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Skyrim Adventure, Part 43: In Which I Kill The Minotaur

Posted by HAZMAT , in Skyrim Feb 26 2012 · 315 views

During my adventured I met a woman living high up in the mountains all alone. Apparently she was exiled or ran away or something. She taught me a thing or two about archery. And by that I mean I shot at some targets for her and my Archery skill magically increased.
I decided to look up the locations of remaining Words of Power, as exploring... well, I think I've found most locations. Exploring consists of walking around aimlessly for 20 minutes only to find a cave with one room and two enemies in it. Not exactly exciting,
The first was the final word of Animal Allegiance, which was apparently right outside Ysgramor's Tomb. I don't know how I missed it before.
There was a boat icon on my compass when I was there, so I walked for a bit. The icon was in the middle of the ocean. I cast Waterbreathing and went for a dive. I found a few shipwrecks under the sea with nothing of interest. Also I HATE underwater parts in video games. They always give me the heebie-jeebbies.
Next up was Aura Whisper 3 at a dragon roost.
I saw a dungeon nearby and set out. On my way, an Argonian came up to me and talked about getting drunk with Sam. Apparently Sam bet he couldn't get back his hat from a bandit camp. This Argonian wanted his money. I managed to persuade him to reduce how much he wanted, and payed him.
Outside the dungeon I met some treasure hunters. We all went into the dungeon and cleared it out. The boss level Draugr actually spawned as a Dragon Priest, because I'm so high leveled. I learned the last word of Become Ethereal and one of the treasure hunters, a shady Argonian, turned on us, so I killed him.
The next word was back in Labyrinthian, in the actual labyrinth, which I had never went in. I saw that I could easily skip right to the Word Wall, but that'd be no fun, so I just went in. I thought I had reached the end when I opened a trap door, then climbed hidden stairs leading to the Word Wall and the last word of Dismay, but I was only halfway. I entered again and made my way through the rest of it. The final chamber was a big teleport-sphere, like the one from the Night to Remember quest. I entered and fought a Dremora in some sort of pocket dimension. When I damaged him, he teleported us back to Labyrinthian, where I finished him off.
All that was left were two words of Elemental Fury. Apparently the second had been next to Meridia's Shrine and I missed it.
The third was at another dragon roost.
With all words now accounted for, I set out aimlessly wandering again. I met an old Orc who wanted an honorable death. I agreed to fight him and won.


Skyrim Adventure, Part 42: In Which I Conquer Skyrim In A Day

Posted by HAZMAT , in Skyrim Feb 19 2012 · 192 views

I was tired of aimless wandering so I looked up what Daedric quests I had yet to do.
I headed to an Orc stronghold southwest of Riften. The tribe had been cursed by Malacath. He tasked the tribe's leader with killing some giants near his shrine. The chief basically commanded me to come with. Whatever. We (and by we, I mean me) killed a couple giants in the cave and came upon the final boss giant at Malacath's shrine. The chief said he was too tired to fight and that he'd pay me for killing this last one. I killed the others, so I might as well. After killing it I went back to the chief by the entrance. He didn't want anyone (i.e. me) letting others know he's a coward, so he attacked me. So I killed him. So Malacath rewarded me with a hammer.
Next I headed to Whiterun for the final Daedric quest. Apparently one of the Jarl's sons was all dark and broody and angsty. The kid told me there was a secret talking door in the basement. I went down to this so-called “Whispering Door.” The Prince(ss) tasked me with getting the key to open it and retrieve her item inside. I pickpocketed the key from the Jarl himself and entered. It was completely empty except for a table with a journal and sword. The journal said something about how the sword was pure evil yadda yadda. I picked it up and got the achievement for getting all 15 Daedric artifacts.
I only needed one more Dragon Priest mask, so I looked up its location. I found his tomb in a dungeon; it was locked and needed two skull-shaped “keys” to open. Each key was guarded by a named Draugr. I unleashed him and promptly killed him. I learned the last word of Kyne's Peace and took the mask back to Labyrinthian. I placed it in its spot and the dragon head of the statue opened, revealing the final mask. I took them all back to my house for, uh... “safe-keeping.”
With nothing else in mind, I decided to finally do the Civil War questline. I joined up with the Stormcloaks. My initiation task to was to kill an Ice Wraith. A single Ice Wraith.

Well it took a whole 5 seconds but I managed to do it somehow. I returned and was told to tag along with some Stormcloaks going after the Jagged Crown. It was in a dungeon guarded by Imperials. There's a spy creepin' round here! (unfortunately this is never expanded upon, wasted potential) We got the crown, much to many Draugr's dismay, and I learned the last word of Slow Time.
Now was time to start our offensive. Step one was capturing Whiterun. I joined up with some Stormcloaks outside. The siege had already begun. Catapults were bombarding the city; buildings were in ruins. I sliced my way through the defenses, reaching Dragonreach. Inside I fought the Jarl himself and forced him to surrender.
With Whiterun under control, I aided the Stormcloaks in taking several Imperial forts; Neugrad, Greenwall, and Hraggstad all fell with little difficulty.
The time had come to end the war once and for all. We marched onto Solitude, rallying for Tullius's death. We fought our way to the castle; Tullius was prepared to surrender, but his second-in-command refused to stand down. I chopped her head off and Tullius laid down arms. I told Ulfric he should be the one to finish Tullius, and he did. With Solitude captured and the Imperial leader in Skyrim dead, the Stormcloaks were finally victorious. Ulfric gave a victory speech, and we went our separate ways.


Skyrim Adventure, Part 41: In Which The Third Time's The Charm

Posted by HAZMAT , in Skyrim Feb 18 2012 · 204 views

On my adventures I came across a ghostly headless horseman. I was surprised and decided to follow him. He just made it to some tomb and disappeared. There were some skeletons but nothing of interest.
Later I found a man who needed help returning to camp. We took a short walk to a camp full of people. Then he revealed he was a bandit leader and they all attacked me. And thy all died.
I came upon a fort filled with bandits. I cleared it out no problem. When I exited I found a man who wanted me to clear the fort of bandits and open the front gate. Both of which I already did. So that was an easy quest.
Next I enter a dungeon and a woman asks me to help her find treasure. She stands around while I fight Draugr to find a way to open a gate. We get in the final room. It's a trap! She runs towards the chest and the floor raises her up, right into a MASHY SPIKE PLATE. The raised floor revealed a stairwell leading to a Word Wall with the second word of Animal Allegiance.
The next bandit hideout I stumbled into was complete and utter devastation. Falmer had broken through a rear wall and slaughtered all the bandits. So I slaughtered all the Falmer. On my way out, some more bandits arrived and assumed I killed the others. So I killed them, too.
Next I climbed to the tippy-top of a mountain and met a Stormcloak captain who wanted my help retrieving a Dragon Priest mask from the dungeon. He seemed a little shady, so I pickpocketed him. He was an impostor. So I killed him, lest another, less intelligent, traveler fall for his tricks. I noticed the Word Wall was right there up on the ruins' battlements. I climbed up some nearby rocks and used Whirlwind Sprint to jettison myself onto them, getting to the wall before I should have. Hehehe. I dropped back down and entered the dungeon. I fought through Draugr and ghosts of the cultists, eventually getting to the final chamber and killing the Priest.
My Conjuration was finally high enough to do the College quest, so I went there and started it. All I needed to do was summon an Unbound Dremora and get him to agree to do my bidding. Doesn't sound dangerous at all. I had to “kill”/banish him two times before he gave in the third time I summoned him. I had him bring me a stone from the planes of Oblivion, and returned that stone to the mage. He needed it for something, I don't know what, but he gave it back. I took it down into the basement of the college; lo and behold, it was the item that could be placed in the Atronach Forge.
I continued my travels and found a very large Forsworn camp. By the word wall were two Hagravens working on a Briarheart. I killed them and got the second word of Become Ethereal. I jumped off a nearby waterfall and met a Bard ghost. Apparently he jumped but didn't survive. He played me a song that increased my Speech.

During my previous adventures, I decided to go for the break-out-of-jail achievement. Since I'm such an upstanding member of society, I saved before hand. I walked into Riften and killed a beggar to get arrested. I picked the lock on my door and fought the guards. It took me a minute to remember that I could still use magic. My fists weren't doing any good, so I lit everyone on fire. Once I broke out and got the achievement, I loaded my previous save.

Also today, I did a wee bit of modding with the Creation Kit. Awwwww yeah. B-)
I changed the one-handed perk Savage Strike. The description says it makes standing power attacks do +25% damage and adds a chance to decapitate your enemies. That sounds like it would make some attacks be an instant kill; what it actually means is that it adds a decapitation animation that randomly plays when you kill an enemy. I was disappointed to say the least when I found out the truth. I modded it to have a 5% chance to do a critical hit for... well, enough damage to instakill anything. While I was running around killing things to test it, I never once saw it work. I changed the chance to 100% to make sure I did everything right and tried again. It worked. It worked real good. Once I had my fun killing everything with a single power attack (and learning my modification did indeed work), I changed it back to 5%.


Skyrim Adventure, Part 40: In Which I'm A Lady Killer

Posted by HAZMAT , in Skyrim Feb 13 2012 · 191 views

I kept on exploring and entered a fort. Once inside I saw a witch kill another witch. Apparently she was a member of the cult but didn't like the way things were going. Also her mom was about to become a Hagraven. She asked me to help her kill her mom. We fought through the other witches until we reached the tippy-top. I pretended to be a sacrifice, which allowed her to strike while her mom prepared me for the ritual. She thanked me for the help and I went on my way.
During my travels I witnessed some bandits taking on two giants and a mammoth. Needless to say, things weren't going in the bandits' favor. I lent them a hand and took down the giants and mammoth. Then I killed the last surviving bandit.
I continued traveling.
I came upon a dungeon with some bandits outside, and watched as another bandit killed them all. Apparently this bandit had been accused of helping her friend steal a sword from the boss. She wanted me to take the sword back, and then left. Um what. Well anyway I went after the sword. Along the way I found some journals that said Kyr (the bandit who stole this special sword) was seeing "The Pale Lady," and that the sword needed to be taken back to the altar to re-seal her. I made it to the final room and found Kyr. He said a few words and died. The boss was at the altar. The Pale Lady spawned; it was a Wispmother. The boss was promptly killed, and the Lady turned her attention to me. I defeated her and took the sword, placing it back into its place. I learned the third word of Ice Form and left.


Skyrim Adventure, Part 39: In Which I Storm A Castle To Save A Princess

Posted by HAZMAT , in Skyrim Feb 12 2012 · 168 views

I ultimately decided to keep on explorin'.
I fast traveled to a random location and began walking. I saw a dragon roost nearby and headed toward it. I found myself fighting not only a dragon, but a Dragon Priest as well. I focused on the Priest as the Frost Dragon flew above. Once he was disposed of, I took the mask and killed the dragon. The Wall contained ALL THREE words of Throw Voice.
I traveled somewhere else and found a nearby mine. A man outside warned me that they had accidentally broken into Nordic ruins. I went in anyway to clear out the Draugr. The final room had some magic statues or something; one shot fireballs, the other healed the boss Draugr. Once he was down, they stopped functioning. I left and let the man know it was all clear.
Again I traveled away, and found a nearby Nordic ruin. There was a man outside who told me he had angered a Necromancer, and the mage decided to seek revenge by messing with his ancestors. We went inside to stop him, which involved fighting this man's ancestors. Early on he got hit by a Draugr's Disarm Shout, and didn't pick up a weapon for awhile. Fighting Draugr with fists didn't prove very effective for him. Eventually we made it to the final chamber for a beloved WAVE BASED ZOMBIE HORDE CHALLENGE. The mage teleported all around the room; I chased after him while my pal got surrounded by zombies. I killed the mage, and together we finished off the remaining zombies.
My next adventure was in an abandoned prison. Apparently a storm had caused heavy flooding, and the guards ran leaving the prisoners to die. The prisoners are now ghosts. Which I killed.
I arrived at a fort and a bandit told me to leave unless I was there to pay a ransom. Sure, I'll pay a ransom. WITH YOUR BLOOD. I killed all the bandits and went inside. A man was there. He said he was looking for his wife who went missing. He gave me a key a guard dropped and waited while I looked for her. I killed everyone in my way and made it to the final room, where the leader of the gang spoke to me. SURPRISE SURPSIE, she's the wife. Guess she didn't need any rescuing. She asked me to send her husband away and I agreed. Then I killed her because I'll have no kidnapping on my watch. I told the man I found his wife dead, and he left. I didn't tell him she was the leader though, I didn't want to break his heart.

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