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10 Oct White 2 0 Comments
04 Oct my first fakemon 3 Comments
Entries in September 2012
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23 Sep looking through old MOCs/Drawings/Blog Entries 11 Comments
22 Sep new blog approval 2 Comments
19 Sep oh that's right 3 Comments
19 Sep as it turns out 5 Comments
15 Sep Owl Appreciation Entry 10 Comments
09 Sep bluergh 0 Comments
09 Sep ask sukapon questions 6 Comments
07 Sep new display name 4 Comments
06 Sep Display Name Poll-ELIMINATION CHALLENGE 13 Comments
04 Sep Next Display Name Poll! 11 Comments
03 Sep New Display Name Suggestions 15 Comments
Entries in August 2012
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28 Aug Who's that Pokemon? 3 Comments
20 Aug i feel like i'm oversensitive 1 Comments
17 Aug oh i still have a blog 3 Comments
08 Aug wait wait waaaaaaat 2 Comments
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26 Jul Birthday 0 Comments
25 Jul aaaaaAAAAaaAaAaa 0 Comments
24 Jul The Official Squishyfrog Hate Thread 11 Comments
23 Jul GASP 1 Comments
22 Jul Operation Organization Xiii - Read Announcement! 78 Comments
22 Jul >my birthday is in four days 1 Comments
08 Jul I've Been Productive All Day 1 Comments
01 Jul >Sees Electric Fan 9 Comments
Entries in June 2012
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24 Jun Bad Rpg Player 4 Comments
22 Jun What Do You Think? 4 Comments
07 Jun It Would Be Really Appreciated 0 Comments
04 Jun Happy Birthday, Mom 7 Comments
Entries in May 2012
31 May Name Change 13 Comments
26 May Avatar: The Last Airbender 3 Comments
22 May Name Change 7 Comments
21 May Official Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread 11 Comments
20 May Fame And Recognition 8 Comments
19 May New Av/banner Theme 3 Comments
15 May Generic Advertising Topic 1 Comments
14 May So Apparently I'm Staff Now? 9 Comments
11 May Da Fonz 4 Comments
09 May Want To Discuss Stuff Nsfbzp? 4 Comments
07 May New Moc 0 Comments
06 May My Dad And Ponies 8 Comments

hoot hoot

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About Me

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1050+ posts
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Beverage: Tea
Song: Viva la Vida
Pixar Movie: Up
Video Game: Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
Video Game Character: Wheatley
Amphibian: Golden Poison Dart Frog
Avian: Snowy Owl
Fish: Great White Shark

Crustacean: Mantis Shrimp
Insect: Green Praying Mantis
Pokémon: Cofagrigus
Pokémon Type: Ghost
Pony: Pinkie Pie
SSBM Character: Mewtwo
SSBB Character: Lucario

JMF Character: Sukapon
Minecraft Mob: Enderman

Minecraft Biome: Extreme Hills

Bionicle Year: 2006
Bionicle Set: Nuparu Inika
Bionicle Character: Krika
Ninjago Set: Fangpyre Truck Ambush
Ninjago Character: Zane
Hero Factory Set: Toxic Reapa
Comic Strip: Calvin and Hobbes
Color: Purple
Plant: Venus Flytrap

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Month: October
Planet: Saturn
Mexican Cuisine: Taco
Desert: Cake
Cookie Flavor: Chocolate Chip
Shape: Triangle

BZP emote: :afro:
Bulb Wattage: 75

Card Suit- Spade
Mustache style: Handlebar
Hat: Sombrero
Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Plane: B2 Spirit Bomber
Season: Winter
Number: 0 or 7
Letter: V

Web Browser: Google Chrome

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