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Hundreds of Crimson Seeds


Bionicle: Into Darkness

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2013 Onwards! Jan 21 2013 · 494 views

However tempting it may be to make a Bionicle crossover with the upcoming Star Trek movie, this is actually about how I have been hit with nostalgia like a speeding bus and suddenly have the urge to rebuild old sets! Why the title? Because I shall have to dive into my parts bin, which besides occasionally being used by my little brother to find weapons for his Hero Factory creations, has long gone without seeing the light of day!

I'm confident that with persistence and the few days I have off, I'll be able to find all the necessary parts to reconstruct as many sets as I can, even using miscolored pieces if I have to. I hope to get a Toa Metru revived first, and maybe a Piraka. I'd be able to say with more certainty who I can and can't rebuild if my little brother didn't spend a good portion of half a decade completely decimating every socket and ball joint in sight :P

I'll put up pictures when I get them done, and maybe I'll even awkwardly try to play with them just to have the treasured memories flash back to me ^_^

Wish me luck! And tell me if any o y'all have ever succeeded in such a grand endeavor, I need to know that my quest is not a lost cause :)


The Lord of the Hiatus: The Return of the Inactive

Posted by Pomegranate , in 2013 Onwards! Jan 18 2013 · 707 views

The Lord of the Hiatus: The Return of the Inactive Wow! It's been so long! Aside from a very short visit last July, I haven't been here in, well-- I don't know! Perhaps a year? Perhaps more; two even? However long it's been, it has been far too long!

I'm back everyone! I'd be very flattered if any o y'all might remember me--I've gone by a few names over the years: dark hunter 554, The (Low-Carb) Dark Hunter, etc.-- because I sure as heck remember many of you! Coming back after all that time, and just browsing through the new topics and active members list, the good ol' nostalgia came flooding back, and I loved it ^_^

A fairly simple explanation for my dissapearing is that life punched me in the gut and dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the real world. 2011 was a relatively terrible year for me, and 2012 more than made up for it but was super packed with things happening. I pretty much spent my whole absence bogged down with my social life and relationships, schoolwork, volunteer work and college apps, and a lot of painting and sculpting; and, probably more significantly, I went through one of those perpetual not-quite-feeling-it phases where Bionicle sorta faded from my life. It happens to everyone; apparently it was my turn to grow up :P

Expect me to be back for good! I'll soon start posting art again, effectively crawling right back into my abandoned 'General Art' cave, and I hope to try my hand at the RPGs and short story writing again, if just to see how far I've come since the old days.

Oh, I love it here! The new layout has grown on me pretty quickly, since I didn't spend too much time with it when BZP came back from a 9-month downtime (makes my last blog entry pretty ironic in retrospect; I said I'd only be gone a week!). I love seeing the wonderful emotes again, and the wonderful proto-energy bar, and my shiny new spinny, and oh-me oh-my, it's all just so wonderful! This truly is my favorite place on the 'net :D

Welp, it's fairly late at night and I think I'll just leave this as-is for now; I don't think much more needs to be said. Please drop me a comment if you wish, I'd love to know you're out there and remember me if we're old friends or acquaintaces or you just remember me posting or something or other! I'd really appreciate seeing some familiar faces :)

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