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The Fikou Web


I'm a horrible, horrible person.

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Apr 05 2017 · 264 views
Dark Souls
Yet I feel no regret for my sins.


My Favorite Dark Souls 3 Moment

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Apr 02 2017 · 291 views
Dark Souls
So I and this group of guys were fighting the nameless king, as it was my third playthrough, on that character at least, and honor in boss fights had been thrown out the window during the second playthrough. Well just as we finished off the nameless king... well something amazing and magical happened.

Posted Image

I have no clue what caused this glitch, but all of us saw it as I later confirmed, and the one guy with a mic on broke out into laughter. First time I've ever heard another person's voice in dark souls...

Here is a video of the actual event, as Sasriel, the flying player, did eventually come back to earth.


My Biggest Gripe with SuMo

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Jan 04 2017 · 389 views

My Biggest Gripe with SuMo So now that I've basically played through Moon, at least up to right before the Elite Four, taking my sweet time, I wanted to address my biggest complaint about Sun and Moon, and really my only complaint.


Really, given the names of the game, and the significance of space, why exclude the two pokemon that are literally sun and moon pokemon? I mean I was really hoping the two might have some story significance, because sun and moon, but nope nothing. Then I was hoping they would be included in the regional pokedex as version exclusives... nope. It just seems like such a wasted chance. I mean Minior seems like it would be a somewhat decent pre-evolution for the two even, with what they evolve in dependant upon which version you are playing, much like the mascot legendaries.

*Sighs* Just so disappointed about what could have been.

Also I wish a certain returning "Villian" played a bigger role than he does. If you've played through it you know who I am talking about, or should.


Gen VII: The end?

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Oct 10 2016 · 525 views

So I'm not a huge fan of videos that explain indepth lore or fan theories about pokemon, aka I never really watch them, however there is one video I watched recently that really intrigued me, and I would suggest watching should you like this type of stuff. It's really well done and really in depth. Also it's about an hour long, but well worth that hour of time.
Also fairly certain it's safe, I don't remember there being anything that could potentially have it unlinked here...


3DS Game Question

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Jan 28 2016 · 736 views

So I'm considering buying a game for my 3DS, something I haven't done since ORAS came out... My 3DS is like the ugly stepchild of my systems. I've narrowed my choice down to the following games.
Super Smash Bros
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Or Wait for Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright to come out...

Also before anyone mentions it, I know smash for the WIIU is better than the 3DS version, but I do not own a WiiU nor Do I intend on buying one.

Also if anyone else has suggestions for games, I'm all ears. Just want to make an informed decision.


The Inquisition: Legacy

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming, Random stuff, BZPRPG Stuff Dec 23 2015 · 495 views
MUD, Plug
So I've never really talked about this before, but for the last three years I've been part of a rather amazing, my personal opinion, MUD called The Inquisition: Legacy, or TI:Legacy for short. For those who don't know what a MUD is, it stands for Multi-User Dungeon. It's essentially a Text-Based MMO. However what sets TI:Legacy apart from a majority of it's fellow MUDs is the fact it is heavily RP Driven, such as the BZPRPG, where as most MUDs are hack and slash type games. Though that isn't to say TI:Legacy doesn't have it's fair share of combat, but it isn't the key driving force of the game.

TI:Legacy was the first and only MUD I've ever played, and before it I didn't even know what a MUD was. However the people on it are very helpful when it comes to explaining the game and are open to questions. This brings me to my first key point of TI:Legacy; The community is great. While it has a rather small playerbase compared to other MUDS, 50+ players with multiple characters, this has created a very friendly group of players, ranging mostly 18+ but with a few still in their teens. The community is mature yet still able to joke around with each other quite a bit. They are also very open to new players, instead of many communities where new players are shunned or find it hard to get into the pre-formed cliques. It also has a very active group of 7 staff members, including the owner of the game, who are on almost every day and are responsive. They are constantly trying to make the game better, whether that be creating plots, new locations on grid, new skills or handling policy matters that come up. I've never met a group of staff who are such a part of their community, except maybe TTV.

Moving forward we have the actual world of the game. It's set in an alternate 'dimension' world called Urth, where Magic is very real. Originally magic was as common day as dirt, but after a group of mages assassinated the kings family, the Inquisition and Consolidation began. While the Holy Order of Dav, the main religion in the game, sought to eradicate magery from the face of Urth, the kingdom sought to bring the varies duchies together into one unified kingdom. Fast forward several hundred years and mages are no longer the public figures they were, instead forced to hide their magic or face the Inquisition. Almost all of the duchies are under the Lithmorran Flag, except for the Daravi Sultanates who continue to resist the Lithmorran kingdom and being the only people who still openly embrace Magic. There are numerous helpfiles in the game that explain the lore further and more indepth.

On top of the lore of the game, there are numerous 'guilds' within the game and different races you can be representing the numerous duchies. Many of the races share key traits with real life races. For example you have the Lithmorrans who make up most of Urth's population are your basic Europeans. From there you have the Tubori who could best be described as 'Islanders' since their race takes traits from many sea-faring people. There are 5 more races to choose from including the Farins, Vandagans, Vavardians, Charali and Hillmen, each with their own traits and extensive lore and culture. For those looking for fantasy species I'm afraid you will be disappointed for there are no elves, centaurs, vampires, unicorns, etc. However there is a very real demonic presence in Lithmore, though often only when summoned. Did I mention demon summoning is a thing, because it is.

I could go on and on about the lore and culture of the game, but I won't bore you further with it, and instead allow you to discover it yourself. Instead I shall talk further about the various skills in the game. Currently TI: Legacy boasts a 72-skill system, with an extensive crafting system, with more in the works currently. These skills are organized into different categories including: Combat, Survival, Communication, Magic, Covert, Trade and Performing. With the vast amount of skills you aren't limited in what type of character you want to play. You want to play the blacksmith who also one bad mofo in combat, well we got skills for that. Want to play the cook, well we have an extensive cooking, brewing and foraging system. Maybe a medieval Walter White is more up your alley, well we have an herbalism skill that includes illegal ingame substances with a fully functioning addiction system. And of course we have skills to facilitate your basic combat character. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitation is what you can imagine and time. However it should be noted that in order to increase your skills above whatever rank you start at, you have to rp with others. When you rp you will be awarded with xp, which can be used to increase your skills and purchase silver, the ingame currency, among other uses. If you don't rp, you can't increase your skills because you will eventually run out of XP. But I assure, you won't regret rping with the wonderful people on here.

If the skills weren't good enough for you, TI: Legacy also has a massive ingame grid, with 1700+ rooms which include: A fully explorable Sewer system, many hidden rooms that can only be found through exploring, and a recently added skygrid. What is a sky grid you ask? Well it's a brand new addition added earlier this week that can allow you to fulfill your assassin's creed dreams of running across rooftops, along as your character is nimble enough. On top of the afore mentioned the game also boasts a mage exclusive grid which is called the astral realm, where your mage leaves their body to take the form of an ethereal 'animal' where they can interact with other mages and collect nodes which can increase your magical skill and teach you new rituals for evoking spells. While the ingame grid is massive, it is worth noting that it is centralized around only one city in Urth, Lithmore, the Capital City of the kingdom. This is merely so that the world does not become too big and as such prevent people from finding rp. A staff member created a map of the game, excluding player homes, the sewer system and skygrid, which should give you a rough estimate of the size of it.

Now to get into some of the more serious information. Death is Permanent in TI: Legacy. If your character dies that is the end of them, however that does not mean you don't get anything in return for their death. You will receive a xp bonus for your next character, along with an xp bonus which is based on a percentage of how much xp you spent in skills during the course of your character's life. On top of that if you feel your character's death went against policy somehow, you can request that staff look into it to make sure whether or not it was handled properly. If it turns out it wasn't, there is a chance your character can be brought back to life and the rp surrounding the death nulled. While this doesn't happen often, it does exist incase. Secondly TI:Legacy is considered a somewhat mature game, however there are options that make it safe for those who may not be comfortable with gore, graphic scenes, etc. On top of that if you are not comfortable with a scene, most players will understand if you ask to avoid those type of scenes. As I mentioned before, the community of players are very understanding and majority of them want to make sure everyone is having fun, for afterall it is a game.

The final thing I wish to bring up is that The Inquisition: Legacy is not a Pay to Play game, nor are there things that you can purchase with real money to gain a benefit in game. So you don't have to worry about Joe Schmo having the best armor in game only because he bought it for 4 easy payments of $9.99. It's an equal footing game with no way to gain a footing above your fellow player with moolah.

Phew, that went on longer than I expected, but hopefully it's convinced some of you to give the game a look. If you are interested, head on over to The Inquisition: Legacy's website, which some guides and general info into the lore of the game and also includes an in-browser way to play, or if you are like me and prefer a program to play the game, I would suggest MUSHClient, which is a free program I've been using for 3 years that is built exclusively for MUDs and MUSHs. It's also worth mentioning that TI: Legacy is Screen Reader friendly, for those who are Sight Impaired.

So yeah, go on and check it out, I promise you likely will not be disappointed. And should you have any questions about aspects of the game, I am more than happy to try and answer them as best as possible.

Edit: Comment merged into entry; please don't double comment.


Into Temptation

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Dec 18 2015 · 419 views

So I may have given into temptation and bought the 'Myster Box' Square enix was offering, which supposedly had a random selection of 5 pc games, for $10, a deal I could not ignore even if it was random. Just opened it up and can't say I'm disappointed in the selection.






Also got a few discount/coupons for Square Enix's site, so also kind of nice. Was it worth it in the end? Meh... $10 is $10... at least they are games I would likely play.

Though on a completely unrelated note, anyone looking to buy Just Cause 3 for the PC from Square Enix? If so, do let me know.


The King is Born!

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming, Random stuff Dec 02 2015 · 820 views

Also yes, crummy editing job is crummy. Did not want to waste more time making pretty editing job.

Posted Image

So jokes aside, a couple days ago I managed to breed a 6 IV Abra, after several months of trying. For those who don't know, since I don't exactly broadcast this, but I've been trying to get into competitive pokemon battle for sometime, mostly failing. I used to just use pokemon that I liked or caught in-game for it, but recently took a more serious note. Plus I felt it was probably the next logical step since I had completed my dex on both Y and Alpha Sapphire.

I've had help from a wonderful friend I met through Tumblr, who breeds pokemon professionally and runs an advice blog for pokemon breeding, because frankly alot of the finer mechanics of pokemon went over my head. Heck I didn't even know IVs were a thing until late 2013. So yeah she has been a great help.

So here's the little guy whom I'm so proud of, since it's the first pokemon I've successfully bred

Posted Image

I decided on the name Synclaire for him, since before him I was using an Alakazam that I raised in Y, just for the main story, named Seymour.

Also interesting facts, the two missing IVs I ran into most were HP and Attack, with Speed being the one I ran into the least, and this is based on 2 full boxes of just 5 iv abras, not including the many 4 or less iv ones.


Being a sneaky person.

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming May 15 2015 · 540 views
Dark Souls
Man I feel like such a mauka's backside. I just spent like 2 hours playing dark souls, specifically being invaded. So I got a magic set up going, Crown of the Dark sun, bellowing dragoncrest ring, Tin crystallization catalyst, Int: 51, and various soul spells. So my magic damage dealing capabilities are rather high. I'm in dark root garden, and I take a look around and see all those breakable shrubs, and I think to myself 'Boy, this would be a perfect place for chameleon.'

Needless to say I spend about the next 2 hours hiding out as one of those breakable shrubs just waiting for someone to invade and walk by, lock on, and then boom, crystal soul spear to the back. I feel really bad for this one guy who must have been walking around for like 15 minutes trying to find me, and long behold I was right next to where he spawned in. But hey, this is how I see it.
'Oh, you want to invade me, well I'm gonna make it as difficult as possible for you.'


Dark Souls shtuff

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Apr 23 2015 · 692 views

So I recently completed my initial playthrough of Dark Souls, 170 hours later, and after messing around with some invaders I decided to create a secondary character.

You see my initial character is somewhat of a Int build, with varying bits of strength and dexterity. I like being able to wear these heavy**** armors and able to take hits, but still able to use my magic. Like currently for him I'm using an Enchanted Scythe +5, able to deal 600 damage, Logan's catalyst and a Black Knight Shield +5. Armor Wise I'm typically using the Black Knight +5 set, though sometimes I change it out with bits of Black Iron set. Overall I'm somewhat satisfied with this build. Oh and the current SL is 144

However for this new character I'm thinking pure strength/dex build. I'm typically not one who likes this type of combat, but I figured I'd give it a try. I want the character to be able to use light armor, so I'm probably going to be using the Thief set, since it offers decent defenses for a light armor, and it's weight is good. Though I'm also going to be putting alot of levels into Endurance, because boy will this character need to be dodging alot.

So yeah, just thought I'd share this.

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