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The Fikou Web


The Future of My Mocs

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Mar 06 2018 · 117 views

So I've been thinking about why I didn't really Moc all too much in 2017, and I think I figured out why.

I was building for others, and not for myself. I do not mean this in a literal sense, but that when I went to build I was always trying to build to meet some standard I imposed upon myself based on those around me. I wasn't building what I truly wanted to build, but I was building to try and compare to the other MOCist's around me. If a moc didn't have a custom torso of some kind, it wasn't worth building was the mindset I'd worked myself into.

I think this is why all motivation to build in 2017 kind of went out the window. I wasn't enjoying building.

Now this isn't to say I'm suddenly going to be building only generic HF frame mocs, but if I have a simple concept in my mind, I'm not going to throw it out simply because it's "Simple". I'm going to build what I enjoy.

Also this isn't in anyway blaming anyone else. I solely worked myself into the mindset I did, I felt I had to build like so many of the popular builders, even if it was only a fraction of a fraction of what their builds are like.

So yeah, going forward, I might put out more lesser quality mocs, but at least I'll be enjoying it, and hopefully enjoying Moccing will in turn provide more motivation to build more complex mocs.


Moc Related Question

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Dec 21 2015 · 502 views
So awhile ago I remember reading some comment on the BBC section of the forums, particularly revolving around a certain contest, can't remember which one, and it was mentioned that there was a certain piece that was allowed to be cut without it causing the model to be disqualified, since most BBC Contests require the use of non-modified parts. If I remember correctly it was stated to be a hose piece, like the one used in the Bahrag.

However I'm not certain of this, since my memory on it is fuzzy, so if someone happens to see this and could confirm, deny or correct my information, that would be most appreciated since I recently came into a surplus of those pieces. Also if anybody knows if there are any other pieces that are acceptable being cut for BBCCs, that would info would be appreciated as well.


Fikou everywhere!

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs, Bionicle stuff Oct 21 2014 · 383 views

You know it is nice when you see yourself or something you did help inspire someone else. Recently I was googling fikou, for some reason I can't remember, and I came across this page. In it someone mentions how they went to Brickfair NE and they happened to see two of my Voya nui fikou mocs I sent through bzpower for the Le-wahi display. Apparently it inspired them enough to actually build their own.

Call me simple or something else, but it is just nice to see random people appreciate such a simple moc. I mean those two are nothing fancy.

So yeah, that made brightened my day when I saw that.

(And really, who doesn't love fikou? Their so bloody adorable)


4 custom masks

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Jun 24 2013 · 780 views

Ok well i recently ordered a 4 custom masks from Modalt's masks on Bricklink and figure i would share them with everyone

Posted Image
Here is all four of them 2 repaints and 2 fusions
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
So here are some smaller pics of the individual mask.
So really not much here although must say the gunmetal mask is evil to try and make an moc for.

If anyone has any suggestion on what colors i can use for an moc for the gunmetal grey mask please let me know. Having a hard time with it.

Link to gallery


Dark Hunter Reaper

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 460 views

Ok i created this little guy out of boredom and i got a hero factory scorpio set and i fell in love with the hands and wanted to use them in a bionicle moc. Well this is what came out of boredom. I'm also glad i finally found a use for those saw blades i had and it has an added benefit of fitting on his upper arms as seen in second photo. oh and on a side not his saws are similar to the whip used by the belmont family in the castlevania series. and i like this guy som much that i can't take him apart.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Name: Reaper

Gender: male
Species: individual
Race: individual
Element/Powers: Strength of a toa, enhanced agility and senses ability to shoot devastating bolts of shadow energy
Occupation: Dark hunter
Title(s): reaper of shadows
Kanohi: Does not wear one
Tools/Weapons: Chained saws, claws
Alignment: Dark Hunters
Status: Sent by TSO to discover Shadow Stealers location

Reaper was found by the Shadowed one during his trip to metru nui. Due to his size most dark hunters and others see him as weak but are surprised when he can disarm them in seconds. Some time in the past He met Shadow Stealer and the 2 have been enemies ever since. The shadowed one sends him on missions that require stealth along with force. His weapons of choice are his chained saw blades that he can use similar to throwing a rope but his saws are spinning at high speeds resulting in supreme damage


My Dark Hunters Collection

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 511 views

Posted Image

Ok i just wanted to show my collection of dark hunters most of them are mocs while some are not.


Toa Dume And Turaga Norik

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 1,530 views

hey this is one of my newest mocs.
Posted Image

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