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Minecraft! And Pokemon Nuzlocke

Posted by An/A Blade , in Minecraft Sep 07 2012 · 200 views

Alternative Titles: And There Goes Any Productivity On My Laptop.


I have Minecraft now!! =D Gonna need to use my laptop for playing it at all, but this should be awesome. =D I'll need to grab some stuff, like Optifine, so that my laptop doesn't blow itself up trying to do stuff like multiplayer, but now I actually have Minecraft!

Also, to mention about my Pokemon Nuzlocke playthrough... Yeah, I failed in Mistralton. =P Got into a triple battle I wasn't expecting, and had my three top Pokemon swept. =P I won it, and lasted a good while after(Which surprised me), but I just had them all faint, and had it be considered a fail, so I could just continue through, and beat the game to get some other stuff. Like Thundrus. =P

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Sep 07 2012 11:03 AM
Congratulationations on acquiring Minecraft. :)

So I see the gift code I gave you worked.
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Mmm. I need to get Minecraft.

Never tried doing Nuzlocke on Pokemon... Probably won't either. Unless I get the urge to reply Leaf Green or Diamond.
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Shame on that Nuzlocke. You got halfway, though. =P

I want to do a G/S/C Nuzlocke, when I have time.
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Sep 07 2012 11:39 PM

Got into a Triple Battle I wasn't expecting


somebody please slap me
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Skrief: Yep, thanks so much for that, again. =D

Sisen: Yeah, it can be fun, but it can also go horribly wrong, if you're not expecting things, or short on time. =P

Nara: More than halfway, actually; and I'm glad it was winter; did not want to go through all of Twist Mountain. xD

Ddude: Indeed. =P
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