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Epic Fail 2009

Posted by Nathan Evo , Apr 03 2009 · 90 views
Random Nonsense
From the LMBs:

How do I get a sticker ? I mean come on everybody has some except me

In a topic about the Kanoka Club being taken down.

By the way, this probably is the 2009th blog entry under the name "Epic Fail".



Put Your Pointer Where Your Links Are

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 30 2009 · 103 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
So I was looking in a topic when I was waiting for it to load. Then, I accidentally clicked the mouse.

Coinicidentally, the location of where I clicked went to the "Log Out" link.

Next sight I saw was:

You are now logged out

Please wait while we transfer you...

or click here if you do not wish to wait

Don't click anywhere before the page loads, folks.



Awesome Song Is Awesome

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 27 2009 · 107 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
I found a website that kind of has a video-game music archive. Though they aren't the originals, they are pretty cool songs. I liked one so much I actually saved the target.

This is a big deal, people.

Oh, and if you're looking for a link, then sorrry. (Yes, with three "r"s. (Yes, I copied off VTK.)) The website has forums. Major no-no on BZP. This is why I didn't put the site name.



I Feel Sick. Very Sick. I Mean It.

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 25 2009 · 102 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
On this day in history, I ate the worst slice of pie I have ever eaten in my life.

It was "Buttermilk Pie" if I remember correctly. I guess the cafeteria thinks buttermilk pie is essentially melted butter and old milk for the filling.

A friend of mine wanted to get the pie (but this was before I decided to get it!), so after lunch I told him to be glad he didn't get it. I gagged twice today thinking about it.

Hopefully, your school cafeterias are (or were, if you are an older member) better than this.



I Am A Bohrok

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 21 2009 · 102 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
I'm stuck in my house and I'm being forced to clean it.

I'm on one of my infamous three-hour breaks. >=D




My Comic Topic Was Deleted

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 16 2009 · 92 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
I looked in the Artwork III forum and almost all of the comic topics were GONE. My comics, VakamaTK's comics, Turaga Dlakii's Comic Emporium, they're all GONE. Strike that, they're still there, but I don't know if posting there counts as revival or not. confused1a.gif

But, involving mine, this is a blessing.

Now, you're probably saying "WHAT?! Most of the topics are deleted! You're a nutcase!" No, I am, not. I am a genius. There is scientific evidence proving this.

Anyway, I was hoping originally that I could close the topic. I'm not in the "comic-making fever" anymore. Now, I can start fresh and not worry about revival.

If your life depends on my comics and you need to see them, they're on my majhost so you can view them there.

(Man, I hate having a band-aid on my index finger.)



The Effect Of Daylight Savings

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 09 2009 · 110 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
I get to school today and the clock says 6:00 (a good two hours before high school starts) and a teacher tells me I have thirty seconds to get to class.




Six-shaded Chimoru Is. . . Considerably Done

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 04 2009 · 293 views
Random Nonsense
Yup, I've. . . considerably come to a point where I can upload my latest Chimoru revamp onto majhost. This is here so you can download it in case Dark709 doesn't add it to the front page.

Quick secret: I thought up of this when I did the tri-shade Chimoru and thought "What would be overdoing it?" So I made the idle pose for the Matoran and this happened.

Use as you like and give credit where credit's due.

Update 3/4/09: I've PMed the whole thing to Dark. Now I'm waiting for approval. If he approves, I'll be able to revamp his expressions. Next update in the meantime is the alternate green-and-lime Matoran color schemes.

Update 3/9/09: I have permission from Dark to revamp the expressions. They will come in next update along with some new masks. For now, the next update is the original green color scheme on Matoran and Metruan bodies as well as some installments by Philbert and VTK.

Update 3/20/09: The expressions are finished, as well as new masks. I've also corrected Gatotak's name mispronouncication.

Update 3/29/09: Since I did them in the three-shade kit, I have been at war with these sprites. They are proof Dark did not "whip these up in at most a week". They were a brutal pain to make in the three shade kit and they were a pain to make now. The full Toa Nuva spritesheet is now finished. In addition, a new fan-made mask spinny is up.

Update 4/19/09: After a large hiatus, I have decided that the next update involves "Chickmoru", Mercenus' (right?) female Matoran spritesheet. Also, now, you can find the new walking poses for Chickmoru as well as my 360 Kakama Nuva and Akaku in two-shade. You can also find the original Chimoru colors in six-shade. I'm working on some comics I need a six-shade Rahkshi on, so it'll be next.

Update 4/26/09: I recently recieved a PM from Mercenus telling me not to use anything of his due to the leak of Chimoru 2.0, but since I don't have it he said I could continue with what I was doing, which means the movie-style Makuta Teridax could be next. Additionally, the six-shade Rahkshi and Vahki are done. Also, a two-shade non-Gimplifried kraata has been added to the bonus section. Can't believe I didn't post the little guy earlier. I have him in three-shade as well, so I got him from there. Right now, I need to work on Dark's new uber-colorful Matoran spritesheet. It'll be a long, tough battle...

Update ?/??/09: The new Matoran spritesheet is done.

Update 5/6/09: Version 2.0 of the six-shade kit is up. This one is a lot bigger than the last one. Not to be confused with Mercenus's Chimoru 2.0, which I won't be doing for a long, long time. For now, just settle for VTK's Mctoran, Chimoru Alpha, and two versions of Mata Nui.

Update 5/22/09: The Toa Inika and Matoran spinnies are up. I can't think of anything obnoxious or witty to say this time, so the Bohrok are next.



I Hope It's Legal To Use These

Posted by Nathan Evo , Mar 02 2009 · 110 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
Looks like I finally managed to find game-making software! Too bad I didn't buy it yet.

Expect a game before I'm 21.

I've started on the sprites. It's a cartoony RPG nightmare. (If you've ever seen the "wall decoration stance" from TMUCW: Episode VIII, it's essentially that)

Pics later. Maybe. As well as those motorcycle pics.



I'm That Determined

Posted by Nathan Evo , Feb 27 2009 · 83 views
Random Nonsense
So, last week, I bought the Race Rider (LEGO Racers motorcycle). I built the chopper-style one and crammed Axalara Lewa on it (barely).

I'm going to get another one this week so I can put Onua on it. Or Pohatu or Antroz.


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