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Entries in May 2009
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23 May Brickworld 6 Comments
12 May Pcs 13 Comments
11 May Meet Oli 5 Comments
05 May Hey All You People 21 Comments
03 May Got Babies? 4 Comments
Entries in April 2009
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30 Apr TlМЕ Snowballs 8 Comments
30 Apr Noes Knows 4 Comments
25 Apr Massive Fail 12 Comments
23 Apr VΟТЕ 12 Comments
22 Apr Better In Full 16 Comments
21 Apr Certavus 15 Comments
20 Apr Hey Girls 16 Comments
19 Apr I Just Found TΗΕ Most Epic Image Ever 6 Comments
19 Apr The Fish? 13 Comments
17 Apr Haikus 11 Comments
17 Apr Toasting In Epic Bread 6 Comments
15 Apr In Before Images 5 Comments
12 Apr Happy Easter 1 Comments
10 Apr Contest Concept 36 Comments
09 Apr Hobocore 2 Comments
06 Apr My Brain 4 Comments
05 Apr In B4 Cag's Blog 6 Comments
05 Apr I Accidentally A Wip 3 Comments
05 Apr Nannan Z And Remodeling. 4 Comments
04 Apr Horrible Lies 2 Comments
01 Apr New (better) Pic 9 Comments
01 Apr Certavus Finished 15 Comments
Entries in March 2009
29 Mar Might Be Stepping Out Of Bbc For A While 27 Comments
29 Mar Grrr So Angry 3 Comments
26 Mar Pic Now More Relevant 2 Comments
24 Mar One Of The Best Feelings 7 Comments
22 Mar Pokemon Platinum 21 Comments
22 Mar Public Service Announcement 6 Comments
21 Mar Name Changed 10 Comments
19 Mar Certyvus Wip =3 16 Comments
18 Mar New Pieces =3 11 Comments
17 Mar So Bzp's Back 5 Comments
10 Mar Comment About Certavus 26 Comments
08 Mar Hurray 0 Comments
08 Mar I'm On My Boat! 11 Comments
07 Mar Total Win 2 Comments
05 Mar Asdfgh Can't Wait Until Tomorrow 7 Comments
04 Mar I'm Now 13 Comments
03 Mar Hat 7 Comments
Entries in February 2009
25 Feb Winners Of Kc #2 3 Comments
21 Feb I'm On A Boat! 12 Comments
18 Feb Webcomics 19 Comments
16 Feb Poll Tiebreaker! 10 Comments



Emerging Fluidic Master

Premier Outstanding BZP Citizens
Posts: 1265
Joined: 29-September 06
Member No.: 46000

Ko - Koro

Name: Lakaaaa
Likes: Wii, SLEEPING, school, friends, MOCing, doodling, food, snow, and musics.
Dislikes: Waking up early, homework, arrogant noobs, bad MOCs, and annoying people
Hobbies: MOCing, internet, TV, and hanging with friends.
-Game: Monopoly: LOTR Edition?
-Video Game: Pokemon Platinum and Mario Kart Wii
-Movie: The Dark Knight
-Book Series: Redwall
-Food: Chicken Tikka Masala
-Color: Purple/Black/Blue
-BIONICLE Set: Kopaka Mata
-Element: Ice
-MOCist: The Godfather (Natha)

=Blogs that I enjoy reading=

Multidimensional Rift Corporation
The Crystal Gardens
And now for something completely different!
The Memory of Trees
Keep you head down!
Obstacle Illusion

=Brickshelfs that I enjoy looking at=

~Blue Diamond~
ToM Dracone
The Godfather
Darth Vader

=WIPs that I'm working on=

This guy

Currently Loving

Motion City Soundtrack

My Dinosaur Life


Cyclops Is...

<- Oh my!

If you use these: give credit to DX: Legend of Love for the invention of Cyclops and Taka-Tahu Nuva for the sprites. ^

The origin of cyclops:
DX: LoL->
Degenexo (9:53:34 PM): o]
Degenexo (9:53:37 PM): *o
Me -> Sandbox9 (9:53:44 PM): lol, I thought it was a cyclops
Sandbox9 (9:54:44 PM): o] rawr



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=The PokeMOC Contest -Third Place- Ballom Toa of Darkness=

=Creativity Contest Numero Uno -First Place- Anathame=
MOC of Me

=My Gemma Awards=

=My Poke Trophies=

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