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The Fikou Web


Sockets or Balls? Or heck Axles?

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Jul 12 2017 · 446 views

Serious question... Which version of bionicle heads did you enjoy/find more useful?

The 2001-2003 heads, the 2004-2008 heads, or the 2009-2016 heads? Mind you, the glatorian, HF, Brain attack and okotan heads are all very similar in my opinion hence why I am clumping them together.

I personally will always prefer the 2004-2008 heads as I felt they were a bit more versatile.


Amazing Moc Art

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Jul 29 2015 · 738 views
Alright, so I don't ever do this type of thing, but I really wanted to give this the recognition it deserves. Mr.Cod, Owner/business partner? Not sure really, of Modalt Masks did a magma themed mask of fire awhile ago. It was beautiful piece. Well today he managed to top it with the Master of Magma!

Posted Image

I mean it's just beautiful... The attention to detail is amazing. You will notice the magma streaks on the leg armor actually line up despite the gaps in armor, which I find to be an amazing touch. Heres a link to the actual DA page where he posted it.


Yay Free Shipping... oooh nevermind

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Jan 08 2015 · 827 views

So I recently received an email from Lego stating they were sorry for some of the errors with the bionicle sets on lego shop at home, and that as a way to say sorry they were offering a code for free shipping. Now luckily before I got my hopes up I read further down and guess what... The code is only valid in the contiguous United States and Canada. This basically means that i'm SOL for using the free shipping since alaska, along with Hawaii, is not part of the contiguous united states.

So pretty much I have a code that is useless to me. But this irks me so much. It's oh we are sorry lower 48's, here have free shipping. *Alaska and Hawaii stands outside, faces pressed against the glass with big puppy dog eyes*

Also I'm not sure if giving out the code is against bzpower policies, hence why I'm not.


Fikou everywhere!

Posted by Voxumo , in Mocs, Bionicle stuff Oct 21 2014 · 433 views

You know it is nice when you see yourself or something you did help inspire someone else. Recently I was googling fikou, for some reason I can't remember, and I came across this page. In it someone mentions how they went to Brickfair NE and they happened to see two of my Voya nui fikou mocs I sent through bzpower for the Le-wahi display. Apparently it inspired them enough to actually build their own.

Call me simple or something else, but it is just nice to see random people appreciate such a simple moc. I mean those two are nothing fancy.

So yeah, that made brightened my day when I saw that.

(And really, who doesn't love fikou? Their so bloody adorable)


Mask of Time?

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Oct 09 2014 · 588 views

I wonder how many people noticed the mask of time made an appearance in the trailer video lego released for bionicle 2015. When Makuta and Ekimo are shaking hands, in the upper left corner you will notice clouds that resemble a certain mask.

Posted Image


Makutafest Vahi

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff, Bzpower stuff Aug 22 2014 · 738 views
Vahi, Swert, Makuta, Bionicle
Makutafest Vahi Well I recently got Swert's Vahi in the mail last tuesday, and after some building I can say it is officially together. The Entry image shows it's comparison in size with the regular set vahi.

I want to say thanks to swert again for creating such an awesome piece of bionicle memorable, and being willing to part with it.

I did infact attempt to wear it, and now i remember why no images of myself exist, except this one now.


My Experience Of Makutafest

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Oct 24 2011 · 453 views

I attended my first MakutaFest while bzpower was down. I almost got to be on the show during the Q&A section but they called my phone but it never came through.
At that point I wanted to fall on my knees and in a dramatic way Yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
But i didn't even though I really wanted to. But in all reality MakutaFest was allot of fun for me since it was the first MakutaFest i attended, And i can't wait for next year

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