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Moonbase Alpha


Voya Nui Online Game

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jun 30 2013 · 275 views

Yeah... This isn't quite as fun as I remember it being.


Hero Factory 2013

Posted by Nathan Evo , Dec 28 2012 · 171 views
set reviews sorta
So, I'm officially in possession of five of the new Hero Factory sets which I shouldn't even need to tell you are on the LEGO Shop@Home website because I'm willing to bet someone will report it to the news before this entry gets published, but anyway. Got Bulk, Rocka and Scarox on Christmas, and Pyrox and Bruizer today.

So yeah. If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to ask. Also, no, I don't dream of farm animals.

(and don't ask me if they're any good because being a HF set collector they all pretty much look the same to me)


Fun Fact

Posted by Nathan Evo , Nov 25 2012 · 277 views
bonkles, Hero Factory, ramblings
As of the first Breakout wave, Furno has been released as a constraction figure more times than any character from BIONICLE. However, that's not counting the BIONICLE sets with minifigures. In that regard, I believe Hewkii was the winner with ten appearances:

1. Huki (2001)
2. Hewkii (2003)
3. Toa Hewkii (2006)
4. Lava Chamber Gate (as a minifigure, 2006)
5. Piraka Stronghold (as a minifigure, 2006)
6. Race for the Mask of Life (as a minifigure, 2006)
7. Toa Hewkii Mahri (2007)
8. Barraki Deepsea Patrol (as a minifigure, 2007)
9. Toa Undersea Attack (as a minifigure, wearing a Volitak for some reason, 2007)
10. Toa Terrain Crawler (as a minifigure, 2007)

Taking that into consideration, Furno has a ways to go before he dethronres the true King of Being Released Over And Over Again.


Petition To Get GregF To Make Axehand Vezon Canon

Posted by Nathan Evo , Nov 15 2012 · 413 views
Posted Image

So I looked at this and thought "Why wasn't this canon?"

Help join the cause to give Vezon an axe for a hand in the story serials! If Greg can magically make old deceased characters alive again, he can at least make this alternte set portrayal exist.

And by the way, it won't be a shield, it will actually be the blade of an axe replacing his hand. Shields are so generic. Also, if this is confirmed, it will have to have existed for the past six years, starting with Kardas' first appearance.

Toa Smoke Monster
Ayel Hyland


Look On The Bright Side

Posted by Nathan Evo , Nov 12 2012 · 218 views
bonkles comics, serious business and 1 more...
If you're ever feeling down today, just remember that Toa of Pumpkin and Lime Paradox decided not to go with my idea of making a BAC entry for RPG Contest 25. :)


What I Hate About Ninjago

Posted by Nathan Evo , Oct 01 2012 · 339 views
rants, Ninjago
Okay so this is kind of a story, I guess.

See, I don't care about the Ninjago story at all. I just like the spinners.

It's really unfortunate that they're never in stock for very long. And even worse is there are so many greedy scumbags out there buying them all up to sell them online for outrageous prices.

I am NOT paying eighty-eight dollars for NRG Jay. Just sayin'.


Ask Toa Igniter III: For the Toa Inika!

Posted by Nathan Evo , Sep 18 2012 · 204 views
blog fads, Toa Igniter and 1 more...
I have returned, PIRAKA SCUM! And once again, I, TOA IGNITER, have hijacked PIRAKA VEZOK'S blog in order to start an ASK COLUMN to secretly find information on where you are keeping the TOA INIKA!

So if you, the PIRAKA menace, are bold enough to challenge the great hero TOA IGNITER, then ask me QUESTIONS!

(Disclaimer: If you take ask columns way too seriously, this ask entry is not for you. If you take dreaming about farm animals way too seriously, BZPower is not for you. Just sayin'.)


I Learned Something Today

Posted by Nathan Evo , Sep 11 2012 · 194 views
dumb thoughts, stuff offline and 1 more...
I don't like tater tots.

I like mashed potatoes and I'm starting to love fries again, but tater tots? Bleh.

Maybe I just don't care for deep-fried foods. I despise hush-puppies, and that's tough if you live around where I do.

So yeah.

That's what I learned today.


I Just Realized

Posted by Nathan Evo , Aug 30 2012 · 205 views
dumb thoughts, BZPower News and 1 more...
The staff forgot to review Witch Doctor last year.

Now what will I do!? I can't sleep at night without knowing the staff's opinions on this old retired no-longer-in-production Hero Factory set that I already have! This is an upset in the balance and order of the universe! I'm seriously freaking out here! Quick, someone on the staff go review it! I don't care if it's a lengthy review or just "It sucks." The universe can't go on without some sort of Witch Doctor review!

On an unrelated note, I'm sort of tempted to find out exactly how many blog entries there are titled "I Just Realized". I only say "half-tempted" because I figure I'd give up before I reach the first hundred thousand.


How To Spot Me At BrickFair

Posted by Nathan Evo , Aug 02 2012 · 173 views
BrickFair, dud entries
You won't, so don't even try.

Also, XT4 was so worth five dollars.

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