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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


The Sun Will Come Up

Posted by Pomegranate , Jan 04 2015 · 128 views


I saw Annie and it was really great, and I loved seeing all those shots of New York City cause I'm getting a little homesick. They mentioned pomegranates twice, so, basically, it's a 10/10 movie. Go see it right now.


I've been having Bionicle dreams like every night now, it's getting out of hand. I need those sets before I lose my mind. HOW IS THERE NO TARGET IN THIS TOWN? I've waited five years, I can't go any longer. They're so close, but so far.

New Years was really great, had a lot of fun and had yummy foods and the crushing disappointment of a Wal-Mart without bonkles was balanced by the joy of finding a really nice, ripe pomegranate and a lot of great snacks and bringing them back to a toasty hotel room with the only person I wanted to spend the holiday with, while fireworks were going off all over the place. 2015 is gonna be awesome :D

Also my hands are completely scratched up, but I refuse to stop playing with these cats. They are so lovely c:

Aaaaand I got cute new clothing things and a really nice nightgown and I finally got around to watching Django Unchained and the Mask of Creation game is really tedious but I'm having fun with it.

That's just what I've been up to. I think I got most of it. Just a little update.



Posted by Pomegranate , Nov 02 2014 · 101 views

Guess who was at Brickfair today!

It wasn't me! :D

My younger brother came home half an hour ago and informed me that's where he's been all day; apparently it was a surprise trip with my grandfather.

I can't believe my own family would leave me behind like that :P

Apparently he had a great time, so that's cool.

I've decided I'm not doing NaNo this year, 'cause I really just have no idea what to write and I just don't have the time for it with all the schoolwork that's been piling up. Good luck to all of you, though!

Aaaand I caught the new Doctor Who, and it was amazing. Never felt such genuine dread from an episode before, the Three Words hit me hard. So did the part when the woman picked up Danny's phone. And when the water went down. I knew they were gonna be in the episode, but the whole exoskeleton thing went right over my head and I didn't realize what the Dark Water was hiding until the water had begun to bubble, and the top of their heads just confirmed my fears. The Missy thing made me mad for the sole reason that back in the very first episode, when she said her name, everyone basically exactly what she said when revealing her identity, and all this time I just thought that would be too obvious :P She's been creeping me out all season so I'm thrilled to see more of her. Can't wait for the last episode :D

Aaaaand on a final note, right as Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 came out, my signed DHMIS poster came in the mail :D I'm glad I contributed to that kickstarter 'cause the new video was awesome.


Big Hero 6

Posted by Pomegranate , Oct 23 2014 · 142 views

Got to bring my best friend with me to an early screening of Big Hero 6, my school hooked us up. It was really good, I was so impressed. Some really good storytelling there, and while the animation obviously wasn't Pixar, it was still pretty superb, they really put a lot of focus on bringing out every motion and those were some beautiful designs and textures for basically everything. I feel like the culture blend wasn't necessary as it didn't really play much into the actual movie, but it didn't end up sticking out like a sore thumb and I think it worked alright. Unfortunately there was that one group of people who were talking and laughing the entire time, especially during the really tense moments, so I probably would've cried at a few scenes if the vibe wasn't ruined. There was no pointless romantic subplot which was soooo refreshing and they really made every character shine. Loooved it, it's definitely as good as the trailers make it out to be (and it's not too silly, which I was relieved to see!) And the stinger at the end was amazing, everyone loved it. Real treat for Marvel fans.

Movie comes out November 7th (in the US) I think, so I recommend it if you wanna see a really good animated flick, and especially if you enjoy superhero kinda stuff 'cause it's hard not to love the action and designs and stuff.

In other news, my day was an absolute rollercoaster, but to sum it up: I pulled an all nighter doing homework, but passed out 10 minutes before I had to get ready to leave and overslept and missed my History midterm, and cried from frustration, then found out the teacher cancelled class today and the midterm got moved to next week. I got to school in time for my next class, but someone pointed out that I had a popped vessel in my eye, which is a bummer, cause scenarios involving my eyes and blood rate pretty high on my nightmare scale. Then I was afraid our teacher would keep us twenty minutes later than necessary as usual and I wouldn't make it to the movie theater in time, but then Maya crashed on him right at the proper end of class and I got out :P So, it started out as literally the worst possible day, and ended up going way better than expected. Phew.


NYCC in the morning

Posted by Pomegranate , Oct 09 2014 · 82 views

And I am so excited oh my god

I'm going in my TNG starfleet uniform, like I did 3 years ago, so it should be fun. Gonna get a bunch of comics signed, finally meet Randall Monroe and get him to sign his book for my best friend (we went to his book signing last month, but my friend was broke so I gave him my book to sit in on the talk and get it signed while I waited outside; he's nice as heck so he got it signed with my name first then his name, and he hasn't picked it up to read yet. So I'm gonna get him his own copy, with his name signed in big letters :D) and probably sit on a Doctor Who panel or something. I really wish I thought ahead and got my DVDs back from my friend, 'cause then I could go get them signed by Michael Dorn aka the voice of Mata Nui, and get a picture taken with him and my my Mata Nui figure. That would've been brilliant. Wish I thought of it earlier. Oh well, I'll catch him at another convention I guess ^^ It's gonna be so fuuunnnnnn woo

Also the Bionicle news is amazing. I'm overjoyed. And those sets are beautiful :D



Posted by Pomegranate , Sep 12 2014 · 102 views

A very generous person gave me a download code, so I'm about to snuggle up with this 3DS and never sleep again :D

I sure hope I can remap the controls or something, 'cause my shoulder buttons are dead :P Oh thank goodness, one of 'em works!

Posted Image

I always knew he'd be the one <3

Edit: Please don't double comment!

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