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Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life, LEGO Oct 16 2012 · 1,531 views

Original Entry (May 15th):

(well, most of them)

Anyway, I think it's about time to clear out all of my sets I don't want, and keeping the handful that I do. Additionally, I'll be selling other LEGO-related stuff like the Bionicle comics (and maybe even the magazines if someone wants them??? I have all of them from like 92 to 2008 or something)
I don't really know what I'm going to do with them, but I figured I'd throw a topic in B/S/T. Beforehand however, I'd like to gauge interest and see if even that would even be worthwhile, or if I should find something else to do with them.
Here is the majority of my collection on Brickset, several sets are missing (also keep in mind I will be keeping some):
(if I do end up selling on BZP this will be completely updated beforehand and I'll probably make an entry to let people know that the list in finalized)

So, how many of you would be interested? (and by that I mean, actually BUY SOMETHING)
Additionally, how do you recommend I come up with prices for them? (inb4 someone says make them all free)

Update (June 10th):

All this week I've been making my way through. Progress has been slower than I'd hoped, a lot slower. I was hoping to have everything ready by the end of the month, but I don't know if that's feasible. I was off this week which gave me plenty of time to go through them, but it's back to work tomorrow.
Additionally, some missing sets have been added to my Brickset list, feel free to check it out. (sets I'm keeping still haven't been removed)
As for pricing, I'm thinking of just using the original MSRP. I know some of the older sets are probably worth more and I'd be taking a loss, but I care a lot more about getting rid of them than making loads of money.
That being said, I might start taking reservations sometime soon, so if there's anything you know you want and will actually buy, provided the prices are agreeable, maybe you should start a list somewhere. Once the topic goes up in B/S/T, people who have reserved sets will get first dibs on them.

Update (October 6th)

I will now be taking reservations for sets. Here's some info you'll want to read:

-Reserving sets does not commit you to buying them, it simply gives you first dibs on them when I begin the selling phase.
-You can reserve as many sets as you want, but try to remain realistic of what you will actually want to/be able to buy.
-In the case of several people reserving the same set(s), whoever reserved first gets first dibs. If they don't want it, the next person who reserved gets a chance.
-Keep in mind I'm not going to be selling every set. If you reserved something that I'm keeping, I'll let you know when the list is finalized.

To reserve sets, do the following:

Send me a PM titled Reservations. (if you want to change your list at any time, just send me another PM titled Reservations Changes)
Include a list of sets you want to reserve. Set numbers are required, names are optional.
List each set individually, don't just say "i wnat all ur boncles"
If you're not from the US, please say so. I'm still undecided about shipping internationally.

Some other info:
I'm hoping to start selling before then end of the year, but no earlier than the end of October. That should give you some time to figure out what you want and will be able to buy.
As for pricing, I'm currently leaning towards original MSRP+10%, but I'm not sure if that will be final; it seems like a lot to ask. Prices will definitely be negotiable, regardless of what I settle on for pricing. I'm also considering doing package deals, eg. "buy 6 Toa for the price of 5" or something like that.
Paying will almost certainly be via Paypal only.

This whole going-through-sets and selling-sets thing has turned out to be much more involved than I thought it would be. :P The reservation guidelines seem a bit strict, but I'm hoping it'll make things easier for me once it gets to selling time.

if you have any questions/comments/concerns, leave a comment below.

bumping to hopefully drum up interest


Next Tuesday

Posted by HAZMAT , in LEGO, Video Games Oct 02 2012 · 546 views

XCOM: Enemy Unknown comes out. I had that pre-ordered for awhile; very excited. Seriously, if you like strategy games you need to check it out, it looks incredible.

Today I caved in/took a leap of faith/another proverb and pre-ordered Dishonored. If I'm disappointed, I blame Xaeraz because his blog entry about it is what spurred me to do it. I haven't really been following the game to keep things fresh and exciting when I do play it; on the flip side, it also kept me from really getting interested due to lack of exposure. Whatever, where MAKING THIS HAPEN.
That also comes out next Tuesday.

This is good because I'm at a standstill on what to move onto next in my backlog. Now I can do what I do best: procrastinate and wait for salvation (eg. XCOM and Dishonored) to come to me.


Also, on a less video gamey-note, next Tuesday I'm gonna start taking reservations for Lego sets and such. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this blog entry.) I realize I haven't updated the entry in awhile because there's really not much to say. Progress has been slow but it WILL GET DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR (hopefully). I'll have more info about reserving things on or before Tuesday. KEEP YO EYES PEELED.


Hero Factory

Posted by HAZMAT , in LEGO Feb 22 2010 · 165 views

I must say, those sets look really cool.
If I were still interested in LEGO sets I would want them, for sure. Then again, they'll surely have ludicrous prices.

*hoists flame shield*

Posted Image


Obligatory Bionicle Ending Entry

Posted by HAZMAT , in LEGO Nov 24 2009 · 152 views

So BIONICLE is ending.

And I really don't care.

Have a good day. style_emoticons/default/smile.gif



Bionicle In Other Media

Posted by HAZMAT , in LEGO Sep 26 2009 · 168 views

I was watching the We're Going PlacesDVD that was included with Deflorate.

At one point, some of the band members are in a store and I saw some BIONICLE canisters. They were Mistika, I think.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that this was in Iceland.

On an unrelated note, Batman: Arkham Asylumis almost finished downloading. I can finally play it on a computer that runs it well!


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