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Skipping Across a Pond


Zatch Bell

Posted by Nara , Nov 03 2014 · 430 views

I'm currently rewatching/(watching for the first time since I only remember them beating Zophis) the series, subbed, and gah, I get so attached to Zatch and Kiyo's ally mamodo teams.

Yopopo, Danny, and Nya are the ones I got really attached to and absolutely didn't tear up when their books got burned. Not at all. Especially Danny.

Also on another note, Naruto is set to end this week. It's been a good run.


Am I obligated to do this?

Posted by Nara , Sep 08 2014 · 348 views

It's happening.



7 Years

Posted by Nara , May 19 2014 · 507 views

Wow, 7 years already? Time flies.
BZP has been a huge influence on my life. My writing skills and definitely improved as a direct result, Arceus forbid the data be recovered, because those would be embarrassing posts and topics to see again. =P
A lot changes in 7 years. Friends have come and gone, for one reason or another.
I wouldn't have changed a thing. It's been a fun 7 years, thanks guys. =)


Naruto 671

Posted by Nara , Apr 02 2014 · 313 views



SciO Regionals

Posted by Nara , Mar 07 2014 · 226 views

Regionals are tomorrow (aka a few hours), and I'm cramming. =P

Throwing basically everything I can onto our Entomology cheat sheet and then going to learn about steronets and topographic maps and geologic structures.

We have a good chance at going to State this year, having just barely missed it the past two years. Hopefully we go this year. =D



Posted by Nara , Feb 08 2014 · 300 views

I won't say it was my favorite. Sorry for screwing up, Clag and Chols.

Good luck to everyone, though!

Congrats Unit!



Posted by Nara , Nov 17 2013 · 368 views

Completed the Kalos Dex, as a part of a Living Dex project. First time I've completed a regional Dex ever.
Now that that's done, I'm going on to breeding competitively viable Pokemon. Got two IV bred so far, 5/6 IV Phantump with Harvest and a 5IV breeding pair of Aron. Currently breeding for a 5IV female Froakie with Protean, it's a pain. Stupid gender ratio. >.> I did get a fully EV trained Starmie, probably with lackluster IVs, from the GTS though.
Also caught a shiny Trevenant from a horde, one of my favorite shinies. =D

Ohey I just bred a perfect 6IV male Froakie with Torrent.


Final Fantasy

Posted by Nara , Aug 16 2013 · 347 views

After listening to the ending theme for Final Fantasy VI I wanted to (finally) jump in. I've started Final Fantasy I but don't have much progress; just defeated Garland and obtained the lute.
Playing the remake for GBA. I'm having a great time getting used to the controls and setup for a game released.. 10 years ago, I think? Almost 10 years now.
Anyway, this is my party setup:
Level 4 Theif
 -108 HP/0 MP
 -Leather Armor
Level 4 Red Mage
 -36 HP/31 MP
 -Chain mail Armor
Level 4 White Mage
 -65 HP/34 MP
 -Cure, Dia
Level 4 Black Mage
 -48 HP/50 MP
 -Fire, Thunder
I realize that I should probably have a warrior but meh. :P


Updates: Animal Crossing, Minecraft

Posted by Nara , Jul 02 2013 · 375 views

Been a while. Got back into the country about a week ago, still having major jet lag, but it's improving.
So, like everyone else, I caved and bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf. First Animal Crossing game for me, got it about 5 days ago. Tortimer just invited me to his island, I don't know if I'm going slowly or fast. =P My villagers think I'm stalking them, since I just talked to them all day before I could get a fishing rod. =P
I got Cherries as my native fruit, but also have Apples and Permissions.
Friend Code: 1762-2682-8247
Shoot me a PM or comment if you want to be friends. c:
Minecraft. 1.6. Having a lot of fun playing around in Vanilla, it's a lot more fun than I remember. FTB-wise, I ventured into the Nether to get Ghast Tears, flew over some Pigmen in an new chunk. They randomly started attacking me, I died, and have no idea where I did at all since the death point seems to have tracked my death to OW coords, not nether. :c So yeah, reduced activity in that server, I'm ready  for a reset! xD
Also got addicted to the Minecrackers, but I think that happens to everyone.
I wish I could go to Brickfair too, but it happens at a horrible time for me. August is band camp month, and my band director will kill me if I miss anything. =P Oh well.


Little Things

Posted by Nara , Jun 16 2013 · 309 views

You know, it's the little things that you take for granted. Like lights that turn on instantly instead of ten seconds later, or air conditioning that you understand the working of. Or heck, even a fan in the bathroom.
Out of the country right now, wish I had a mouse but I left the USB for it at home. :c Not that the WIFI here is particularly strong enough for a lot of things anyway.

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