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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Life Over a PokéStop

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jul 17 2016 · 0 views

I live over a pizza joint. A semi-famous one that's more expensive than dollar pizza and too milky for my blood, but you get the idea. Also one usually hopping at 2am on a Saturday night for obvious reasons.

Anyway, this pizza joint is also now a Pokéstop. Which is preeeetty great 'cuz I can get a steady stream of Pokéballs.


And this is the magical part.

Everyday, at some time at night, someone decides to put a Lure there. Now, Manhattan is full of Lures at night (must be when the Pokémon trainers come out to hunt). But this one is under my apartment.

Woo drunk Pokémon Go players who enjoy microtransactions!


Winter Has Come

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Jun 27 2016 · 92 views

See Game of Thrones, that's how you do a finale.


More GOT Thoughts

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 30 2016 · 82 views

Spoilers, obviously, for last night's episode.

It's more of me thinking about this tv show!


The overall pacing of the show isn't slow, it's just off. Almost like it's meant to be bingewatched.


Conflict of Thrones (Not BZP's)

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , May 24 2016 · 119 views

I've been wondering why this latest season of Game of Thrones hasn't felt as enticing as usual, why it feels a little meandering-y. And I think it may be because of a lack of conflict? Last season had clear bits: Tyrion and Varys were going to Meereen (politicking their way there), Jon Snow was trying to save the wildlings (against Alliser), Jamie, with Bron, was trapped in boringland trying to get his daughter-neice back (against the boringones).

This season hasn't had that much of a conflict yet. Sansa and Jon have been doing their thing, Arya's moving in circles, etc. No conflict has lasted more than one episode, besides Daenerys's (which has been without the rest of her crew) and the King's Landing politicians verses Sparrow one. Even Littlefinger (who's the best) has just been politicking in circles.

Basically, GoT needs more friggin' conflict.


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Apr 28 2016 · 78 views

As a massive fan of Hot Rod, when I heard NYU had a free/early screening of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping I knew I had to go.

It is exactly what it needed to be. And it's a satire/parody that manages to keep its schtick up throughout, which is downright impressive. Not as good as Hot Rod, but then, Hot Rod's phenomenal.


A Different Teaser

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Apr 08 2016 · 99 views

I got bored with syncing sound.


Rogue One

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Apr 07 2016 · 131 views

Laptop is out of comission due to being unable to find its own harddrive (did you know that that's a thing that can happen?), but I'm logging on to BZP on a school computer because this is important.

Rogue One.

It's like a check boxes of things I'm into:
  • Star Wars
  • Women who kick butt
  • Diversity
  • AT-ATs
  • Star Wars
  • Ragtag Teams doing Cool Stuff
I'm psyched, dude.


Oh yeah, so what's the movie about?

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 29 2016 · 140 views

So in response to the bunch of screegrabs I posted in my last entry, Inferna Firesword mentioned that she wondered what the plot was. Which made me realize that, outside of linking to the Facebook and Kickstarter, I haven't really talked about the story.

Here we go!

The Conduits is about Rachel Watkins (her) who reluctantly teams up with Morris Chen to find out what happened to her father when he disappeared. Standing in her way are Fafnir and her Cavaliers who will stop at nothing to put an end to Rachel and the other Conduits.

Basically, magic gems, laser guns, and an action-scifi set in New York being made on a student's budget.

And Tekulo, today one of my actors said she wanted to break out into song.


Psst, check out some stills from my movie.

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 27 2016 · 162 views

Still wondering about the Kickstarter? This is the shots we've been getting. Now, keep in mind, this is all before color correction, vfx, or anything done in post. Heck, we've still three more days of shooting.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Day One. Wrapped.

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 23 2016 · 161 views

Went well. Crew kicked butt. This is gonna look awesome.


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