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TMD's Creatively Named Blog


Hurricane Sandy: We Are Legend

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Nov 03 2012 · 720 views

Day Five. Still waiting for power on our floor, but we're comfortable in our scavenging. The flights of stairs are slowly wearing on us.
My ragtag band of survivors have decided to venture downtown.
No sign of strange alien monsters

I took a warm shower this morning at the NYU gym near my dorm. And hey, I will take communal showers if it means warm water.
One of my ragtag band of survivors was called home to Philly, so I walked her halfway to Penn Station (or at least to where there were working traffic lights).

Down to four, we once again headed to Weinstein for food. But wait! Courtesy of funding from JetBlue, a trio of foodtrucks were offering free food. Which is a particularly wonderful sort of food.

Armed with shawarma (mine), waffles, and dumplings, we charged up at Weinstein then headed downtown.

Now, this is where the damage is still felt. Where power is still being restored and civilization is still yet to return. These streets are empty. SoHo is deserted.

Posted Image


Chinatown had a bit more life and further downtown there were some people sightseeing and people cleaning up. We decided to really go all I Am Legend on this and hit up the South Street Seaport. So we did, looked around, admired the Brooklyn Bridge and all.

Posted Image

Sightseeing done, we trekked back uptown to campus for dinner and a stand up comedy show NYU had orgainized for us.

But the real delight came when we finally made our way back to the dorms.

The lights were on.


Hurricane Sandy: Seeking Civilization

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Nov 01 2012 · 1,001 views

Day 4. Most of the residents of the building fled yesterday when the generator ran out of gas. Emergency power is back now, but the building is deserted. We survivors have found power and plumbing in the deserted floors beneath us. This is a luxury.
Once more we are setting out in search of food and potential entertainment in the mysterious land known as 'Uptown'.
Weather remains chilly, no sign of wolves.

I'm really in survival mode now. My backpack has my laptop, a surge protector, and chargers for my phone and laptop in it. I've also got a pair of Field Dressings I kept from the army and a few other bits and pieces. On my belt I have my flashlight and SOG powerlock knife (both from the army). Also been wearing my boots. Man, this is the time all the army stuff comes in handy.

We've begun scavenging. Sort of. The floors below ours (13th floor, man) have water (7th) or limited electricity (10th). We've been taking advantage of the latter to charge and the former to well, enjoying plumbing. Those floors are deserted so it's fair game. It's all I Am Legend up in here.

My ragtag band of survivors decided to make a trek uptown. Suddenly we were surrounded by working traffic lights, lit stores, friggin' civilization.

We made our way to Times Square and ate a wonderful, hot, cooked, proper, wonderful meal at a Ruby Tuesday's. Talked rubbish, chilled, and eventually headed back downtown to our dorms and NYU's campus.

There's some soirée thing going on in Bobst Library, but we're just sitting around and chilling. Maybe tomorrow we'll explore more. For now, well, we can relax.


One of my professors wants us to email her our papers that were due on Monday. About that...


Hurricane Sandy: Uncommon Kindness

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Oct 31 2012 · 594 views

Day 3. Still no water or power on our floor. My ragtag band of survivors and I intend to head out in search of food and/or epic adventure. If we had power our movie marathon would be The Day After Tomorrow, I Am Legend, and Cloverfield in keeping with the spirit.
Currently no sign of zombies.
Or roommate.

Slept good last night. In bed early, woke up late. Quite wonderful.

Raymond and I headed down to Weinstein for lunch: the food was hot and wonderful. Washed up and sat around and charged our gear at the sockets for a while before heading back to our dorm.

As it happens, the generator had run out of gas. The emergency lights and fire detectors were down. Worst of all, the wifi was gone. My ragtag band of survivors assembled and decided to head out. For adventure.

We went to the East River Park, through Alphabet City. We passed a generator set up with a bunch of power strips on a table. There was a sign that said "Charge your phones for free. Be courteous. It'll all be over soon." The flooding in Avenue C and beyond had receded (to our relief and mild dismay) and the river looked calm.

On our way back we passed by a Japanese restaurant (Rai Rai Ken) and a man came out motioning us towards the store and saying food.

Free food.

Another man came out with a tray with five plates of noodles and shrimp
! We each took one (and a pair of chopsticks) and thanked him profusely. The food was good. So good. Never mind that hot food was hard to come by, it was good. We are going back when life returns to normal.

But man. Funny how disasters work, huh?

And since I've been posting a picture a day, here's me and my mad skills on a swing in the East River Park Playground:

Posted Image


Hurricane Sandy: Damaged Park

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Oct 30 2012 · 590 views

My ragtag band of survivors and I headed to the Kimmel building for food an laptop/phone charging. On the way we passed Washington Square Park.'

Well. Wow.

Posted Image

On our way back we found an open pizza store and feasted like kings. Tonight will involve poker and sacrificing someone's laptop battery for a movie.

Tomorrow the ragtag band of survivors will head out into the wild.


Hurricane Sandy: Manhattan Goes Dark

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Oct 30 2012 · 524 views

Last night, the power went out.

Posted Image

Shortly thereafter the Freedom Tower went out.

In our dorm we have no power, no water, but we do have wifi.

Planning on venturing to other NYU buildings today for charging and food.

And exploration. Because this is the closest I'm coming to a post-apocalyptic scenario with an internet connection.


Hurricane Sandy: Adrenaline Junkies

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012 · 548 views

Went down to the East River today. Because a hurricane was coming and that's what we do.

Posted Image

I also wore a very appropriate shirt.

Posted Image


Hurricane Sandy: Cancelled Classes

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012 · 427 views

So NYU cancelled classes today and tomorrow. This is particularly wonderful since I'm kinda behind on my homework this weekend (A Joss Whedon Appreciation Club meeting, a swing dance party, and a spontaneous 11pm movie and walk to Times Square does that to you). So that's awesome. And because just text is boring, here is a picture of what it looks out my window.

Posted Image
More on this story as it develops.


Hurricane Sandy: The Playlist

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , in Hurricane Sandy, Music Oct 28 2012 · 425 views

Because a hurricane deserves a soundtrack.

Posted Image
NB: the star ratings are for the album, not song


Posted Image


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