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Hi there, while we hope you enjoy browsing through the site, there's a lot more you can do if you register. Some perks of joining include:
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The Waffles Window


A Call for Sympathy

Posted by Waffles , in BZPower Sep 16 2012 · 244 views

A great friend of mine and fellow BZPer, Flying Mummy, whom you may or may not know, is going through some hard times right now medically. He is also suffering from horrid internet access, but I have his phone number. All sympathetic comments and words of kindness will be passed on to him in full. He'll greatly appreciate them. =-)

Sincerely, Waffles


Attention BrickFair Attendees

Posted by Waffles , in LEGO, BZPower Jul 28 2012 · 247 views

I will be attending BrickFair this year!

But not in Virginia.

This is part of a last minute project that I wish to arrange with BrickFair'ers and the general BZP society. I suggest, that attendess at BrickFair, bring their mobile devices, and conduct video chats with other BZPers who are not present there. If they have a bit of time, the BFers (lol Beefers) can give tours and act as robots obedient to the will of the people who are remotely connected.


So, who, going to BrickFair is willing to offer this service/slavery? And who wants to attend through the powers of telepresence?

Those Giving Up Thier Individuality
  • Pabs

Those Assuming Control
  • Waffles

In case you're wondering, this is serious, I just couldn't resist making a joke about it.

Also, if you wish to have a certain person to act as your host, feel free to specify as you sign up in the comments section.



Posted by Waffles , in BZPower Feb 26 2012 · 67 views

Kilroy was here!


Diverse Interests Contest

Posted by Waffles , in BZPower Feb 20 2012 · 112 views


BZP is a site about Bionicle, for discussion of Bionicle.

As for what it actually is, it's pretty much anything but. BZPers have a wide range of interests, some of which are fads which sweep into the site, and many that are reflections of the internet's current conditions.

Yet for some reason, these stay separate. Which is why I'm starting this contest.

The premise is:
Make an artistic work that is a crossover between two (or more) works (comics/movies/shoes/etc.) that are popular on BZP. By artistic work, it can be anything. Animations, writings, songs, anything.

Now, what do I mean by popular on BZP? I'm leaving this up to you, so use your best judgement in choosing the themes.

My Little Pony, LEGO, Homestuck, some video games would fit nicely. That obscure anime you and that other otaku guy watch isn't the best choice, but you won't get disqualified for it. Keep in mind that the less familiar the voters are with the theme, the more difficult it will be to judge it. You can provide source images, inspirations, or anything you feel necessary to explain your work. Just post the link to your work, if it's in a topic or blog entry, or post it here. If you want to, I'll read and make available any entries of your progress if you want to.

Deadline is March 1st



Sumiki's Promotion

Posted by Waffles , in BZPower Feb 20 2012 · 68 views

One day Sumiki's biographer will note that after his promotion, Sumiki underwent a radical personality change, abandoning all his previous friend in favor of the endogamous caste of the staff, and losing nearly all his light-hearted spontaniety, culminating in a complete social and emotion regression.



Posted by Waffles , in BZPower Feb 20 2012 · 57 views

I can see drafted entries?


The Waffles Window

when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.


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