess With My Sandvich


So, if the alternate title didn't give it away, I've been playing more TF2. Specifically as Heavy. I believe my current best game was as Heavy, too. =P Or at least, mostly as heavy, since it doesn't always switch.

However, I amend my statement in the previous Steam blog entry. Pyro is my favourite attacking class; sure, it doesn't have the speed of Scout, but with the Pyro, you can burn stuff. =D I earned a good few things that way, including the ironic achievement of 'Camp Fire'. =P

Also, just to mention it, if anyone wants to add me, I'm BZP Blade on there. I'm up for a few matches, if I'm not playing Portal or something. =)

Speaking of Portal, I beat that a couple days ago, and am working on the Advanced levels now. =)


Minecraft - Take Two

Posted by An/A Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Minecraft Aug 07 2012 · 118 views

Alternative Titles: I Have Now Upgrade! ... To the Demo!


So, to continue on, I gave up on Classic for now. It'll become fully useless anyway, if I ever get the full version, after all.

However, that would leave me with nothing to play, you say? Not true! There is, in fact, now a demo that lasts for five days and nights!(However, sleeping automatically takes off up to ten minutes of play time, due to the way the counter works)

I have made made it to the time limit twice now, and in the last completion, I also made it to bedrock in my makeshift base, along with making a skylight. =) Speedrunning? Me? Naaaah, it can't be. :rolleyes:

I ran into gold and Redstone on my way down, though, and I stupidly wasted all my iron on making a chestplate instead of a pick. -_-; I just made my base right in front of my spawn point, though; that way if I die like I did yesterday...(Note to self, and others: If you've dug down like 25 blocks, try not to jump right down into the mineshaft. You will die.) then you just respawn outside, and can just head back to get your stuff quickly. =)

That said, does anyone know how to use a ladder properly? So that I don't go soaring through the air while trying to go down a ladder to the depths of my mineshaft? =/


Steam - Take Two

Posted by An/A Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Internet, Steam Aug 04 2012 · 197 views

Alternate Titles: Five TF2 Matches Later...


So, yeah, Team Fortress 2 works! It was kinda laggy for me, but it downloaded perfectly, and nothing outside of things in-game blew up, so I'd say it worked well! Now, the question now, is whether to stop here for the moment and download Portal and try that out, or just keep getting better at TF2.

Also, apparently I do better with the Engineer than anyone. I had like 10 kills with no deaths, thanks to my inventions. =P


Steam - Take One

Posted by An/A Blade , in Steam, Computers, Gaming Aug 04 2012 · 103 views

Alternative Titles: Category Time Again


So, some people may have been wondering why I haven't been on Steam, despite obviously having it, since I got it for Portal back in September. Well, I kinda forgot my password. Which is never fun.

But, I have it back! =D I can now enjoy all the awesomeness that Steam has - to a point. My computer, while being better clocking in with two 3 GHz processors, 2 GB of RAM, and an outdated video card, is still held back... Specifically by the outdated video card. =P

... Also, my internet isn't the greatest. I've always known that. Well, I confirmed it today, started to download TF2 at around 8, 8:15-ish, and it's only completed 15% now. =/ It wasn't kidding when it said 5 hours...



Posted by An/A Blade , in Minecraft, Computers, Gaming Aug 03 2012 · 82 views

Alternative Titles: Wait Let Me Finish - Not The Full Version... Yet.


So; yesterday, I finally gave in and tried Minecraft(Preemptive strike; I'm making a category now. =P)... Classic. My laptop can't run the full version according to the specs on the site; and I don't have a way of buying it just yet anyway. =P But, what little I got to play of Classic before the browser locked up on me was very fun. =) Managed to dig my way all the way to the ground, and after barely missing lava, deleted all that, and got back up, and began to make a case out of the green blocks. ... Granted, it then froze as I was trying to test the save/load things, but whatever. =P

It is very fun, however; and I can definitely understand how it's got such a following. And this is with it on an old version, which in modern terms is effectively Creative Mode on Peaceful setting. =P Now that I'm on my desktop, though, I should try it again; it won't overload this time. ... Or, at least, if it does, then I have bigger problems. >>;


Well That's Odd + A Question

Posted by An/A Blade , in Computers, General Life Jul 24 2012 · 86 views

Alternative Titles: Agh Why Won't You Stop?


So, I have an odd problem... So, I have an external hard drive, been using it to store stuff in archives, so I can transfer between computers.

Well... Uh... It won't stop the hard drive so I can remove it. And I don't want to unplug it from the computer until it's safely ejected, otherwise, things might go horribly wrong. But it won't let me; it keeps claiming something's using it, but the other possible thing that could use it, was already turned to a copy of the file which is actually on the desktop, so nothing is using it; at all!

The only thing I could do, seemingly, is just shut the computer down, and then unplug the hard drive from the computer afterward, but that isn't something that is really best, since I want to be able to just stop and remove it, without having to halt browsing just because something decided to keep the External Drive in use... -_-

Also; a question to readers; is there anything in the blog theme or entry layout you'd want to see updated? I know my content blogs need changing, but I'll work on that when that's possible, for sure.


Firefox 14

Posted by An/A Blade , in Internet, Computers Jul 23 2012 · 110 views

Alternative Titles: Yet Another Category Added.

So, I've had Firefox 14 for a wile now. Still wrapping my head around why they updated the GUI again, but it doesn't really matter, since it's mostly what I do anyway, what with splitting the back/forward buttons, keeping Refresh and stop separate(Which is likely because I split them myself. =P), and other such things.

However... There's one odd thing I've noticed... There's a globe symbol next to the address bar, where the Favicon used to be located(Which are always on the tabs as well, so it's no real big deal)... However, it never seems to change, for me. 0_o

Does anyone happen to know what it's for?

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