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Steam - Take Two

Posted by Papika , in Computers, Gaming, Internet, Steam Aug 04 2012 · 340 views

Alternate Titles: Five TF2 Matches Later...


So, yeah, Team Fortress 2 works! It was kinda laggy for me, but it downloaded perfectly, and nothing outside of things in-game blew up, so I'd say it worked well! Now, the question now, is whether to stop here for the moment and download Portal and try that out, or just keep getting better at TF2.

Also, apparently I do better with the Engineer than anyone. I had like 10 kills with no deaths, thanks to my inventions. =P

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Aug 04 2012 01:52 PM
Shoot, now you're never going to play Goldeneye with me. D: And I don't play M games...;-;
    • 0
Oh, I will; it's less laggy for me. =P The only question is how you'd-

Wait, you have a Steam account, don't you? For Portal? You could just send me a message on that if you wanted to play Goldeneye. I'm up for matches anytime, after all. =P
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Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 04 2012 03:00 PM
So I guess you favor the defensive classes over the offense and support classes?

Odd, I heard the Soldier was a great beginner's class. Did you try all of the classes?
    • 0
Not yet. Soldier and Heavy are my two other current favourites, but I managed to get more kills with Engineer than Soldier. Maybe because I was defending a point. =P

I need to play more, though, I know that much, to actually know how they feel. But, well, Sniper's out for that game-type, I got maybe one kill? And this was on easy against the bots. xD
    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 04 2012 03:38 PM
So you don't have a favorite in the Support Classes.

Do you build a dispenser first? I heard you should build that first before anything else.
    • 0
But of course. Build that, upgrade it, and then build and upgrade the sentry guns, and if you have teammates helping you, then you're set to totally obliterate people. =P
    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 04 2012 04:14 PM
Remember: Pyros are your best friend, and Spies are your worst possible enemy.
    • 0
Unless they're the other team. In which case, spies are still your worst enemy. =P(Though, that's kinda easy to fix. If someone's trying to break your machines, you'll notice that, and fix that, and break them. If they try to backstab you, your machines will notice and keeeel them for you. =P)
    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 04 2012 06:39 PM
Eh, you know what I mean.

Just try to find a friendly Pyro who's willing to help spy-check and get rid of sappers and such, and take precautions against Spies.

Hmm... What else do I have to say... Oh! Right, be careful of Scouts who spam "Need a dispenser here." to you.
    • 0
If they want a dispenser, they can come and get it themselves. I'm camping, there's no way I'm moving it out into the open just so they can have easy access to a dispenser. =P
    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 05 2012 04:41 PM
No, what I mean is that they spam it because it sounds annoying. So basically, watch out for Scout trolls.

Listen to it if you don't believe me.
    • 0
Oh, well I can handle that. Worst comes to worst, switch teams, become a spy to make it seem like I'm still on their side, and back stab them. =P
    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Aug 05 2012 07:25 PM
Good, good. At least you have a plan.

Have you found a favorite in the Support classes? (Sniper, Medic, Spy)
    • 0
Oh, yeah, my mistake; Spy forever. =P Haven't tried Medic yet, but Spy is just too useful. =P The Demoman can be fun too, but I haven't tried it outside of target training.
    • 0
Have you played Pyro yet?

More importantly, have you selected Pyro as your stupid fun class yet?
    • 0
Yes, and yes. I've actually gotten more kills(Especially without dying) as Pyro than anything. And it's only going to get better as I get away from this old equipment. >=)
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