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I wish I had a reason to be here

Posted by Chols , in Uncategorized, BZP, Lego, Bionicle, BS01, Life, MOCs, Video Games, Technology, SCIENCE, Serious Business, Music, Stupidity, Art Jul 22 2013 · 674 views
Buuuut I don't
Try and find my other blog : D


BBCC 64 ffffff

Posted by Chols , in BZP, MOCs Feb 01 2013 · 519 views

The ONE TIME I really want to enter a BBC Contest happens to be when I have no access to my LEGO collection.
;__; *Cries*
I'm gonna do everything in my power to enter though.  Maybe I can have some of my pieces shipped to me. I'll have to see.
Or at the very least I'll be around here ranting about anthro design in moccing throughout the entry period. :V


Is it just me

Posted by Chols , in BZP Jan 14 2013 · 1,698 views

Or are things getting reaaaaaaaally sloooooooow around these blogs


Ddude is The Fresh Prince of BelZPCraft

Posted by Chols , in BZP, Video Games Oct 07 2012 · 513 views

Ddude: Now this is a story aaaaaall about how
Ddude: My life got flipped turned into the ground
Ddude: And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
Ddude: I'll tell you how MI killed me cuz I was effin' scared
Ddude: West of the extreme hills, spawned and raised
Ddude: In the mineshaft is where I spent most of my days
Ddude: Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
Ddude: And shooting some creepers out back by the pool
Ddude: When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Ddude: Started diggin' around in my neighborhood
Ddude: I dropped some lava on them and then I got scared
Ddude: I said "I'm going to the surface and getting out of there"
Ddude: Then MI shot me



I knew this would happen

Posted by Chols , in BZP Oct 06 2012 · 370 views

I go and make a blog on another site, and I suddenly stopped blogging here.


I am so sorry.

Also finals suck.



Posted by Chols , in Serious Business, BZP Sep 20 2012 · 497 views

Posted Image

We have a visual on the Sumiki. He is hiding among the group of "AFOLs". It is absolutely critical that we remain unseen and do not interfere wit--

Posted Image

Oh deer. The Sumiki has spotted us. We will pretend this never happened.

Posted Image

The Sumiki is gazing at the art all around him, seemingly fascinated by the cultural aura they emit.

Posted Image

Snap. Spotted again. It seems to be showing us something. Could this be the Sumiki's way of understanding Bionicles? Quite a perplexing-- MEIKO NO

Posted Image


Oh what's this?

Posted Image

the local AFOL fauna are gathering. They are proceeding to remove their headdresses and stack them all atop the Sumiki's head.

Posted Image

The ritual continues. Is there no end to this astounding pile of headdresses?

Posted Image

The tower is complete and the clan groups together in celebration. Onlookers from behind the veil gaze at the splendor of this beautiful creation.

Stay tuned for more more enthralling installments of Sumikiwatch (but not really).

(Was originally going to post this in Xaeraz's entry, but it was too long so I made it a new entry.)


So about TBRPGs

Posted by Chols , in BZP Sep 20 2012 · 409 views

I've considered joining some TBRPGs on this site. I like role-playing in general, but I've always had trouble with organized games, so I'm just going to throw out some stupid questions for the better RPers here.

What exactly is expected of a player in an average TBRPG? Does everyone play to "win", or just push a story along? How devoted do I have to be to playing?

Mmmm yeah I'm clueless.


Swert is a like a big bear with Lego bricks coming out of his ears

Posted by Chols , in BZP, BS01 Aug 07 2012 · 386 views


Congrats to all the winners of those fancy prizes. C:


Stay Tuned for Makutafest

Posted by Chols , in BZP, BS01 Aug 07 2012 · 409 views

Posted Image

MakutaFest will be live at 7 PM EST tonight! I just got home and will be co-hosting on the show.

Click here to listen to my sexy voice (and some other people too).

There will also be prizes. Please see this topic to enter.


Help I'm Drowning In a Sea of Blogs

Posted by Chols , in BZP Jul 20 2012 · 415 views


Actually I quite like the free blog weekend. It's always cool to have new blogs to read~

Also hooray to BZP for somehow defying inactivity for another year.

And all these paragraphs begin with A.


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