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I wish I had a reason to be here

Posted by Chols , in Uncategorized, BZP, Lego, Bionicle, BS01, Life, MOCs, Video Games, Technology, SCIENCE, Serious Business, Music, Stupidity, Art Jul 22 2013 · 675 views
Buuuut I don't
Try and find my other blog : D


Moar Chima Species

Posted by Chols , in Lego Jan 16 2013 · 1,825 views

So with the new episode and stuff we're seeing a lot of new tribes added to the lore beyond what's already in sets (gorillas, rhinos, bears, etc.). I've been curious as to what other species would make good tribes.
A few ideas me and Bamble tossed around:
Foxes (obvs)
Komodo dragons (we really need some kind of lizard, and these guys are sick)
Sharks (SHARKS)
Otters (need another aquatic tribe with sharks about)
Porcupines (why not)


Loot Loot Loot

Posted by Chols , in Life, Lego Dec 25 2012 · 887 views
Merry Chrsitmas to all of you. <3
People have been wondering what gifts I got so let's cut to the chase. :3
First off, probably the coolest thing I got, though technically not a gift per se.
Posted ImagePosted Image
I commissioned that plushie from Kayru. It arrived last night and it's so perfect. <3 She's been accepting art commissions on a number of things recently, so check her stuff out will ya.
Posted Image
Also got a number of LEGO things. In this picture is a 2013 LEGO Calendar, some more sorting shelves, a brick-built pencil holder and a Minifig-shaped lantern.
Posted Image
Also this guy

Posted Image
A large wolf plushie from Wild Republic.  It's sooo fun to cuddle. <3 (Kayru's plush was cooler though but I love this too.)
aaaand a bunch of boring stuff for college that I needed very much but is too boring to talk about lol.
 Hope you've all had an excellent day, whether or not you observe the holiday today~


LEGO Satoru Iwata

Posted by Chols , in Video Games, Lego Dec 05 2012 · 2,610 views
LEGO Satoru Iwata From Nintendo Direct Japan 12.5.12 (About LEGO CIty Undercover).
Oh my gooooooood this is cool.
Not to mention that Bob-Omb and Piranha Plant.


Oh hey LEGO in Doctor Who

Posted by Chols , in Lego Nov 04 2012 · 567 views
Doctor Who
Posted Image

Was just watching Closing Time and I saw this.

Eeeeeeeeeee I get way too giddy about seeing LEGO in media.

Also yes I just finished season 6 I'm catching up okay.


BrickFair Sunday

Posted by Chols , in Life, Lego Aug 05 2012 · 566 views
BrickFair Sunday More like FUNDAY


Just beat the crowds in time to take more pictures. I THINK I got pictures of just about everything across three days.
Still being followed my Meiko.
He tried to stick Pythor in every picture I take.
Hit the vendors before they sold out. Got some more sweet Bionicle and HF parts. Also finally beat the claw game. Got a decent bundle out of that.
Stayed at the Bionicle tables for most of the convention, which was probably the most fun area anyways.
Called Waffles and Kothra on Skype. We all said hi, though the reception was pretty laggy. :C
Sumiki's hat pile reached about 20 hats without falling over. (Pictured)
Xaeraz and Sumiki bring Toxic Waste Bunny to life.
Xaeraz becomes a zombie whilst attempting to Walk The Dinosaur.
Turns out a convention with bronies, furries and homestucks all in one place isn't as horrifying as it sounds (also whovians).
So much love for the ears. <3
Nidhogg refuses to stand once again. >:C
We got some nice group photos of (most) everyone. Not on my camera unfortunately.
Left shortly after the public. Thunder storms were approaching. Hopefully they weren't too bad for anyone else. Probably wasn't bad at all and I missed the closing ceremony for no good reason. :<

You guys were all SO MUCH FUN to meet in person. <3 I would love to show up next year, but no guarantees.

Now I don't know what to do for the night. ;_;


Brickfair Saturday

Posted by Chols , in Life, Lego Aug 04 2012 · 1,094 views
Brickfair Saturday First off, is anyone else staying at the Residence Inn in Chantilly? That's where I'm staying.


The lines were insane. They reached max capacity around 2 PM and the fire department had to usher the rest of the line away. I am ever so thankful I registered. Not being in that line was worth every extra dollar.
Got to meet Laughin'Man. didn't get to talk much, but it was great seeing him. C:
Xaeraz photobombs my mocs. ;_; (Pictured) I should probably get pics of the rest of the BZP crew, if they're cool with it.
Bought a BZPower shirt from Bionicle Raptor. It's awesome.
Getting stalked by Meiko.
THE KOTH was present for an hour or so. If you missed THE KOTH you should be FILLED with REGRET and SORROW.
Definitely met Ballom this time. Sorry again for missing you yesterday.
Got to meet Lego Obsessionist. His present MOCs were really neat.
Jedi Master J. was present, but no one I spoke to seemed to have noticed him. Lychir did get his Mii via StreetPass though. If you saw me and I missed you JMJ, I apologize. D:
Had a lot of SPAZZ DANCING sessions with the BZP guys. That was totally fun.
Nidhogg kept falling over. Had to fix numerous times. My self-moc fell off once and exploded; nearly fainted. We put it all back together though.
Lots of people liked my hat and ears. ^w^ They kept calling them cat ears though. ;_;
Still getting stalked by Meiko.
Crowds finally left. Yard Sale begins.
Spent an hour at the yard sale acquiring SWEET LOOT
Left soon afterwards. Felt completely exhausted. Totally worth it though. <3


BrickFair Friday

Posted by Chols , in Life, Lego Aug 03 2012 · 607 views
BrickFair Friday SUMMARY

Car battery died as we tried to leave Lynchburg. The very nice hotel staff and mechanics got us running again.
Three hour drive to Chantilly. That was like, almost half the trip from New York.
Quickly dropped luggage in rooms and then left for BRICKFAIR.
Met Brickeens at the door on the way in. That was awesome. <3
Bricks led me to the Bionicle area where a bunch of other BZPers were. Of names I can remember: Meiko, Aanchir, Lychir, Sumiki, Avohkah Tamer, Takuma, Kanohi Zaath, Architect, Xaeraz, Daiker, DeeVee, Black Six. Also Spotted Nukaya and ToM Dracone but didn't meet them face to face. If I forgot your name I am VERY SORRY.
Got my MOCs set up. By some miracle they actually stayed standing. Hopefully they still are.
Had some pizza (pictured, why do I always look sleepy in pictures? D: ).
Had some more pizza. you can never have too much pizza.
Brought mustache. Took a few pics of other BZPers wearing it.
Daiker and I helped DeeVee set up some barriers round the tables.
Lost my goodie bag in the process. Not too upset about that, but I left some spare parts from my collection inside. If anyone happens to find it, tell me.
Was followed pretty much everywhere by Meiko.
Some lady who goes to anime conventions thought my wolfie ears were cute. c:
Note: get a tail for next BrickFair.
Had to leave early, missed laser tag. Ah well. Hope y'all had fun there.
Back at hotel, Still wearing the hat and ears.

Hopefully TOMORROW will be JUST AS AWESOME if not AWESOMER. <3


How to Spot Me at Brickfair

Posted by Chols , in Lego, MOCs Jul 31 2012 · 740 views
I regret nothing
Posted Image

It won't be hard :V


BrikckFair Update

Posted by Chols , in Lego Jul 16 2012 · 611 views
Woot, looks like I'm a registered attendee after all (I should arrive no later than Friday).

Now to figure out what MOCs to take. I'm definitely taking Zetta, Chols and Alive. I might also bring my bookends if I can figure out what theme they should go under (I'd rather not separate them).

This shall be fun. :3

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