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Skipping Across a Pond



Posted by Nara , in School, Life May 04 2014 · 471 views

AP Testing week is in a few hours. Got my first one ever tomorrow, AP Chem, and three more over the next two weeks. ._.
Chem and Language/Composition this week, and Music Theory and US History the next.

I think the worst part about it is that I feel that school should be ending relatively soon since nearly all of my classes are having the "final" for the class in the next two weeks, but there's still more than a month to go.

ahh stress


Band Things

Posted by Nara , in Music, School Dec 18 2013 · 334 views

As in, concert band. =P

My concert band was invited to play at the Midwest Clinic, an international conference for band/orchestra. A professor from Cornell University will be conducting our rehearsal as an opportunity to show new methods of teaching to band directors and showing off how to use iPads and Google Glass during rehearsals.

She came in during school today to meet us beforehand, and she's hilarious. =P Google Glass doesn't look as silly as I imagined it, it's actually really awesome and I kinda want it now.

Oh, and one of the songs we're playing during the rehearsal is from Frank Ticheli, one of the most well known concert band composers. Plus, one of my favorite composers. Apparently he's supposed to be there and may be watching us play one of his songs. Excited and nervous as the same time. D=D



Posted by Nara , in School May 15 2013 · 573 views

School is almost over, two weeks left. Then I can stop feeling like a zombie all the time and get some sleep. And become active in RotR again. ^-^;


Unfortunate Event(s)

Posted by Nara , in School Apr 04 2013 · 358 views

So there's this kid at my school who tweeted, "I think Mrs.------ is single handedly the worst teacher". Probably thought it was funny until he came into class, and the tweet was projected to the front of the room, with the teacher posing in front of it.
Best part? She got a video of his reaction.
Sometimes, I really can't stand the English department in my school, but I've gotta say, most of the English teachers are the craziest, fun filled people I've ever met that know how to play up their sarcasm instead of avoiding it.
In other news, I'm having trouble finding an appetite for anything recently. This happens every once in a while, but I hope it passes over soon. >.<


No no no no no no no nononono

Posted by Nara , in School Feb 06 2013 · 361 views

The school isn't allowing sophomores (me) to pick an AP English class for next year, and basically making all of us go to English 3 Honors next year and one AP English class senior year.

nononononononononononono NO. This is not good.


Why must you do this, school?

Posted by Nara , in School Jan 29 2013 · 527 views

I said last year (as in, November/December) that I knew what classes I'm taking senior year. Well, that's proven to be wrong.

There's a chance that AP Music Theory will be brought back next year, and I'm taking it. However, that means one less class, and unfortunately, I'm giving up art. Which means that I can't take the art class I really want to take senior year, because of prerequisites.

I can't even drop lunch to take the art class, because of AP Chem, which is a period and a half. I'd drop it senior year but I can't take the two concurrently.

I don't need to take a class that teaches me what I already know, in order for me to take a class to help for college and the like. It's silly to sit through a year of already-learnt information.

Sigh. I wish there were more hours of the school day.


Busy Busy Busy

Posted by Nara , in IRL, BZPower, School, Pokemon Jan 15 2013 · 1,051 views

I have a perfectly logical explanation for my lack of activity on here.
Unlike most other people, I have my finals in two days as opposed to before Christmas, so teachers are cramming. Which means homework. Add Science Olympiad into that and you've got yourself a negative amount of free time!
I think it's taken a toll on my sanity.
However, that being said, I have almost no time to do anything but school. Which means that, unfortunately, Alpha 0.0.1 of Operation Rally will be pushed back. As for how far back, I can't really say. After finals, I've got an elongated weekend, so maybe some progress will happen there and things will be back on track? I dunno. SciO is at a higher priority than the game right now, but I usually have a lot of downtime during competitions.

I'll get back to work soon, I promise.


Oh Look

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, School Jan 07 2013 · 563 views

Seems like the quote boxes are fixed.

I do like this a lot. =D

In other news, I should be asleep right now because winter break technically ends in an hour and school returns tomorrow. So meh, tired am I not.

But I did learn that two weeks without writing anything really messes with your handwriting. Not that mine was legible before, but now it seems difficult to write stuff. ._.


Operation Rally

Posted by Nara , in School Dec 25 2012 · 556 views
Operation Rally is the current name of the RotR game I'm working on.

And I created a topic for it in OTC, found here.

Please post if you see anything you like (or don't like, I guess)!


Happy Updates ^-^

Posted by Nara , in School Dec 21 2012 · 339 views

School is over and since I haven't been notified about anything, I'm assuming everything went well. ^-^

The Gun Threat was indeed an empty threat, as many predicted. I wasn't going to push my luck anyhow, but I'm glad everyone's safe.

And with the closing of the school day, that means that Winter Break has officially begun! Joy!

Also, Progress3.5: I've decided to map instead of insert more sprites. Edited Cerulean a bit, Mt. Moon a bit, added to Four Island but haven't started on the Alamo.

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