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Minecraft Misadventures #2

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Minecraft, Gaming, Computers Dec 17 2012 · 492 views

[And That Is The Question]
So; yet another Minecraft entry. I blame playing it so much thanks to the stuff I've been testing(Especially Optifine).
So, today, I decided that after failing so badly in the Nether(See: last entry), and successfully figuring out the lava to obsidian trick last night, I would take a little break from mining, and go establish a new base. I had found a spot in a plains biome that was on a mountain almost right next to a natural quarry, so I went to go explore and then settle there. As I was exploring, to make sure there were no other plains biomes, however, I noticed a cave.
I went to explore said cave, but I epically failed; it turns out there were three Endermen. I angered once by accident, which proceeded to try and kill me, but I whacked it away, and it growled, but vanished. I was rather confused, but shrugged it off. I'll admit, though, it gave me a start, as I was not expecting Endermen, especially so many. >_>
Kept going, but all I found of interest was a few beaches and a connection to the ocean. Headed back, and reached the spot as it was turning night. That was fun, since I built the overground house in the middle of the night. =P I found out that my stack of 64 Cobble was not enough, however, by far. Repelled some skeletons and zombies who tried to eat my face, and managed to get up the outer wall, part of layer two, and the door(And frame).
I waited until it was day again, and went to explore a little more. A creeper blew up in my face in a ravine-like cave, as I tried to collect stuff from downed zombies, especially when a skeleton ambushed me. =P However, I survived it, oddly enough.(I really need to change to Hard from Normal... I'll do that next log-in.) Continued on, though I noticed an Enderman was there, but then was not. No complaints there, after the earlier incident. =P Managed to have another creeper blow up, though no clue where that came from. 0_o
After I collected more cobble, I went to continue my house. Found out that I epically failed at making symmetrical stuff. Redo number one. I took time to make a dirt staircase down the cliff, of course. =P Got more stone and dirt from a nearby cliff, and then went back to redoing the symmetry; and of course it was night again. Completed it, after redoing a whole wall(Since it needed to be out more). Nothing seemed to happen, though I got to layer 4, and decided I wanted a second floor to the house.
To judge the distance, I tried to start my mineshaft temporarily. Only one problem; I misjudged the dimensions of the house, since I wasn't really counting out a pattern. I had a 6x6 interior(Though it's shaped like a circle, so there is two more blocks on each side, more or less, of space). I needed a 7x7 space, for optimal centering. Redid one wall(Redo two), looked, realized the back was wrong too, shook my head, and started to redo that. As I was working on it, however, a Creeper decided he wanted to say hello. =P Managed to not do much at all, except make it harder for future Creepers to follow his lead. =P So yeah, that's redo number three at that point, and I finished it without any further dramatic pauses. Except for running out of cobble, but it was still day at that point. =P
Finished up the walls, made a temporary dirt ceiling, and tried to tunnel down to see if there was any coal; but ended up breaking into a cavern instead, which is honestly a bad sign for so early on. My other mineshaft in my normal base is riddled with caverns, which is one reason I have so little cobble. =/(Of course, that'll be nowhere near a problem once I get that quarry going)
However, it was getting dark and I had no glass, so I headed back to the main base to drop stuff off, get other things, and try to find glass. Spoiler, I had no glass. >_> So, that's where I ended for the night; I'll get sand tomorrow, and then finish up at least the second floor of my new base. =P
Say; do you guys want blog entries about my daily/nightly Minecraft adventures to be an ongoing thing? Or should it just be every once in a while when I get bored? Leave a comment about that, if you wish to. If so, I'll try and think up a witty title for the next entry, and then start numbering it. =P If I wasn't getting attached to this world, I'd make a dedicated world just for the blog entry series. =P

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