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A Blog With a Mahi


eagle project

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Aug 26 2012 · 442 views

yeah so I'm emailing people back who wanted to help me with my eagle project and wondering whether they'll judge me for doing so at 2:30 in the morning and also a couple weeks after most of them sent them

(in case anyone's wondering I'm doing genealogy indexing which is basically putting photographed census records and draft cards and stuff into a searchable database so people can look up their family history and stuff, and also I have until november before I turn 18 so I have to hurry since I want to index 10,000 names. don't worry guys I have a friend who did 15k and he finished in time)

why did I come to bzp to post about this the world may never know

if I do get my eagle it'll definitely be after my premier membership runs out though because I have a month left I think so I won't be able to tell you guys about it here

edit: holy cow there isn't autocapitalization???????????????????
bzpower is looking pretty fancy


Crazy Bus

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Mar 19 2012 · 551 views

So, I woke up 20 minutes late today, and had to run around my house and take breakfast with me in order to get to the bus stop on time.

Then I ended up waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the bus to get there, along with the other people at my stop. After about twenty minutes, I went back home and got my mom to get me a ride.

I found out later from other people on my bus that it had apparently shown up 20 minutes early, and had basically just driven to school because nobody was out that early. And then they sent a different bus, which apparently arrived within a minute or two after I went back home. So once I saw my friend at school, instead of saying hi or anything, I was just like, "Get a car. Now." :P

(He's the one with the license; I haven't had an interest in it so I don't even have a learner's permit even though I've been old enough to get one for almost two and a half years. Working on it, though.)

So yeah, crazy day going on. Luckily there's a furlough day on Friday, and then I'm off for spring break; hopefully I can see the Hunger Games sometime then too.


Christmas Stuff

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Dec 27 2011 · 255 views

Candy, peanuts, and an orange (everyone at my house gets these in their stocking every year)
$30 gift card to Fry's
A gray shirt
A Super Mario shirt
Harry Potter 2012 calendar (third Harry Potter calendar I've had in a row)
Phone (has an Internet browser, and while I mostly prefer the 3DS one, this one can play videos online, which is a plus) - this is also my first phone ever
Netflix (this applies to my whole family)
Chuck seasons 3-4 (going to try to watch these, than catch up on season 5 so I can watch this show as it comes out before it ends)
Cowboys and Aliens (opened and watched on Christmas Eve)
probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting


Tv Trouble

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Oct 23 2011 · 143 views

So, a couple weeks back, our TV quit working. It wouldn't turn on; acted like it was trying to and there was this light flashing.

So yesterday, me and my stepdad went upstairs to grab another TV (we have several; not because we're rich or anything, we just had a couple my mom and stepdad each had before they were married, and some we've gotten from other people over the years for some reason--only two have cable), and we took it downstairs. Then we turned around the broken TV, unplugged the stuff from it (we have a pretty complicatedly-wired stereo thing with a FiOs box, a DVD player, a VCR, and a Roku box all hooked up to it) and plugged it into the other TV. I got it to work, then happened to press the power button on the FiOs remote--which also affects the TV--and the broken TV turned on.


So yeah, then we hooked everything back up to that TV and carried the other TV back upstairs. We did all of that annoying carrying-a-TV-up-and-down-stairs work for nothing.

Oh, and an hour or two ago the zombie TV died on us again. XD


I'm An Epic Procrastinator

Posted by Tavakai , in Life, I guess. Oct 17 2011 · 137 views

So, due Monday I have two lab reports for AP Chem, a quiz for history, some questions for AP Chem, and a story for Creative Writing. Did I work on this Thursday? No. Did I spend my no-school day on Friday working on this? No. Saturday? No. Throughout the day Sunday? No. I had to wait until about 6 PM, and then get into a Skype conversation with people.

Fortunately that's over now, so I can--hey wait, I'm writing a blog entry. There I go again! D=

EDIT: Oh boy. It's 2 AM, and I'm done. Time to go to bed.


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Don't know who Tavakai is? If you don't go to Artwork II and III, that's understandable. And if you don't know what Artwork II and III are, well... yeah.

He does some spriting (though not enough to release his own kit just yet) and has his own comics.

He's also a member of the International ComicContinuity, a continuity between over a dozen comic makers.

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