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Random Blender Render

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, Computers, Creativity Nov 20 2012 · 565 views

Alternative Titles: I'm Back Baby!, Never Quoting Austin Powers Again For A While I Promise


So; I stopped blogging for a while. My bad. ^^' I haven't really been doing much of note lately... I also haven't really been doing THAT much with Blender; mostly just trying to get proportions right for stuff like humanoid creations. My past two attempts haven't really done that great. This is more of a test, and is a more chibi look than there should be; however, I rather like the look of it. So, without further ado, I introduce what I call 'Cube Man Zero', as per my save file's name. =P

Cube Man Zero, Fight, for everlasting peace!

Okay, okay, so it looks pretty barren. That's partially because it'll be a simply test for things like animation and such. Though, if it works well enough to be modified and updated in terms of design, then I'll probably use it over some of my more complex design tests that haven't gone very far. =P

So yeah, it's not SUPPOSED to be truly complex or anything, but I think it's good for a test model, and I wanted to show it off, since, well, I haven't exactly updated anything recently. =P

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Looks good so far - so will you also show some pose tests once they're done? =D

If I remember right you usually insert some sort of 'skeleton' into the object and move that (at least that's how far I got in my Blender version back in... '09) xD
- anyways, I'd love to see more progress updates. =P
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Blessed Blade
Nov 21 2012 09:39 AM
Yep; I'll definitely render some poses when I start that; fans of a certain series might recognize the poses too, once I get there. =)

Yes, that is indeed correct. =) The main problem I would have, is figuring out how to link the skeleton(Or armature as it calls it) to the model. Tried it once on another model, and it didn't exactly work right. =P
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Scanty Demon
Nov 21 2012 11:43 AM
For the record, my first render was a gingerbread man and Steve from minecraft in blender. PIXAR makes it look so easy.
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Blessed Blade
Nov 21 2012 11:52 AM
Yeah, they definitely do... And technically this is Steve with more realistic legs and a gap between the shoulders. Steve 2.0, I call him. =P Though, it's not my first render. See my last entry for that one. =P
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