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Pridak with a Shotgun


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'Tis here that you will find all of my thoughts, ideas, and WiPs chronicled down for the world to see.

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June 2019

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Awesome Stuff

Stuff I like:
Assassin's Creed
Ranger's Apprentice


D&D 3.5
Italian Renaissance
American Civil War
E-123 Omega
Solid Snake
Leonardo da Vinci
Magic: the Gathering
Hero Factory
Wild West
Many other things I'm sure I forgot.

My Bzpower Portfolio

Has liked Bionicle since: 2001
Favorite color scheme: Trans blue & black
Started coming to BZPower since: 2007
Started MoCing in: 2009
Favorite Bionicle Character: Pridak
Favorite MoC I made: Makuta of Stelt
Favorite MoC seen in BBC: Vaylund Dragon II
Favorite Members: ~Felix the Cat~, Brickeens, Lord Oblivion, Ballom and there are many others!
Favorite Forum: BBC
Second Favorite Forum: SaT
Favorite Staff Member: Black Six
Favorite MoCist: Ballom
Been a premier member since: 2011

Sometimes You Need A Little Punch