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*Twitches* Pokemon Distribution Events

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Dec 10 2015 · 593 views
I have to admit, I love and hate Pokemon Distribution Events, such as the Hoopa one right now. It’s great for people who live in cities where there is a McDonalds on every street corner, or a Gamestop a block away… but it sucks for people who live in rural locations. I had to drive a 100 miles one way, today, in snow, at -10*F, just to get to a McDonalds. Mind you I thankfully had to go Bulk grocery shopping anyway, since in winter here I can’t afford to go up to Fairbanks once a month for bulk grocery shopping. 200 miles round trip in snow is not worth a monthly trip, especially with schmucks on the road. And no pokemon is worth a 200 mile drive, in summer or winter.

Also yes, this is kind of just a venting post.


Camera Help?

Posted by Voxumo , in Random stuff, Life and many other things Jul 21 2015 · 500 views

Alright I don't normally ask for help, but I'm finding myself in a bit where I can find the answer to something but it's incredibly confusing answers.

As I mentioned awhile ago, I bought a new camera... well Newish. I understand most of the functions of it, but some I still don't understand when the right time would be to use them. I've tried looking up the answers, but most I find are overly technical in their explaining and I end up being unable to really comprehend.

So hopefully there are some folks who know their camera info and who can help answer this in a layman's manner. Firstly what is ISO, and should I just keep it on auto? Secondly when is the right time/situation to use AF Lock, AE Lock, and FE Lock?

Just for reference I'm using a Canon Powershot SD1000, from like 2006/2007... Not sure if that helps but figured I'd state that. Also it is my first digital camera so part of the reason why I'm wanting to make sure I really understand and can make use of the settings.


Today was a very good day.

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Jun 13 2015 · 492 views

So I had to head up to Fairbanks today to pick up food and whatnot with Foodstamps, since it's generally cheaper... I decided to also treat myself. I went and saw a movie today, Spy specifically. Surprisingly good movie for being a Melissa Mcarthy movie, I'd definitely recommend it. Mind you the last time I saw a movie while in theaters was Prometheus... So it's been awhile since I spent money on a movie. I also managed to pick up a rather good camera, a Canon Powershot SD1000 for a rather good price... About $40. The Camera's somewhat old, from 2007 to be exact, but it takes rather good pictures, so expect various pictures from me soon if you happen to view my flickr page.. And to top it off I picked up Onua today and a Mixel, the first non-bionicle/HF set I've bought since 2006. So far I've managed to get Onua, Kopaka, LoSS, PoI and PoE. Probably all I'm going to get until mid-fall.

So yeah today was a really good day, not to mention found some decent deals while shopping, which are always nice to have.


Show related question

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things, Random stuff Jan 11 2015 · 630 views

Ok this kind of occurred to me and I am curious what others feel about it.

Would you rather stay current with a show, or would you rather wait for it to get a decent amount of episodes then binge watch it?

I was watching SAO II and trying to keep up with it, but after the second episode of the 'mother's rosario' mini-arc I decided to hold off on it till there was a decent amount of episodes. Also I've been without actual cable/dish since I moved so I'm horribly out of sync with recent television so the binge watching works out better for me.


Surprises and Realizations

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Dec 23 2014 · 700 views

I had an old family friend come over about two days ago, they brought with them friend's kid who apparently is into lego. Mind you the old family friend is technically the doctor who has dealt with me for the majority of my life, assisted with all the medical i have had and what not, so he knows my ever growing collection of mocs and bionicles. But back to the story. Family friend comes over, unannounced, and brings the kid with him. Naturally I am not prepared for company meaning I don't have socks on. After initial introductions are made the friend asks if the kid could see my collection, which I happily oblige. It's only after the friend asks which of the sets are my favorite, my response being cahdok and gahdok and including what year they were released... The kid speaks up and states 'Oh, that was the same year I was born.'

Two things crossed my mind that instant. First one being I felt rather older than I should, and had to hold myself back from saying I had bionicles older than the kid, because so rare do I meet another human being in person who I can say that about, let alone that i'm actually older than them, since majority of my 'acquaintances' are older than me. The second thing that crossed my mind was that I suddenly felt short. I'm only like 5'8", and this kid was already a tch taller than me. Add in the age that kid is and the fact he likely hasn't reached a growth spurt yet... it's a bit daunting.

But alas I held back any urges and the kid even took a picture infront of my collection... Made his day at least and the family friend was appreciative.


Nostalgia: Digimon world

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming, Life and many other things Jun 12 2014 · 433 views

Nostalgia: Digimon world It was sometime in 2001, I was 8 and recently gotten a new game for my Playstation; Digimon World. It would become the first game I was mad at.
While I sincerely enjoyed this game I will always remember the frustration I had with it. I could never bloody figure out to transform/evolve/etc my digimon's form. See apparently my mother bought the game pre-owned and it never came with it's instructions. Given that at the time we didn't have a computer I could just look it up on the web, nor would i likely had even known how to given I was only 8 and had never worked a computer ever. So alot of my game experience was spent having my digimon die and be reborn... again and again and again. Now somehow I was able to get it past the baby stage and to the rookie stage... but beyond that never and even then i am not really sure how i did it. I think my mind was assuming it was like pokemon where do a certain amount of stuff/training and it will evolve naturally. 
To this day I wish I could find the game and just play it so that i could finally know what the heck I was doing. I did spend alot of the game fishing though. I could fish up a storm! But ask me to battle.... well I was not your man.
OOH! And for the longest time I could not freakin remember the title of the game. Only today did i rediscover it by searching 'Digimon games for the playstation 1'. So at least now I can reference it instead of looking like a complete cool dude. Still look like a partial one but at least not a complete one.
So yeah that brought up some nostalgia. First bad experience with a video game.
*ponders* I still don't know what happened to that game


Clumsy Cat

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things May 27 2014 · 716 views

Clumsy Cat So not more than 5 minutes ago my cat, gir, was laying on the edge of my bed sleeping peacefully. Apparently he decides to wake up and stretch while rolling over. Long story short he managed to roll right over the edge, though there was a brief moment where he clung to the sheet with wide eyes before falling to the ground... I have never laughed so hard at my cat. Then when he gets back up he still has this dazed kind of look on his face.
Mind you this the first time he has ever been that clumsy in four years



Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Apr 20 2014 · 559 views

Well finally got moved into my new place.. after a year of no hot water and having to boil water when i wanted to take a shower I am finally in a place with running hot water.. far bigger than my last place and life is generally good. Still have alot of boxes to unpack but right now i am sore from all the lifting and what not I have had to do.


Revelations and Truths

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Apr 03 2014 · 520 views

*wipes some dust off of his gloves and smirks*
So after being temporarily banned for week I am intrigued to see what I have missed... 41 notifications popping up only has me mildly worried. Yet you know perhaps what I am looking forward to the most? Not giving a care in the world. 
See I am sure that when you are banned or temporarily banned people will look at you differently. Their image of you may have been tainted and now they think negatively of you. And you know what I have to say to that? I don't give a flying mahi what people think of me. I am not here to prove myself to Bzpower nor am I here for a popularity contest. Considering this is really the first time I went off the deep end in my entire time on Bzpower which is about 7 years now I have to say I am doing a fantastic job. Never before have I been punished for anything on here nor have come close to being punished. So you know you can take your opinions of me and keep them to yourself.
Afterall one does not spend 4 years in two separate mental institutions and not learn to ignore the opinions of people. 
Oh yeah did I never tell you all this. You will notice that from about june 2008 to april 1st 2010 that i was basically non-existent on bzpower.. That would be because those almost two years I was in a institution for legitimate mental issues and anger management issues. The other two years were spent in Wisconsin from sometime in 2003 to mid 2005. So yeah I have had a bumpy existence. Considering most said i would be locked up permanently and that I would never finish school I have one thing to say to those people 'I'm out and about and have a high-school diploma and graduated with a gpa of 3.9. I was valedictorian of my class (Yeah the class was only like 15 people but still). I would like to think I have succeeded where many thought I would either have failed or would be dead at my own hands. To those people who doubted HA!'
It feels good to rant like this and just get this out on the table. Am I ashamed to have P.D.D and schizophrenic tendencies? Not in the slightest because I am proof that just if a person has a mental disorder they can succeed at life. 
And while i am not sure if there are parts of this that may or may not get it removed i am willing to take that risk Partly because i am not sure which parts those would be. However if there are parts sorry in advance.


Old school

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Mar 15 2014 · 532 views

You know I took a look around my home today and realized something. For the most part I am stuck in the 90's. I mean I still have a wall phone with a *Says in ominous voice* CORD *Gasps*. But really There is something about being able to talk on the phone and having something to fidget with. Call it what you want I just enjoy being able to fidle with that cursed cord when I am speaking with someone. 
Then I looked at my kitchen. Old style propane oven/stove, microwave that is older than me and not even a dishwasher just a little tray I can stack dishes in to dry. Am I upset by this? Not in the slightest.
When it comes to certain forms of technology I am clueless. Such as these new 'smart' phones. I still use my samsung flip phone. However mine is a light blue color. But none the less back on topic. why do i need my phone to do all this fancy stuff like connect to the internet, play games, turn on my house lights from miles away? I almost flipped my lid when i saw that they have apps or something that can adjust the temperature of your home from your phone. I was about ready to denounce humanity and become a hermit and live in a cave. Yet alas i didn't... even though it would be fun to become crazy eddie
*stands outside his cave*
"Hi! I'm Crazy Eddie! I put babies on spikes. Do you want a rack of babies? We've got babies on racks!"
*Twenty thousand Crazy Eddie bucks for the first person to get that reference*
But my whole point to this little rant? Just that I enjoy not being technologically advanced.. Why mess with something that is working? So what if I get lost when alot of people start talking about techy stuff, I just nod my head and insert the appropriate comments at the proper sections.
Posted Image
*Behold the oldness*

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