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Dr. Evo's Miracle Diet


Ever Since The October 22 Incident

Posted by Nathan Evo , Dec 26 2008 · 582 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
What? You thought I lied? That I'd never be Premier again? That there would never be a blog named "FREE EASY MONEY!!!"?

Think again.

Awesome Christmas present, eh? Lifetime Premier membership. (Includes a FREE* proto boost!) Yes, I have gone Premier for as long as BZPower lives. And I won't forget about the blog!

Man, there's so many things that happened after the day my blog died... I'm going to go ahead and blabber them all out!

It all started October 31. Halloween.

My dad and I decided to skip the trick-or-treating this year and stay home and scare the kids for a change. By the time it was over, I had only a few victims.

My job was that I would be "chained" to the bench in my Buster (from Mythbusters) helmet from two Halloweens ago. (I call the costume "Buster's Revenge".) So, I chained myself to the bench and waited.

The first victims walked up to the candy and tried to grab it while they were pretty much terrified that I would jump up and scare them.

That was exactly what I did.

I looked and the brave one who tried to get candy was on the floor. I asked if they were okay, then I let them have their candy. They stepped down off the porch.

That's when my dad jumped out of the bushes in a gorilla suit. tongue.gif


I found the best book ever before leaving for Thanksgiving vacation where I began to question whether or not people would really tell if I was on vacation or not. tongue.gif The book is called "BAT BOY LIVES!" It's several entries from faux newspaper "Weekly World News". I might tell some articles here, such as "SANTA FOUND FROZEN IN CHUNK OF ICE!" and "FOUR PEOPLE ENTER PORTABLE TOILET... AND MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR!"

The bookstore I usually pass was not on the way to the hotel, so I couldn't get it there. The Borders at the mall in my destination didn't have it. So I was stuck without this incredible book until the end of the vacation. mad.gif I managed to get to the usual bookstore and find it, though, so it had a happy ending. smile.gif


Many things came between then and now... I can't remember them all... I'll just skip them and go to Christmas.

I did GREAT! My "goal" this year is to collect all 2008 Bionicle sets, and I only have Gali, Gorast, and Vultraz left! I managed to get Rockoe T3, Axalara T9, Skrall, Malum, Atakus, Raanu, Zesk, and Tarduk! (Hmm, same order as when I got the Toa Mata. I smell conspiracy.) Coincidentally, I obtained Pohatu and Lewa Phantoka 365 days before!

I also got a blue DS Lite. (My old one was broken anyway.) Not nearly as rare as Blade Titan974's golden one, but still pretty shiny. I also read about the DSi, which will ocme to the US later in 2009. I want it, too! WANT WANT WANT. But my DS Lite will still come in handy, as the DSi can't play GBA games like Quest for the Toa and Matoran Adventures.

Know what else I got? The computer I'm posting this on! Yup, I got a laptop! It's blue and it's pretty small. It doesn't have MalWarrior on it. (Thank Mata Nui!) The only problem is the shrinking text... But I'll find a way around it. I really like it. smile.gif

I also recieved the Chuck Norris 2009 Box Calendar.


So that's mainly what's been going on with my life that no one cares about. I hope you actually managed to read this, as I wasted, like, hours typing this junk.

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