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Steam Summer Sale/Minecraft

Posted by An/A Blade , in Half-Life, Gaming, Computers, Internet, Minecraft, Steam Jul 12 2013 · 244 views

Alternative Title: Wow I'm Still Doing The Alt Titles

So, the Steam Summer sale is very cool. Main thing I'm annoyed about right now is not waiting for that Sonic bundle, but I think I've gone on about that long enough now, so I'm just gonna drop it. =P

Also, I never really talked about it much, but I think the Trading Card system is rather interesting. It could be better, with a more standardized booster pack drop system, but it's not that bad, and actually gives a use for the badges. =) The way they're handling the summer sale's badge is interesting, though. Not likely to get more than one level on the badge, but I'll have one for sure, provided I don't mess up and forget to vote at one point. =P

Next, Minecraft; it's new update is cool! Except for the fact that one server's waiting on a reset, the other on bukkit to update like two months from now, and, uh, I guess that's all the servers I go on. =P I hate zombies now. I expect to be hating Spiders or Creepers more in 1.7, judging by the recent updates. =P

Also, I was briefly captured by the Dread Pirate 'skfer' and he destroyed my lack of HL2 Episodes 1 and 2. He was a Dalek Pirate in an interesting turn of events, it seems.

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Wait, why will you hate creepers? .-.

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Because I predict they will be the next to be buffed so much that I can barely survive. I have a feeling it'll be spiders, though. =P
    • 0

Spiders already spawn with potion effects. Hello invisible spiders. =P

    • 0
Hmm, you've got a point there. Then Creepers are definitely next. =P
    • 0

Creeper were buffed last update though. I am thinking nether mobs or *shudder* Sliverfish.

    • 0
They were? They don't scare me like the Zombies or Skeletons do, though.

DON'T EVEN SAY THAT. ;_; I hate silverfish. Hate them, hate them, hate them.
    • 0
Jul 13 2013 01:19 AM

Silverfish were buffed back in 1.3 already - specifically for Vechs even - so no worries. Creepers also got a buff then. Might be due for a rebuff though....




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Hahahaha, nice. xD

And yes, they're more or less due for another buff from the looks of things. So something bad will get a buff. Perhaps the big floaty things in the Nether(How did I forget their names? ._.). =P
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Jul 24 2013 03:37 AM

Ghasts, Blade. They're Ghasts. They're terrifying, although I do have a friend that finds them adorable. =P


Steam Summer Sale <3

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Ah; right; that's it, I ju- Wait, Dudebot? =D And you know of Minecraft? =O And and and *Mind explodes from sheer awesomeness and surprise*

Okay. First things first; you're on Steam? =O
    • 0
Jul 24 2013 03:16 PM

Just because I stopped existing for a while doesn't mean that I don't know of various computer games and the like, Blade. xD

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xD True, true. =P You have a very good point there. =P
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