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TMD's Creatively Named Blog



Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Dec 28 2017 · 263 views

My girlfriend got me the best Christmas gift.

Posted Image


New Mumford & Sons

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Mar 09 2015 · 532 views

Holy mess, I'm in love. I'm usually a fan of bands changing their sound (see Barcelona's three projects, or Relient K's Forget and Not Slow Down versus Mmhmm), and as much as a departure as Believe is from everything else Mumford's done before, holy crud I really like what they've done.

I cannot wait for Wilder Mind.


Collapsible Lung

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Jul 03 2013 · 657 views

Been listening to Relient K's new record more or less incessantly since yesterday.
Gotta say, I really like it. No, not quite as good as Forget and Not Slow Down, but that's more because it's incredibly different (And FNSD is one of my favorite albums ever (up there with Vice Verses and How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and Scars and Stories).
But I really like the differentiness. To that, "If I Could Take You Home" is an early favorite ("Don't Blink" and "When You Were My Baby" are other highlights [So are "Boomerang" and "PTL", actually]).
So yeah. Different. But great.


Relient K in NYC

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music May 11 2013 · 345 views

Posted Image

Haven't seen these guys in four years and man, they still put on a great show. I can't wait for Collapsible Lung.


4th Annual TMD Music Awards

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Mar 17 2013 · 803 views

Here we are. Again. Finally. I've been busy.
Welcome To The 4th Annual TMD Music Awards!
Once again I find myself ranking ten albums from 2012 in order of bestness. As such there is not much need for an interlude, just that all ten of these albums are great albums you should check out. 
Special EP Mention:
Freaks EP, The Hawk In Paris
These guys are amazing. And Birds on a Wire is one of my favorite songs of the year. Give the EP a listen, a full album will be out in 2013.
Top 10 Albums of 2012
Posted Image
Fallen Empires, Snow Patrol
Let me forewarn you, my only other exposure to this band is Up To Now; their compilation that came out a couple years ago. This new album is good, though nothing quite rises to the quality of, say Chasing Cars or Just Say Yes, but it has its share of gems.
Listen to/Download:
-New York
-Called out in the Dark
-The President
Posted Image
Landline, Greg Laswell
One of the great things about being back in the US is Pandora. I discovered Laswell over the summer and recently decided to listen to a bunch of his stuff on ###### and shortly thereafter bought this album. It's good, to say the least. Especially good when he duets with someone else.
Listen to/Download:
-Come Back Down
-Another Life to Leave
Posted Image
California 37, Train
I like Train. Their songs provide a nice break with their more mature love songs (as opposed to the poppy sort of love songs). This'll Be My Year is a fantastic song that echoes Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire, only in this song all the events lead up to meeting his love. It's a sweet song typical of Train. 50 Ways is a goofy counterpoint about a breakup, so hey. Train's fun, and this album too.
Listen to/Download:
-This'll Be My Year
-50 Ways to Say Goodbye
-When The Fog Rolls In
Posted Image
Cold Hard Want, House of Heroes
Look, by now you've probably realized the things I like in music: good writing and an appropriate sound. House of Heroes embody this, they've got a very organic sound that compliments their great lyrics. They're good.
Listen to/Download:
-Dance (Blow It All Away)
-We Were Giants
-Comfort Trap
Posted Image
Vital, Anberlin
What I like about Anberlin is their sound changes a little album to album. Vital has them infusing their usual alt-rock with shades of electronica, and it works fantastically. It gives their sound something different.
Listen to/Download:
-Modern Age
-Other Side
-Self Starter
-God, Drugs, & Sex
Posted Image
Weapons, Lostprophets
Okay, full disclosure, The Betrayed was mildly disappointing. But Weapons is Lostprophets at what might prove their best. Most every song sticks out as being particularly strong; Somedays is a quieter, poignant song, and Jesus Walks and Another Shot are two great anthems that, again, call back to songs like Last Train Home and Rooftops. Took 'em six years, but they're back.
Listen to/Download:
-Jesus Walks
-Another Shot
-We Bring an Arsenal
-A Song For Where I'm From
Posted Image
Babel, Mumford & Sons
If you thought Sigh No More was pretty good, then give Babel a listen. it's like Sigh No More, but better. It feels that their first album was them finding their voice, and Babel is them shouting it out. The album flows far better than their prior one, songs building off of each other. Hopeless Wanderer and Below My Feet are easily their best songs yet.
Listen to/Download:
-Hopeless Wanderer
-Below My Feet
-I Will Wait
-Broken Crown
Posted Image
Not Quite Yours, Barcelona
This album is different from Absolutes, but not in a bad way. There's slightly less piano and a bit more rhythm. The tone as a whole seems lighter too, but it's still them. It's a natural evolution from Absolutes, and a welcome one. Also: I helped fund the production of this album. Yeah.
Listen to/Download:
-Till Death
-Less Than Two
Posted Image
Monsters Calling Home,  Monsters Calling Home
I saw these guys open for Anberlin over the summer. They seemed like the lousy band to tide audiences over. Dude. I was wrong. These guys are an incredible outfit. They're just starting out (and recently changed their name to Run River North) and man, their music is good. It's folk, yes, but it's not the cliche sort. Check them out. Seriously. Make them famous.
Listen to/Download:
-Goodnight Moon
-Fight to Keep
-Whole Dang Album
Posted Image
Scars and Stories, The Fray
If you thought their last album was good give this one a listen. It's incredible; taking everything from their prior work and just making it so much better. Songs like Rainy Zurich and Heartbeat have this atmospheric sound to their lyrics that just bring it to life. I Can Barely Say is a beautiful song about coming home but not. And The Fighter is their best song yet. Lyrics like "he swings with all his might and all that might have been" just leave you speechless. The other songs on the album are all as good, songs about the Berlin Wall or subtly comparing the uncertainty of the search for the Higgs-Boson to  a relationship. It's great.
Scars and Stories is the best album to come out in 2012. Hands down.
Listen to/Download:
-The Fighter
-I Can Barely Say
-Rainy Zurich
So there you have it, my very biased opinions on good music. No, I'm good at writing about music, but hey, here they are. Check 'em out.


Anberlin in NYC

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Nov 13 2012 · 495 views

There was a concert across the street from my dorm tonight.

Posted Image

As in literally across the street. Friggin'. Awesome.


Hurricane Sandy: The Playlist

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy, Music Oct 28 2012 · 425 views

Because a hurricane deserves a soundtrack.

Posted Image
NB: the star ratings are for the album, not song


Live from New York: Barcelona!

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Oct 20 2012 · 335 views

Posted Image

Friggin' love this band. Talked to Brian (the lead singer) after for a bit. He thanked me for helping fund their new album on Kickstarter (the shirt tipped him off).

New York, man.


Jon Foreman Stole My Hat

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Music Oct 14 2011 · 793 views
Music, Theft, Switchfoot and 1 more...
Man. This is like culture shock, only on the internet. I've got a lot of sorting and stuff to do.

Bah. I'll do it later.

In the meantime here's a blurry picture of Jon Foreman wearing my hat.

Posted Image


Posted Image


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