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Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 1: Nuvema, Accumula, Striaton

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Pokemon, Nintendo, Gaming Aug 26 2012 · 461 views

Alternative Titles: Let's Get The Blog On The Road!


So... As I said; I chose Snivy(Nicknamed Smugleaf), and my trainer name is Alex. Gonna be brief, since I can't waste all my time on writing. xD

Start, Nuvema Town:

So, me, Cheren, and Bianca all chose different Pokemon; Bianca an Oshawott, and Cheren a Tepig. I easily won both battles, got the Pokedex, and Town Map, along with the Xtransciever.

After watching the tutorial on catching, and the talking finished, I walked through the grass, and found a... Patrat. ... Lovely. Managed to will myself not to kill it, and caught it easily. Nicknaming it Roadkill, to show how much I like Patrat. =P Since that'll need training most, I'm gonna train that first, and hope it doesn't die on me first. -_-;

After nearly having my Patrat faint, I eventually decided just to head to Accumula. It's just not worth having everything faint trying to make them stronger, when you can't revive fainted Pokemon in a Nuzlocke. =P

Accumula Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 7
Roadkill: Level 5

Let the Nuzlocke begin!

Accumula City:

Blah, blah, blah, tutorials everywhere. Grabbed the Pokeball, hoped for a potion I didn't get, and instead got a free heal(My last one, to my knowledge. D=), and bought a ton of potions.

Fought N, won by a long shot(Honestly I did more damage in one turn with a critical hit than he did the entire battle. And he was two levels higher. >>), went outside the city, got the Running Shoes, and fought a... PURRLOIN! ... What. I swear this game's forcing me to get all the ones I don't want... At least I'll be getting a Simipour. ... Watch it be male, to spite me. >_>

Anyway, this is how weird my thought processes can get: I named the Purrloin SpoonyBard. After thinking of how well it worked as a thief. And then drawing a blank on those names, and instead picking from others in Final Fantasy 4. And that being the first that popped into my mind. Wow. xD

Anyway, after a few close calls, I leveled up more, and went to exit to Striaton, to heal, get my money, and crush the three brothers! ...

Bianca: "Hey! Listen!"

Oh no, no, no, not a battle now... D= Sure enough, it is indeed a battle... And after one close call, I swept the floor with Bianca's team. Snivy is awesome. Patrat too, even. =P

Well, so far so good!

Striaton Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 9
Roadkill: Level 8
SpoonyBard: Level 7

Onward we go!

Striaton City:

Gah. This has been the main reason I haven't updated for a few hours. >_> Let's see...

First off, I went straight to the Dreamyard, after gathering up the spare items lying around. Two battles, right off the bat. Won both perfectly, but it began to whittle my team down. Worth it, though; got a Panpour. A male Panpour. -_- Named it Vezok. =P

Next, I went to the school to advance things, and crushed Cheren. If you'll believe it, he was easier than those trainers in the Dreamyard. =P Then I attached the berries he gave me, and headed to the gym itself. Gah. I don't remember it being so hard. >_< Then again, I probably caught like 10 Patrat to switch out to when I fought it last. =P

First one, not a big problem. Second first, the first time, I lost my Snivy right off the bat. Accidentally turned the power off, though; but I don't think things would've gone well. Second time, I didn't hit the power button by accident, and won the match perfectly, prepared this time.

Then came Chili. Gah. I hate that Lillipup of his. -_- Kept spamming that move in the TM he gives out. Then proceeded to sweep my entire team, almost. Nearly took him out with my Panpour, but BAM, hit the power button again. I really am half tempted to play this on my 3DS, instead of my old DS. But since my 3DS is busy waiting with Black in it, I can't really do that. =P

Take two, I level up this time, and then take down the Lillipup with my Patrat and Snivy. Pansear was taken down exclusively by my Panpour, despite not having leveled up like the last time I fought Chili. xD

Then came the Dreamyard again. Luckily, it was just Team Plasma, so I wiped the floor with them, and am just stopping to grab my 3DS and use the C-Gear. So, yeah.

Route 3 Pokemon Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 13
Roadkill: Level 13
SpoonyBard: Level 11
Vezok: Level 12

Wish me luck for the future, I think I'll need it. =P

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Oh, good luck with this. =P Nuzlockes are fun.
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Haha, I'm tempted to Nuzlocke my white, but I hate starting new games when I've got so much progress on one.

Edit: I forgot that with White/Black you have to capture the Legendary dragon and use it, though briefly. I guess the rules would be to release it afterward.
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Blessed Blade
Aug 26 2012 05:28 PM
Nara: Yeah, I can understand why. xD If I get too stuck, however, I'm just gonn turn it into a normal run, unless I'm already to Nimbasa. As that's my main goal, so I can finally get all the trainer card upgrades. xD

Dorek: Nah; you can't get any other Pokemon in N's Castle or the Pokemon League, so that'd be allowed. Or, at least, I'm going with that. =P
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