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Minecraft Misadventures #3

Posted by An/A Blade , in Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 19 2012 · 482 views

[I Hate Redstone]
So; today was rather boring. Only played for an hour, so I didn't have time for that much. Let's start off with what I did have time for.
I grabbed some planks from the wood I had gotten two days ago, and promptly grabbed some cobble, and headed back out to my new base, stopping only at the witchless hut I found to put a sign there, taunting the witch that vanished. =P Once I got to my base, however, I promptly cleared a little more of the cliff, and headed down, placing a grave randomly in the middle, since I have no clue where Slimey actually died. =P(I got a screenshot, Biobeast, in case you doubt that I stopped to do that. I'll upload it tomorrow. =P) Next, I tried to begin furthering the expansion of my new base, but happened to discover that I still had no glass(Only remembering what my plans were about now. =P), so I headed back to base, since I forgot to bring food too.
Once back, however, I got a thought into my head, based on different things I had been looking at prior to starting Minecraft tonight. "Hey, why don't I set those iron doors of mine to both open when only one of my pressure plates are active, instead of opening only the corresponding door? It'd certainly make things easier!" So, I grab my masses of redstone, and head out, digging a small cavern under my doorway, right to the second set of pressure plates.
Only problem? I overestimated my knowledge of redstone. This was about 11:40-ish when I started. I placed it how I thought it should work; went to test the doors, same as normal. Tried a redstone torch; that just made the door stay open all the time. Looked up on the wiki, went back and tried increasingly complex things, since that seemed to help all the people who made super complex designs; didn't work. I even tried to expand the outside of the building to hide the inevitable mess of redstone, but even the ideas I was thinking of didn't work.
Long story short, I wasted about 40 minutes trying and filing to get my redstone pressure plates to work. I have a feeling it's because there's a block's difference between it, or because of how my walls are set up; but I'm not entirely certain how to fix that. =/ Basically, right now I have a crater that looks like a Creeper made it outside, but other than that, it's like a normal double door doorway, but the pressure plates just won't open both doors at the same time. =/

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 10:23 AM


This is a picture that shows how to accomplish what you were aiming for.  I could've made the door on the same level as the pressure-plate, but then part of the redstone wiring would be underground and you couldn't see it.(Spawned world just to show you.  Get snow biome.  Rages because of so much time lost attempting to spawn snow biome yesterday. >:( )

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Hmm, I see. So, the pressure plate activates the redstone, which goes through a repeater(a repeater? For what?), which then heads up to the redstone torches, deactivating those and activating the ones that would open the doors. Is it possible to have the pressure plates as they would be in a normal set-up, or would I need at least one buffer block, to allow the redstone to get to the doors?


Also, terrain generation must hate you. =P

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 11:51 AM

Repeater is so that the current goes into the block, instead of connecting with the redstone right next to it.  If by 'normal set up' you mean a pressureplate right next to the door, then no.  You would need at least one buffer block.


It does...

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Ah, I see. And ah, that all makes sense. And set like that, it has no delay, right?

Alright, no big problem, so long as it doesn't close the doors again before I get through. xD(That's one reason I'm interested in a piston door, so I can control when it opens and closes, if that's even possible with pressure plates. =/)

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 12:28 PM

Yep.  Although you could just use two repeaters and delay it so that it opens the door as soon as you reach it.

You could do that with a piston door, but then the wall would have to be thicker than one block.

    • 0

Hmm, that's true. I'll have to try that. That would work well; though I'd have to mirror the set-up for the other side.


Well, if I'm going to have this set-up, it'll need to be more than one block wide anyway, so I'm not missing out on anything really. xD

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 12:53 PM

Yeah, but it is a pain to have the front wall of you house be three blocks thick instead of the usual one...

    • 0

The solution there is to make the entire building have a 3 wide wall with the middle hollowed out, so it's like that all over. =P


I've been trying to figure out a way to keep mobs out, though; Stone plates allow mobs to just walk in too. =/

    • 0
Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 01:19 PM

...what a unnecessary waste of blocks.  :P


Have a narrow bridge over lava, with snowgolem sentries on either side of the lava moat, so that they shoot mobs into the lava?

    • 0

I'm probably not going to use it on my current base, since it'll be obsolete whenever I make a new castle somewhere, that's actually BUILT to be like that. =P


I don't have snow golems, or the resources to make them. =/ I could have a piston bridge, but I'm not sure how I want to handle that yet.

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 03:45 PM



Then go find some pumpkins in the plains biome, they occasionally spawn there...

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Dec 19 2012 04:19 PM

If the pressure plates are right in front of the door, standing on both at the same time will make both doors open.


Anyway, use a 2 block jump across a 2 block deep pit to keep mobs out. Spiders might be able to jump the pit though.




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BioBeast: Yeah. =P


I've got jack-o-lanterns, that's not the problem. It's finding snow that's the problem. =P(The Taiga biome I had was on my other world, different from this)


Unit: Yeah, I know; it's the 'standing on them both at the same time' that's the problem, since I never manage it. xD I might try the pit, but I may also go for a moat eventually. I have plenty of water, since I'm right next to a river/ocean/whatever. xD

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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 05:32 PM


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Haha. xD It is a nice change, since I had a snow biome in my last world, right where my base was. Nice change in scenery. =P

Any ideas for a title for my nightly series, or a reference for a seed(A random reference; since I don't want something that'll be known JUST yet. Maybe I'll have that if you want to set up a seed that would result in the game doing it's best to try and kill me many, many times. =P) for my nightly world?
    • 0
Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 05:41 PM

Yeah, but it would be nice if the game just spawned every biome possible in a small amount of space...


I dunno, 'thisistotallynotagoodseed' sounds like a great seed. :P  I also heard that 404Ever was a great seed.  Also, 610 sounds cool.

    • 0
They wouldn't be able to fit Angel Mushroom Island there. =P

I might just try the first one. Does it include the apostrophes? =P
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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 19 2012 09:46 PM

...it would float above all the other biomes, casting them into eternal night.


Yep. :P

    • 0
*Pauses* Huh, that's true.(And is really something I should try, if I ever get the materials for that. =P)

Alright then, I'll load up that world tonight, and start up the nightly series, though I don't have a name for the nightly series still. xD
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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 20 2012 05:02 PM

Yeah, in retrospect that does sound kinda awesome...


I do like Nightcraft and Minecraft Misadventures.(Or, for the December ones you could call it the 'Minecraft MisADVENTures. :P)

    • 0
It's awesome for more than one reason, but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.(Were you cross referencing Angel Island as well? xD)

Thanks; that's good to hear. =D I like how I always manage to spawn in the trees, and your seed just made it happen again. xD
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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 20 2012 05:33 PM

Maybe, but just a bit.


The other two seeds had pretty cool spawn locations.  You should try them out. :P

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I see. =P

I'll try them whenever possible, though they'll likely just be for fun. =P
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