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Emerging Fluidic Master

Premier Outstanding BZP Citizens
Posts: 1265
Joined: 29-September 06
Member No.: 46000

Ko - Koro

Name: Lakaaaa
Likes: Wii, SLEEPING, school, friends, MOCing, doodling, food, snow, and musics.
Dislikes: Waking up early, homework, arrogant noobs, bad MOCs, and annoying people
Hobbies: MOCing, internet, TV, and hanging with friends.
-Game: Monopoly: LOTR Edition?
-Video Game: Pokemon Platinum and Mario Kart Wii
-Movie: The Dark Knight
-Book Series: Redwall
-Food: Chicken Tikka Masala
-Color: Purple/Black/Blue
-BIONICLE Set: Kopaka Mata
-Element: Ice
-MOCist: The Godfather (Natha)

=Blogs that I enjoy reading=

Multidimensional Rift Corporation
The Crystal Gardens
And now for something completely different!
The Memory of Trees
Keep you head down!
Obstacle Illusion

=Brickshelfs that I enjoy looking at=

~Blue Diamond~
ToM Dracone
The Godfather
Darth Vader

=WIPs that I'm working on=

This guy

Currently Loving

Motion City Soundtrack

My Dinosaur Life


Cyclops Is...

<- Oh my!

If you use these: give credit to DX: Legend of Love for the invention of Cyclops and Taka-Tahu Nuva for the sprites. ^

The origin of cyclops:
DX: LoL->
Degenexo (9:53:34 PM): o]
Degenexo (9:53:37 PM): *o
Me -> Sandbox9 (9:53:44 PM): lol, I thought it was a cyclops
Sandbox9 (9:54:44 PM): o] rawr



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=The PokeMOC Contest -Third Place- Ballom Toa of Darkness=

=Creativity Contest Numero Uno -First Place- Anathame=
MOC of Me

=My Gemma Awards=

=My Poke Trophies=

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