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Sis-En Sai-Sen Si-Sen

\/Administrator Click\/
/\Administrator Click/\

Cognomen: Sisen
Forename: Jon
Era: 21st
Genus: Male
Heritage: Scottish, Native American,
& A Few Others
Residence: Western Virginia
Edification: College
Livelihood: Buy More, Student
Pastime: Literacy
Systematics: Wii, DS, PS2, 360
Anawizard Weir: Enchanter

BZP Repute~
Rank: Premier Forum Assistant
Affiliate Spell: 6 Years, Kanohi Faxon
Entitlement: Senior COT RPG Judge & BZPRPG Staff
Forums Assessed: Classified

Simon Says

Caterpillar is a nubby nub nub.

He is also an okay person and a mighty pillar of catering standing between a well-fed wedding reception and a horde of ravenous cannibals.

Someday Caterpillar will blossom into a beautiful butterfly-- I mean, Forum Leader.

But until then, he is a nubby nub nub.

BZPower Lasertag

I Generation
Emperor Whenua
Friar Tuck
Nuju Metru
Toa Lhikan Hordika
Toa Velox
White Hat Yellow Shirt

II Generation
Avohkah Tamer
Bioncle Raptor
Friar Tuck
Takuma nuva
Vezok's Friend

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