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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Entries in September 2016
03 Sep To Tell The Truth 0 Comments
02 Sep Budgeting Apps 2 Comments
Entries in August 2016
29 Aug Picture Lock 1 Comments
27 Aug Visible Diversity 0 Comments
20 Aug You Should Really Be Reading Mockingbird 2 Comments
13 Aug Zombieland: A Treatise on Life in a Post-Consumer Society 0 Comments
11 Aug Edge of The Empire RPG: The Characters 0 Comments
09 Aug Untitled 3 Comments
06 Aug Meaning Upon Meaning 1 Comments
02 Aug Hi. 11 Comments
Entries in July 2016
30 Jul Nothing's In a Vacuum 3 Comments
23 Jul The Beauty of Pokémon Go 2 Comments
17 Jul Life Over a PokéStop 1 Comments
16 Jul Excuse Me As I Geek Out About Rogue One 3 Comments
09 Jul Catching 'em All 5 Comments
02 Jul Regarding Movies About Two Superheroes Fighting Each Other 0 Comments
Entries in June 2016
27 Jun Winter Has Come 4 Comments
25 Jun Sticking To The Obvious 2 Comments
18 Jun Top Nine Movies of 2015 6 Comments
11 Jun Visions of the Future 3 Comments
04 Jun Clever Stupid 0 Comments
03 Jun All Bricked Out 4 Comments
Entries in May 2016
30 May More GOT Thoughts 0 Comments
28 May Being There 7 Comments
24 May Conflict of Thrones (Not BZP's) 4 Comments
21 May Superhero Stardom (A Response) 3 Comments
19 May Graduated/Alumnus. 5 Comments
14 May The Elusiveness of Fun 9 Comments
14 May Civil War, Again 0 Comments
07 May A (Civil) War of Flaws 1 Comments
Entries in April 2016
30 Apr Order, and Narrative Thereof 8 Comments
28 Apr Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 0 Comments
23 Apr Kid Stuff 10 Comments
16 Apr Where TMD Explains Why You Should Fund His Movie 2 Comments
09 Apr Something Something Diversity Something Star Wars 6 Comments
08 Apr A Different Teaser 1 Comments
07 Apr Rogue One 3 Comments
02 Apr Josh Kinda Just Wants To Talk More About Star Wars 2 Comments
Entries in March 2016
29 Mar Oh yeah, so what's the movie about? 3 Comments
27 Mar Psst, check out some stills from my movie. 2 Comments
27 Mar Four Years 1 Comments
23 Mar Day One. Wrapped. 6 Comments
22 Mar T-8.5 Hours to First Call Time 1 Comments
20 Mar C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER 5 Comments
19 Mar Fear of The Unknown 2 Comments
17 Mar Dealing With The Parks Department 1 Comments
12 Mar Of Zootopia 2 Comments
08 Mar Dotting I's, Crossing T's, And Definitely Not Panicking No Not At All 4 Comments
07 Mar Zootopia 11 Comments
05 Mar Living in Science Fiction 0 Comments


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frequently found writing in a coffee shop, behind a camera, or mixing alcohol and video games

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