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Pokemon White Nuzlocke Journey - Part 2: Route 3, Nacrene, Pinwheel Forest

Posted by An/A Blade , in Gaming, Nintendo, Pokemon Aug 27 2012 · 158 views

Alternative Titles: I Update These Sometimes After Posting By The Way


Route 3: So, I trained against the people near the day care, and then headed onward. And then Cheren shows up for another fight. Seriously, do these people have anything better to do? 0_o

That's okay, though, I wiped the floor with him easily, and PLAAAAASMAAAAA showed up again, to cause more trouble. Cheren and I used them for target practice, and we were on our way, after I got two more team members, and messed up the name of one of them.(Molly the Lillipup and Rockman the... female Roggenrola. -_-; Needless to say, I forgot to look at the sign a few times. Updating that nickname for once, when I get to the namerater. Luckily, it's only one city away. =P)

Everything else was fine, though.

Route 3 Stats:

Smugleaf: Level ?
Roadkill: Level ?
SpoonyBard: Level ?
Vezok: Level ?
Molly: Level ?
Rockman: Level ?

I couldn't remember the levels. =P

Anyway, next is Nacrene...

Nacrene City:

Ugh. Started this at like ten or eleven at night last night; didn't finish until just now. >_>

First off, I talked to Cheren, and went around looking for items, and then skipped right past everyone, and headed straight for the next route; hoping for a fighting type. ... Yeah, I got a Tympole instead. >_> I just nicknamed that Heartfrog(Random name is random!), and then went around fighting everything for EXP, since I'd need it.

After finally getting through everything, and fighting the nurse for a free heal(To hopefully save the second heal from her for later), I went back into the city... A wild N appeared! Crushed him easily, and waltzed through to the Gym. I hate that place, I really do. After struggling(Not literally using the move) through to the end, with a reset because I apparently use the same techniques for a nuzlocke as I do for Fire Emblem, I got to the Gym Leader. ... Yeah, half those attempts can be described as being like the poor person who's in the path of a steamroller going 90 miles an hours. -_- Even if I had've reset, there would've been no way for me to continue, if I had've miraculously won. So, I decided to train a little more, and then got crushed more times.(I've likely failed the actual mode like ten times now, game-over wise, so I'm just going to keep resetting from now on, while keeping casualties if I win a fight with a fainted Pokemon; selling all revives I get, for Super Potions. =P) After getting utterly owned one time, I decided to try Smugleaf first. That did better, though the second Pokemon was the problem then...

Then I decided to use Growth. That was the trick. Used Leaf Tornado twice to reduce the opponent's accuracy to like nothing, and then used Growth while going 'HA ha!' at the Herdier as it tried and failed to hit me, before finally finishing the poor thing off with a supercharged Leaf Tornado. Of course, the first time I tried that, I underestimated the pure strength and speed of my Pokemon, and attempted to heal, forcing a faint. And since my last attempt before this had shown that the Pokemon up then could singlehandedly faint my entire team without even breaking a sweat, I just reset, and tried it again. That time, I just used Leaf Tornado before it could Retaliate me to death. Yeah, that worked, one hit KO, and I'm still laughing at how simple that was. xD Gonna have to hope for some fire or flying type, though, for Burgh... Thinking of trying to give the Liberty Ticket to this game, but I don't think that'll work. =/

Pinwheel Forest Stats:

Smugleaf: Level 20
Roadkill: Level 15
SpoonyBard: Level 15
Vezok: Level 15
Molly: Level 15
Rockman: Level 16

Heartfrog: I don't know, I don't care, it's boxed.

Now then, onto Pinwheel Forest! One day has passed, so I only have 4 more. Given that in the span of almost a day, I've beaten two gyms, however, I'm optimistic this'll work. =D

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