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20 Dec Remember That Bomb? 4 Comments
12 Dec What American Political Maps Have Taught Me 4 Comments
Entries in November 2012
22 Nov I'm Thankful For 2 Comments
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05 Nov Remember, Remember 1 Comments
Entries in October 2012
28 Oct International Syrup Bottle Hugging Day 2 Comments
24 Oct Relijon 1 Comments
15 Oct Nonsequiturial 4 Comments
Entries in September 2012
15 Sep Wat The Cee 4 Comments
06 Sep diD we loSe thE reStricTions on CAPS in titLes OR SomeTHing? 5 Comments
03 Sep I'm Sorry, Oswin 3 Comments
Entries in August 2012
25 Aug R. I. P. Neil Armstrong 1 Comments
18 Aug Bad Poetry Day 2 Comments
18 Aug Wat The Cee 5 Comments
08 Aug Sneak A Zucchini Onto Your neighbour's porch day 2 Comments
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21 Jul Wat The Cee 0 Comments
20 Jul Happy Armstrong Day! 0 Comments
Entries in June 2012
27 Jun I'll Be Gone, Again 0 Comments
24 Jun Bad Rpg Player 1 Comments
22 Jun Wat The Cee 0 Comments
10 Jun Big Finish Doctor Who 0 Comments
08 Jun Coming To An Epics Forum Near You... 0 Comments
06 Jun Night Watch 2 Comments
04 Jun Trolololo Noooooooooo! ;_; 8 Comments
Entries in May 2012
25 May Wat The Cee 6 Comments
23 May Timelash 1 Comments
21 May Mafia Brainstorming 10 Comments
20 May Well, At Least It Was Entertaining 3 Comments
14 May Time And The Rani 0 Comments
05 May Wait, We're Back? 3 Comments
Entries in April 2012
27 Apr Yay! 3 Comments
26 Apr Wat The Cee 2 Comments
23 Apr Dollhouse For Mice 0 Comments
18 Apr I Tread In The Footsteps Of Illustrious Men... 0 Comments
16 Apr Van Buren Follow-Up 8 Comments
08 Apr Martin Van Buren 8 Comments
Entries in March 2012
30 Mar Presidential Election 7 Comments
30 Mar Wat The Cee 2 Comments
29 Mar Why I'm Pretty Inactive This Week 0 Comments
26 Mar Lucid Dream 7 Comments
19 Mar My Next Name Change 0 Comments

Two-face Welcomes You

Rules Of The Blog

1. You do not talk about beets.
2. You do NOT talk about beets.
4. You do not capitalize the V in my name. (That means you, M.I.A... :rolleyes:) Do not double the first K, either.
5. Cost per comment is five widgets. Not payable with MetruCard.
6. Sumiki and Kohrak Kal17 are my right- and left-claw henchmen. Fear them. (o rite Burnmad and Brickeens are right/left-foot henchmen too kthxbai (plus Gornt as stinger-tail henchman))
8. There shall be no attempts to make people lose The Game-- gah, snappit.
9. Candlejack has no authority to abduct peop
10. All math equations are to be written in base thirteen. 6 x 9 = 42.
11. Whatever the staff say, do it. Better for your health that way. :psychotwitch:
12. All complaints are to be PMed to -Toa Lhikevikk-. Mailing adress is 90754 BZ-Koro.
14. We do not follow that stupid hotel rule in which the number 13 is skipped. kk? kk.

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