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Posted by Papika , in General Life, Music Feb 27 2012 · 268 views

Other Titles: Because They're Awesome

So, I've been listening to some songs from Daughtry's new CD, Break The Spell.

Yet again, they manage to make another awesome CD, which is very good. And you know, me being late to the party as always, I don't listen to any of the songs until this week. xD

But honestly, there are some very good songs; including Spaceship and Crawling Back To You. Probably even more awesome songs(I like all the songs on the CD, let's put it that way. =P), but I don't actually have said CD yet. Hopefully I'll remedy that problem and get the CD sometime soon. =D(Preferably Deluxe edition, but I'm not picky. =P)

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Yessss I love Break The Spell. :3

I can't say I liked Crawling Back To You much though. It was too much like Leave This Town (which I frankly feel was their worst album). Of course, it was orignally written for that album, but that left me not too excited for the new album.

But then I heard Renegade and oh my gooood I was sold.
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That explains why it has a similar sound. =P Renegade is pretty good too, though. I was mostly just listing the ones that I was listening to repeatedly. I need the CD to do any repeated listening for all of them, though. xD
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I've listened to Renegade like over 70 times on this iPod lol

Also did you get the standard or deluxe edition? Because the deluxe edition has some sweet bonus tracks :3
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I probably will too, once I get the CD. Just not on an iPod, because I don't have one of those. =P

Haven't got either version yet, unfortunately. But I really want the Deluxe edition, because of the bonus tracks. =)
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Cool cool

If you can only find the standard version, lemme know, cause I can always send you the bonus tracks via email or something. :P
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True, true. I found the Deluxe edition the same time I found Tales of the Abyss... But... Well... Abyss won out for my purchase. =P
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Also take off your Santa hat silly
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Cholie: I forget what image is the one I uploaded before, since I had like 3 different versions of it. D=

LM: Eh. I don't dislike any types of music anymore; and Daughtry's a good band, IMO. Sure, it might not be metal or anything, but songs, IMO, don't need to have a heavy backing to be awesome. Renegade is awesome partially because of that, though. =D
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Sure, it might not be metal or anything, but songs, IMO, don't need to have a heavy backing to be awesome.

Genre doesn't matter to me, I like a whole lot more than just metal. Heck, my favorite album last year was synthpop/electronic.

What matters to me is how unique or interesting an artist/album/song is, and quite frankly, to me, Daughtry is just.. boring. It's cookie-cutter post-grunge. The only redeeming factor is Chris's vocals, which are a heck of a lot better than other generic radio rock singers'.
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Synthpop is awesomeness, I definitely agree there. But true enough, and was my mistake there, and I apologize for the comment. I misunderstood the comment, and again, it's my mistake.

Ah, I see. I kinda focus on lyrics, if the songs have them, and otherwise just plain the music otherwise. Of course, solos are awesome no matter what, but... But I do agree that Chris has a better voice than a lot of other groups. Might be part of the reason I like the group, not totally certain.

Overall; is Daughtry my absolute favourite group? Nah; that title will probably be going to Iris for a long while. But are they something awesome to listen to every so often, and definitely to listen to a lot? Yeah, they are... In my opinion. I respect that not everyone likes them; and I will be the first to admit that there are bands that I don't care for myself, though whether that will change depends on who said band is. =P
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If you enjoy electronic/synthpop, definitely check out M83's album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. Without delving into too many useless details, it's kind of like a mix of various electronic and 80s-influenced pop styles, and it's sooo good.
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Hmm; I might just try that. I'll look into it a little later. =) I'd ask which song to start with first, typically, but since you mentioned an actual album to try; I'll choose at least one of those songs to listen to. =)
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It's a double-album, 22 songs in total. The best, though, are 'Midnight City' and 'Claudia Lewis'. I'd start with one of those.
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Alright then. I'll try one of those now, then. Always good to find new bands to listen to. =D
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Takuma Nuva
Feb 27 2012 09:46 PM
Love love love Daughtry. I dare say their latest album is the best yet. Couldn't pick a favorite song, but one I do feel is worth pointing out is "Gone Too Soon".
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I've only heard that one once or so, but I think it was pretty good too. Again, I'm reserving rankings or so for when I actually get the CD in some form. =P
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Feb 28 2012 10:40 AM
Daughtry is awesome. I've heard all three of their albums online and really want to get them all, especially Break the Spell. The one plus about their albums' similar sounds is that they haven't really gotten worse. :P

Also, LM: Daughtry may be cookie-cutter post-grunge, but there's nothing wrong with liking a few artists in the genre and just not listening to the rest.
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