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Endgame: No Spoilers

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events, Movies, Reviews May 02 2019 · 65 views
MCU, Avengers, Avengers: Endgame and 2 more...
:kaukau: In a nutshell, if you haven't seen it yet, here's what you should expect going in:
  • The previous films didn't require watching all of the rest of the MCU to hold up on their own. You absolutely have to watch all of the other MCU films to appreciate this one. This movie is basically a celebration of the entire MCU.
  • The movie has an extreme editing challenge. The last one focused on Thanos, but this one focuses on the six original Avengers. It gives it a definite Lord of the Rings: Return of the King feel.
  • Speaking of having a feel, this movie has the feelz. You know how all of the previous Avengers movies had the jokes? This took literally all of the jokes and replaces them with feelz.
  • I would consider the previous Avengers film to be the actual climax, and this to be more of the falling action. Its emphasis is really on bringing everything full-circle and creating a definitive ending for this 22-movie saga; it wants to be more complete than it is big. But in all fairness, it's still the second biggest-feeling Avengers movie, so it's still pretty stinking big.
  • It shows you some of the things with the characters that you always wanted to see, and thought, "When are they going to go for it?" Well, they finally did.

There you go. I hope that tells you everything you need to know in order to have the most satisfactory experience.



Pre-Oscar Thoughts

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events, Movies Feb 24 2019 · 117 views

:kaukau: Alfonso Cuarón is, in my opinion, one of the greatest directors of all time. He's basically up there with Spielberg and (when he's on a roll) James Cameron. So I'm absolutely rooting for him to win Best Picture and Best Director. And also Best Cinematography, because his movies have consistently had some of the best cinematography I've ever seen. I'm also a sucker for black and white. Furthermore, he's more talented than Alejandro González Iñárritu, and deserves as many Oscars as him at the very least. I also think that it's kind of cool that we've had the Best Director award go to a Mexican four times this decade, and I just want to go with the trend. If Cuarón wins again, then officially half of this decade belongs to Mexican directors. Furthermore, I think that it's about time that we have the first foreign-language film to win the Best Picture award. It should have been La Vita è Bella, back in 1997, but Titanic came outthat year, so what can you do? If anyone's going to take home that historic first, it might as well be my man Cuarón.

So what else is there...

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for Best Animated Film. That was really good, probably the best comic book movie of all of 2018, and that's saying something.

And I hope that Black Panther literally comes home with nothing. I like the MCU, but I also won't hide my DC bias. Someone once pointed out on this blog that Suicide Squad has more Oscars than the entire MCU combined, which I thought was hilarious, and I hope that it stays that way. Black Panther was still good, though, and I hope that the sequel makes even more money and blows my mind away.

I hope that Lady Ga Ga wins Best Actress. Call it the Cher effect. Also, she gave a good Super Bowl halftime show that one time, an we still owe her our ongoing thanks. Show her you care, Academy.

Couldn't care less about Best Actor. They all look awesome and I don't know who to root for. But if I'm going to bring in fanboy bias and sentimentality, Rami Malek, because I'm a huge fan of Freddy Mercury.

I like Sam Rockwell, and he did a great job as George W. Bush. Although as a runner-up, I think it would be hilarious if Ben Solo won Best Supporting Actor (the guy deserves some compensation for all the hate he gets playing the Darth Vader fanboy in Star Wars).

The sound categories should go to Bohemian Rhapsody, because Queen. Queen is all you need.

And Best Documentary Short Subject should go to End Game. It'll be the closest the MCU will ever get to winning an Oscar.



Super Bowl LIII

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events Feb 04 2019 · 99 views
Super Bowl, Patriots, Rams and 2 more...
:kaukau: I arrived to the Super Bowl party late and only saw the last half of the fourth period. Fortunately, that was the only part worth watching anyway. Otherwise, I wasn't particularly motivated to watch this game, since I didn't have a horse in the fight and didn't care to win. Vikings are my homeboys.

With that being said, the results of this Bowl made me feel strangely...patriotic.



Subscribe to PewDiePie!

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events Jan 14 2019 · 131 views
:kaukau: Panic time, guys! Who would you rather be the #1 Youtube channel, an individual who embodies the Youtube ideals of people with ADHD vlogging for fun, or an established corporation that is merely using Youtube as one of many prongs in its multi-media empire? Subscribe to Pewds!

(Also, how do I talk him into going to the Amazon and doing that Bullet And ritual? How do I contact him, period?)



Free Speech in Thailand

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events, Wisdom Dec 20 2018 · 2,579 views

:kaukau: Recently, charges were laid against a popular Thai Youtuber because she criticized a dress worn by Ms. Thailand. The dress in question is designed by a fashion company run by a member of the royal family, Princess Sirivannavari Nariratanna. National law makes it illegal to criticize or speak ill of the royal family, although this only applies to the king, queen, and immediate successors to the throne. Sirivannavari Nariratanna is not an immediate heir, but there is still an argument to be made that she has been defamed. She has filed no lawsuit, but Thai law allows for people to sue for defamation on behalf of others.

As an American, I look at this and think that these are some odd laws. I enjoy living in a country where I can call out president D.J. and make fun of his hair, and I can call our oldest Supreme Court justice "Skeletor" if I'm feeling facetious or "The Notorious RBG" if I'm feeling reverent. Upcoming speaker of the house? She's Italian, I'll call her Nanny Pepperoni. I can refer to Alxandria Ocasio-Cortez as Alexandria Santa-Anna-Pinta-Nina-Maria-Quintinilla-Poco-Loco-en-el-Coco-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Buffalo-Pinocchio-Picasso-Ocasion-Cortez. I can (and have) tell Steve King to his face that he's ugly.

So long as I stick in this country, I can call Princess Srivannavari Nariratanna simply "Siri."

Coincidentally, also the name of my girlfriend.

But if I were to move to Thailand, then I'd possibly be in trouble, if abbreviating her full noble name was considered a disrespectful slur.

It's interesting, because when I first saw the headline, I thought that someone was fined in the United States for criticizing a dress. Obviously, there is no legal basis for fining someone for disliking a dress, none whatsoever, so I thought that the story was ridiculous. However, when I found out that this was under Thai jurisdiction, I conceded that this person was subject to Thai law.

Granted, as a very Western individual I find this a bit strange. I would also make the case that this is against natural law, as Western philosophers have opined in past centuries. However, national law in Thailand is what it is, and I do believe that it should be supported and followed. I might vote for something else, but the actual people implementing the law need to simply follow the authority commissioning them.

Long story short, if this person wanted to criticize a dress made by fashion company run by a tertiary royal, she should have done so outside of her country's jurisdiction. Otherwise, she did technically break the law and does have to pay the legal penalty for that. Since I would argue that the national law in this case goes against natural law and humankind's inherent right to freedom of speech, though, I do think that an appropriate course for action in defying her country's laws lies in a form of civil protest, or in applying for asylum in another country that will recognize her rights. Should she opt for the latter, I suppose that she's free from Thai jurisdiction, although the country letting her in would explicitly have to take her on asylum claims so that it wouldn't have to honor any agreements to return criminal expats (if it had agreements with Thailand to begin with).

Anyway, I bring this up if only because it raises some interesting legal conversations. I do find courtroom topics and legal philosophy all very interesting. There's a certain intellectual feast to be had, and people like me who love the generating discussions with the Socratic method thrive off of this.



The Best Ships are Friendships

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Music, Events Dec 05 2018 · 107 views
funeral, president and 3 more...

"I love you, too"



Stan Lee

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events Nov 12 2018 · 116 views
Stan Lee, Marvel, Veterans Day
Stan Lee :kaukau: Comic book legend Stan Lee died today at the age of 95. "With great power comes great responsibility."



The Most Important Issues

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Humor, Michael Phelps, Events Nov 06 2018 · 205 views
John Williams, Michael Phelps and 1 more...
:kaukau: Sadly, the issues that really matter are not on the ballot. I almost got to meet my governor and talk about them before election day, but sadly that moment for the history books never happened.

Next election, though, I propose these core issues:
  • Convert our counting system to Base 120.
  • Pass a constitutional amendment denying the existence of Canada.
  • Change all of the lame state flags that looks alike. The ones that are okay can stay the same, but all those others need to go.
  • Make Ithkuil the official language of legal texts.
  • Recompose the national anthem so that it covers 6 octaves.
  • Officially declare that the Goddess Columbia be represented with the likeness of Whitney Houston.
  • Let John Williams come up with anthems for all of the states that have boring anthems.
  • Right next to the Statue of Liberty, build a statue of John Williams waving a conductor's wand.
  • Set our healthcare goal to, "Make John Williams live forever."
  • Draft Michael Phelps back into the Olympics. He needs to stick around until the 2028 L.A. Olympics at the very least.



Happy Indigenous People's Day (Belated)

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events Oct 12 2018 · 131 views

:kaukau: So what I found out it that my governor, Kim Reynolds, made it so that henceforth in the state of Iowa, Columbus Day is also Indigenous People's Day at the same time. Sure, I can get behind that. I'm not Italian and don't really care much about Columbus. And frankly, the point behind that day isn't just to celebrate one man, but the whole general idea of world history including both hemispheres for the first time. Personally, I still like the idea of just calling it "New World Day," but I'm not particularly passionate about it. Honestly, who celebrates Columbus Day? Do you? I bet you don't.

Unless you're Italian. Bappa-dee boo-pee? Beepada boopada bapade bapade! Boopada bapa! Boopa beepa boopa beepa bapa! Bapeepe bape!



John Williams: Hymn to the Fallen

Posted by Jean Valjean , in Events Sep 02 2018 · 104 views
John McCain, death, America and 2 more...

:kaukau: As I have done several times on this blog, I choose to share another great work by the unparalleled John Williams.

In honor of John Sydney McCain III. Argumentative, resilient, stubborn...and a friend in spite of it all. And now he is among the Ancients.

This makes me very emotional, not just the fact that someone died, but seeing what good it has done. In my lifetime, I have not seen America so united since nearly seventeen years ago to the day. It makes me sad because I realize how rarely we all put our differences aside and feel the same joys and the same sorrows. I wish that America was like this more often, with malice toward none. I love my country far too much and regard my countrymen as true family. We send our senators from across the country to dwell with each other in one house and spend years getting to know each other -- cannot they regard each other as brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and dare I say it — friends?

Tomorrow, we will go our separate ways, for this is what we must do. We have our disagreements and cannot disobey the dictates of our consciences. I am reminded of the Christmas Armistice during World War I, when the two sides called a ceasefire without a spoken word, but with the word of song. People set down their weapons and mingled with one another, and for a day there were no sides, no war. Then they did what they had to, and returned to their posts to start up the terrible dispute once more. There was no hatred in their hearts for their enemies, only for what they had to do.

I hope that we come together more often, that it doesn't take the death of a public legend to do so. Wouldn't it be nice if we could unite on the holidays? And then when we part and fight once more, we do so as a healthy family, with malice towards none. Because America is family.




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