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I wish I had a reason to be here

Posted by Chols , in Uncategorized, BZP, Lego, Bionicle, BS01, Life, MOCs, Video Games, Technology, SCIENCE, Serious Business, Music, Stupidity, Art Jul 22 2013 · 682 views
Buuuut I don't
Try and find my other blog : D


Technology hates me today

Posted by Chols , in Technology Sep 26 2012 · 369 views
I wake to to find my laptop's CPU fan making a persistent rattling noise.

Tried to use my old PC instead, only to have it freeze frequently.

Seems to have just been debris stuck in the fan. Managed to shake it loose. Whatever grit was stuck is probably in the case now, but I guess it's not causing any issues.

Old PC is still frozen by the time I fixed the noise.

And now WLM is freezing in odd ways. Windows says its responsive, but I cannot interact with the windows at all.

Aaaaaaaand I as I type this I just heard the rattle noise again.


And all the while my iPod's home button is being unresponsive again.

Confound these machines.



Posted by Chols , in Technology Jul 27 2012 · 698 views

Posted Image


Thankfully only the outer glass is broken, and everything else works fine, but I'm really bothered by this.

I can replace the glass, right?


I Have a MacBook

Posted by Chols , in Technology, Serious Business Jul 13 2012 · 378 views

Posted Image

Fo reals.


I Can Get Hd Television On My Laptop Now

Posted by Chols , in Technology Jul 07 2012 · 423 views
Television, Rules the nation and 1 more...
And I STILL can't find anything good to watch.

C'mon MLP and Korra where are your next seasons :<


Dr. Frankenstein Is Spinning In His Fictional Grave

Posted by Chols , in Technology Jun 30 2012 · 525 views

I have two headsets with broken microphones. One had the mic jack ripped off, the other appears to be broken on the mic arm itself.

So naturally I try to combine the two and see if it works.

Posted Image

Did not work.

I have no idea what I'm doing.


A Little Help, Techies?

Posted by Chols , in Technology Jun 19 2012 · 444 views

So I've had this weird problem with my laptop since I bought it. It seems that every time the cooling fan turns on, my computer freezes for a second. Now I expect computers to freeze occasionally when loading something heavy, but when it happens on this machine, it causes audio to glitch and play slowly until it unfreezes. It's extremely brief, but annoying nonetheless.

Problem is, I can't figure out the cause. It could be the sound card, the switchable graphics and either of the two GPU's cards (Intel HD Graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 7650m), external interference, I dunno what. I do not believe I have installed any driver updates since purchase. Model name is Acer Aspire 7750G, if that helps any.

Any ideas on how I could solve this?



Posted by Chols , in Technology, Video Games Jun 05 2012 · 420 views
Posted Image

Pretty much how I feel.

Not regretting this new PC one bit.

(Valve still loses points for another year with no HL3 though.)


Spot The Differences!

Posted by Chols , in Technology May 08 2012 · 341 views

Portal 2 on my XP

Portal 2 on my new laptop

Not to shabby :3

Other notes:

Steam downloads at 2.6 MBs on average. Niiiice.
Source games working without any modifications. I did face one crash in Portal 2, but it doesn't seem to be anything game-breaking.
Mass Effect 1 now works, though I had to force it to run in XP mode (understandable, it's an older game).
AMD Radeon's switchable graphics are actually pretty easy to handle, though they make benchmarking a little cumbersome.
Gets a little hot when running games, but seems well-ventilated enough to prevent overheating.
Revived Mousey from the dead. Hooray!
Speakers suck (like all laptops).

Maybe nothing special but this is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT for me.


New Laptop Has Arrived!

Posted by Chols , in Technology May 07 2012 · 549 views
Posted Image

Ain't she a beauty? :3

17" is larger than I expected, though it's actually pretty comfortable on my lap.

Now to re-install everything I use x_x Hopign to run a few game tests later, just to make sure the system runs as intended (those dang switchable graphics).

But yeah woohoo! :3

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