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Skipping Across a Pond


SciO State

Posted by Nara , in SciO Apr 11 2014 · 515 views

State's tomorrow and I'm extremely underprepared due to various other school work. First time my school's gone to state in four years, and it's the first time we're in the AA division, so if we're in the top two, we go to Nationals. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but I don' think we'll be going to Nationals. =P But going to State is great. :>



SciO Regionals: Results

Posted by Nara , in SciO Mar 08 2014 · 343 views


After a three year period of missing state by 1-2 points, we're finally going, placing 4th in our division. =D

My results were:
2nd place in Experimental Design
3rd place in Geologic Mapping
3rd place in Entomology
5th place in Write it Do it
I was the most decorated member on the team. :> I've got 16 medals this season so far. Most on the team for this year as well. =D



SciO Comp. #4

Posted by Nara , in SciO Jan 18 2014 · 385 views

My team did really well! =D

As did I! Placed in all my events.
  • First place in Experimental Design
  • First place in Write It Do It
  • Second place in Geologic Mapping
  • Third place in Entomology
The WiDi was a great surprise too, having never placed in the past two years that I've been doing it. =D

Got another competition next week, hopefully we do just as well. Half the team'll be gone, though. =P



Posted by Nara , in SciO Dec 13 2013 · 289 views

SciO season's in the air. :) That's Science Olympiad, and yes, I'm in it. =P

I've got another invitational tomorrow, third one of the year. This year, my events are Entomology, Geologic Mapping, Experimental Design, and Write It Do It.
  • Entomology is the study of bugs. In the event, a partner and I identify and answer questions about an insect (preserved or in a photograph) within 2-3 minutes, and we rotate around stations. It's been pretty easy so far, placed 1st and 2nd the past two invites.
  • Geologic Mapping is exactly what it sounds like, a partner and I are required to be proficient in geographic maps, geologic cross-sections, topographic maps, know geologic structures, and calculating stuff. I was thrown in to it last invite and we placed second to last. :P It's pretty fun, though, hoping to get in the top five tomorrow.
  • Experimental Design is an event where you and two partners are given a bunch of stuff and we have to design an experiment and write a lab report, in under 50 minutes. They score us based off of a rubric and they give the rubric out. I've consistently placed in this for two years now as well as the past two invites. I personally think it's the easiest event since all you have to do to place is memorize the rubric and do the lab fast, but it seems like other schools don't have it down yet. =P
  • In Write It Do It, one partner (me) sees a contraption built out of random things, and I have to write how to build it for my partner, 25 minute time limit. My partner then comes into the room while I exit and sees a pile of stuff, containing all the things in the contraption and extras. Scoring is based off of how closely your partner builds the thing, and it gets really specific. It seems like there's nobody who consistently places in this.
It's fun. This year my school's team has been pretty good, with varsity placing 7th out of 42 and 3rd out of 12. Hopefully we can make it to State this year, having missed it be less than a point the past two years. =P


SciO: Regional Results

Posted by Nara , in SciO Mar 11 2013 · 427 views

This past Saturday was our regional. Nearly everyone on the team, Varsity and JV, placed high in their events.
However, history has a sad sense of humor. Last year, our team lost state by four points.
This year, it was seven we lost by. We would have made it, too, but our Thermo box got 10 points deducted for some reason that I don't fully understand.
Oh well! Better start studying for next year. =)
The list for next year's events is already out, and it usually doesn't change that much. So, assuming the list is "final," I'll be doing entomology, MagLev, Experimental, hopefully Write it Do it, and I want to try Mission Possible. I heard that it was probably the worst event ever, but it sounds fun. =P
Really hoping for Sounds of Music to come back in two years. As seniors, we would destroy the competition. =P


Assassins and Updates

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, Pokemon, SciO Feb 05 2013 · 380 views

No not assassin's creed.

So, our SciO team wins a spirit award at this one invite every year, and this year, we're winning it by having a game of Assassins. All day, secret alliances, winner gets a bag of skittles.

And I intend to win.

Also, that BZP countdown thing is nice. I like it.

Also, basically no progress on the RotR game. My chance to go to state for SciO is on the line, so.. yeah. Not to mention that I'm getting this odd glitch that I'm not sure how to fix, but the maps are done. I guess I could give out an awful demo, I'll put in some NPCs if you guys want.


Name Change and SciO

Posted by Nara , in BZPower, SciO Jan 25 2013 · 429 views

Decided to change my name because I've stuck with my old username for the entire time. I don't think it'll mess with people, since I've had my avatar and sig for a while now.

Now, more SciO stuff! Another invite tomorrow, really freaking out about this one but I'm determined to win in Forestry.

Surprisingly, my partner and I won fifth in Fermi last time, not sure how that happened. 10th in Experimental, 8th in Forestry, and 8-13th in MagLev. Ranks will be increasing tomorrow. They better. =D



Posted by Nara , in SciO Jan 11 2013 · 764 views

If any of you have any tips for identifying trees, specifically determining whether a tree is Eastern or Western US, it'd be much appreciated. =)

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