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Gaaah! Crummy Headphones!

Posted by Nathan Evo , Feb 05 2009 · 43 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
Man, I absolutely HATE these headphones I'm using right now.

Why am I using bad headphones? Because A. I lost my other pair and 2. You don't want to hear Weird Al's "Eat It" throughout the entire house, would you?

Anyway, these blasted headphones have to be adjusted in a certain position to get sound in both speakers. I have to adjust these blasted things so many times, I lost count. If they are adjusted incorrectly, sound only comes out in one speaker. Or worse... that nerve-racking "KKKKLLLLSSSHHHTTT" sound.

Okay. Next time I get my allowance, I'm spending it on headphones.


Okay, Tarix, THEN headphones.



My Blog Is Unsuccessful Again. . .

Posted by Nathan Evo , Feb 01 2009 · 32 views
and 1 more...
I feel bad.

I'm worried I'll have to close down my blog. Not just because there aren't many comments, but because of a hurtful message I saw the other day regarding it.

No, it is NOT Photoshopped! I don't even have Photoshop on this computer! Okay, it was installed yesterday but it would probably take hours! And besides, the computer I downloaded it on (the one I'm posting this entry on) doesn't have it! So don't start suspecting I used Photoshop on an empty brick wall.


The Return Of The Multi-man Comedy Search!

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 24 2009 · 24 views
and 1 more...
I've decided to do this again. This time, though, I've made the standards a little harder to get.

First off, let me just say: Do you hate the Comedies forum? Great. But don't post it here. If you post that you hate the Comedies forum because of a well-thought out reason, the basic and boring "because it's a spam haven filled with Ask comedies", or some noobish reason no one can understand, then say you wish it was closed, your comment will be deleted.

So don't say I didn't warn you.

Okay, here's how this works:

The previous Multi-Man Comedy Search allowed up to ten authors counting myself. This time, it has been chopped in half. Only five authors will survive. Counting myself.

Not like the losers will be killed, though. Moving on.

First off: To enter you must post proof that you are a good comedy writer. This can be either something new and exclusive or the awesomest chapter from a comedy you have written. YOU CANNOT POST THAT YOU WILL WRITE A COMEDY LATER. You can still just write something impromptu now. It won't count if you say "but one day I'll write a comedy called. . ."

NOTHING FROM ASK COMEDIES IS ALLOWED. Even if it's the best Ask comedy that ever was. We're trying to prove those in GD wrong about the Comedies forum, not right.

One last note: You might not get many votes if you are a noob and/or type like one.

When twenty people have entered, I will post the next part of the process.

Happy entering!


Whoop- Looks Like I've Got A Problem Again!

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 22 2009 · 44 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
I turn on my computer.

This pops up.


The Adventures Of Brubby 2

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 18 2009 · 51 views
Comedy Act
Okay. I found the error of the last one. Don't expect to see anything like it again.

And please don't discuss it here. I know what it is. That doesn't mean, if you don't know it, that you have to know it.


(Sound of telephone ringing.)


BRUBBY. Mr. Alderson!

MR. ALDERSON. Is this Brubby?!

BRUBBY. This is Brubby!

MR. ALDERSON. What do you want, Brubby? I'm expecting an important phone call and I don't want to waste my time talking to you!

BRUBBY. Um. . . Is your refrigerator. . . um. . . on fire?


BRUBBY. Then you'd better go catch it! Ha ha ha. . . ha. . . Bye.

MR. ALDERSON. I'll get that Brubby!

(Sound of telephone ringing.)


BRUBBY. Mr. Alderson? This is Brubby again. . .

MR. ALDERSON. Wha- What do you want this time, Brubby?

BRUBBY. Um. . . Is Mr. Roof there?

MR. ALDERSON. You've already asked me that!

BRUBBY. Okay. Um. . . Is Mrs. Roof there?


BRUBBY. Are there any Roofs there?


BRUBBY. Um. . . Is Mr. Roof there?


BRUBBY. Then, what's. . . holding up your car? Ha ha ha. . . ha. . .


BRUBBY. Waah! (Hangs up.)

(Sound of phone ringing.)

MR. ALDERSON. Now what is it, Brubby?!

GUY. Hello. This is your very important call.

MR. ALDERSON. Finally.

(Sound of beep.)

MR. ALDERSON. Hang on. I've got another call. (Switches calls.) Hello?

BRUBBY. Mr. Alderson!

MR. ALDERSON. What now, Brubby?!

BRUBBY. Is your refrigerator on fire?


BRUBBY. Then, what's. . . holding up your car? Ha ha ha... ha...


BRUBBY. Waah! (Hangs up.)

(Mr. Alderson switches calls.)

MR. ALDERSON. Sorry. Now, let's discuss this...

GUY. I'm sorry, you ignored me for so long that I found someone else to sell the cruise tickets to. Sorry. (Hangs up.)

(Sound of phone ringing.)


BRUBBY. Mr. Alderson!


BRUBBY. Waah! (Hangs up.)



Tuma And Berix

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 17 2009 · 36 views
Oh, Great, A New Set Debate
The past couple of days, I managed to buy Tuma and Berix, in case you couldn't tell by the last entry.

Tuma's pretty cool. The black and lime color scheme reminds me of Exo-Force. I wonder what happened to it that made them close it down? Sales? Out of ideas? Sheer laziness? Best to discuss later.

Now, I have every color of those blades Atakus carries: Lime green, red, and glow-in-the-dark. I have to admit, they're cool pieces.

AHA! Tuma does NOT have a 2008 Av-Matoran head. Chimoru, Rayg, and any other kit makers had better change it if they used an 08 Av-Matoran head.

As for Berix, I was considering not getting him. Then I heard he was a guy. This is sheer win material, right here. I don't like female Bionicle characters. When people complained that Gali was overly masculine, I couldn't wait to get her. To have a main hero water-based Bionicle guy? Pull me in.

I absolutely love his sword. It's a Tahu Mata sword... in bright blue! It doesn't fit with the element, but it's an awesome piece. Use it to make blue Tahus!

Oh, and the only dark blue pieces are his feet. The rest of the pieces are either bright blue, transparent lime green, and... the original Mata blue from 2001! Every time I open a new set that has the old 2004 colors in it, I scream. I believe you have probably heard me say that before. If I had bought this guy first, I probably wouldn't scream. Until I buy someone like Raanu or Tarduk, that is.

I think Berix would have a few more epic win points more than Tarix. Who I'm going to buy, by the way.

With Tuma, only one Roxtus inhabitant remains for me to buy: Fero. Skirmix reminds me of Kardas... But I'm wasting my time. Right?


Great. Just Great.

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 11 2009 · 46 views
Technology-Induced Chaos
Man, I'm stuck without MLN. Why? The server's acting up. Weird thing is, people are bragging about being friends with Tuma or whoever WHILE THE SERVER'S DOWN FOR ME.

If anyone can play it right now, let me know, OK? Maybe I can find a way to fix it, too?

By the way, I'm stuck on Raanu and I need clicks for my thornax plant. YOU ALL VILL CLICK, SCHNITZELS!

Speaking of Tuma, I went to Target today. Three sets were available:

Jetrax T6 (Blue)
Jetrax T6 (Yellow)



I'm Bored...

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 01 2009 · 61 views
I Quiz You
Hmm. Nothing to do today.

I know! I'll ask a riddle! Who can figure this one out?

(though it might be more than easy for you)

1. A man leaves home, turns right around three corners, and returns home to see two masked men. Who are they?

HINT: It's NOT Halloween!

Guess away!


My Lego Catalog Came Today

Posted by Nathan Evo , Dec 31 2008 · 32 views
Oh, Great, A New Set Debate
So, the January 2009 catalog came today. It contains all set information that I didn't know before and DIDN'T HEAR ANYWHERE, in case you want to say that "we've" known about this for "weeks". It's not 2008.

It says:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Sorry if this isn't allowed. Of course, I'm not sure the spoiler tags are needed...


I'm Kind Of Stuck Here...

Posted by Nathan Evo , Dec 28 2008 · 49 views
But No One Cares About MY Life...
I'm currently on vacation right now and I have limited access to BZPower. So be glad I'm here!

I managed to recieve Gali and Gorast, and Krika from McDonald's. So I've only got Vultraz left. And with $25 gift cards for Wal-Mart and TRU, I might succeed this year! _icon_joy_.gif

I miss my Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3... sad.gif

So, basically, if you want to contact me for the next few days you might not get a response. But still, feel free to comment here and in the other two entries.

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