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Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 22 2012 · 665 views

[The First Attempt]

So; BZPC 13 was last night, and I joined in it as well for once. After a few technical difficulties at the start, everyone got in, and the game started. Me being clueless, I didn't have much of an idea of how to start off, but I slowly got the hang of it, doing the same as normal, and acting like a dwarf and heading underground. Turns out that I had a ravine right next to where the base was, which I revealed as I dug a staircase down. After killing a Creeper with a Stone Sword once the set-up period ended, I went and got some iron. I crafted a helm, and went looking around for food because I needed it. When I headed back, I noticed iron on a ledge close to where a zombie was moaning for brains, so I made a bridge over. ... Turns out, the zombie could walk down, so he went and gave me a hug, knocking me into the lava below; 2 blocks away from the nearest water source. xD

So, I respawned, and tried to stave off an undead and spider infestation where my Spawn point was, though I died once before I was set to Creative. xD After that, I just made sets of uber enchanted armour, and just randomly did stuff as I waited for the others to die(A couple were eliminated shortly after me, though.), and after a while, initially as a joke, I made a beacon, which the others then embraced.

However, ET eventually wandered near the beacon, and I decided to follow him for a bit, especially after he noticed the desert temple I saw. I mostly just wanted to act as a ghost spectator, but unbeknownst to me, desert temples are trapped worse than I thought. >_< He opened up the treasure room, and I followed to look. I must've landed by accident, though, because I heard that I hit a pressure plate that had tons of TNT under it. I kinda accidentally blew ET up. >_< See, I had no clue what happened; I'll admit I heard the pressure plate, but for some reason at that moment, I thought it was one of the chests opening. >_< However, after it happened, I wandered around, trying to open one of the chests, not realizing the disaster I had caused. I then went out, since nothing was happening, and I thought I was about to crash for some reason. Turns out I did, because of all the TNT. Log back on, and I get confused because I had no clue that ET had died, and not sure what happened, I go back and see a crater. Learned two valuable lessons there: 1, never do what I did when in a desert temple. 2, Always hover when a ghost, and try to stay away from other players. =/ Luckily, due to the whole nature of the situation, ET was let back in, since a) I couldn't kill anyone then anyway, and b) It wouldn't have happened if I had've stayed floating in the air, since ET was actually being more cautious than I was.

The rest of the game was interesting, but not nearly as bad as me epically failing with the above thing. Ddude eventually barely took down MI, and then he decided to make podiums, and we all started to craft Fireworks. After I realized everyone else was crafting them faster than I could, however, I just resorted to keeping watchout and shooting skeletons and other bad things that might try and eat anyone passing by. As we were working, however, the topic of interest was how close Unit was to getting potions. Well, randomly, a lag spike hit Unit, and caused him to freeze up. Apparently, a Skeleton decided that was time to take his daily target practice, and used Unit as a pincushion. Everyone was rather shocked about that, since he was so close to the potion requirements. =/

Eventually, it came down to a fight in the Nether, intentional or not, between Bambi and Ddude. One died, then the other followed shortly after, which prompted a lot of chat, and much celebration. We had a fireworks set-up, and then some of us decided to spawn two Withers(Partly due to miscommunication), and we then killed them off, and nuked a mountain(Or at least most of it, somehow part of it survived. 0_o), setting up masses of TNT while MI was idle, getting the winning picture ready, though it was set off prematurely because of redstone proximity. =/

So, yeah, that was pretty much it, and it was a chaotic but very interesting match, with over half of the players dying from environmental deaths, and, of course, me very horribly failing. But it was fun aside from the whole 'accidentally killing ET' part, and a good way to join in on the BZPCraft games. =D

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We all have to have our turns at dying first. :P

And the premature mountain explosion was entirely my fault. :x
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Blessed Blade
Dec 22 2012 05:27 PM
True, true. xD

No biggie, at least Cholie got it all recorded, and the mountain was mostly covered. I'd say there were only a few minor gaps, which makes the odd structure left behind even odder. xD
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Mad Scientist BioBeast
Dec 22 2012 08:28 PM

BZPC 13?  What is it, and is there a way for me to get involved? :P

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Blessed Blade
Dec 22 2012 08:55 PM
BZPowerCraft 13; the 13th installment in the BZPowerCraft series of contests that's hosted on Takuma's server. MI's blog has more details about it. =)
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