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Seneca's Keep


Spring Quarter's finished

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower, School, Video Games, Life Jun 09 2015 · 10 views

[Insert Mushu 'I LIVE!' gif here]

Sorry about the inactivity, but the third year of college definitely takes priority. At least now I can put some time into my writing again.

Here's a quick list of stuff I wanted to mention.

House of Wolves DLC: Loads of fun; I'm of the opinion that with its release, Destiny was definitely made worth the money I've sunk into it. With the Playstation exclusive stuff due to arrive to the Xbox soon, I'm eager to get on that as well.

Rebirth/other fanfics: Now that my quarter has finished, I should be able to start writing, and posting, chapters for Rebirth. As its got my attention and interest for now, Wings is officially on hiatus, at least until I feel like going back to it.

Random life stuff:
-Come tomorrow, I will turn 21 in a month. How did that happen?
-Wasn't able to get a sweet internship at my mom's workplace that I had my eye on (it was paying, too!), so I'm still photographing at the zoo for my summer job. I'm aiming to try and get an internship, or a job, at a publishing company next school year, so I'll have a place to start when I graduate from college next spring (all being well!)
-The carpenter ants stopped invading my room about three weeks ago. Either they ran out of male fliers or they found another way out of the colony that doesn't go inside the building. Either way, I can sleep easier now.

So ... yeah. How're things with all of you?


Thanks, Everyone!

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing Apr 07 2015 · 99 views

Thanks to everyone who tossed ideas for location names at me! It'd be kinda awkward if I kept calling the main location in my upcoming Bionicle fanfic just 'the City' xD

For the record, here are the names I've settled on:
Fortress: Dorcha (my filler name, which I got attached to)
City: Aonui (my original placeholder, which I decided on against Dragon 11603's Clatis via coin toss)
Village: Pareo (submitted by Zox Tomana)

All being well, I'll start work on the story this quarter, and start posting it in late May-early June if it comes along well.

As a side note, I've put Wings on indefinite hiatus (if there's anyone that's wondering about it anymore). I can't make Chapter 15 work the way I want it to, and in any case apparently there are people not keen on how I've been writing it anyway. If I manage to finish Chapter 15 to my satisfaction at some point, I'll put it up, but its not my priority right now.

Thanks for reading. :)


Wanted: Location Name Ideas

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing Apr 04 2015 · 143 views
Brainstorming, Stumped, Help?
So I'm trying to set up a plan for a story I'm working on. I've hit a snag, though: I need names for a few locations, and I'm drawing blanks on ideas.

Here's what I need. I need a name for a city, a name for a village, and (possibly) a name for a fortress. I promise I will give you credit if I wind up using your ideas in the final product. :)

Commence the brainstorm!


Rebirth [Story]

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing Feb 20 2015 · 105 views
Future epic?, Maybe? and 1 more...
Makuta Volterix’s forte was not mutation or fighting, though he wasn’t incompetent at either of those things. Rather, he was a coordinator; he managed the Brotherhood’s assets and made sure everything was ready for warfare and to his leaders’ specifications. It was a wide category of things to be responsible for, and that included taking care of the handful of Toa Hagah his kind had retained control of after the Cataclysm. Most were broken by years of no hope, and were little more than shells of what they had been.

His prisoner, however, was not one of these.

The Toa was thrashing in her bindings on the floor, muffled snarls of anger coming from behind her gag as she tried to break free. Elemental nullifiers were in short supply these days, but fortunately the Brotherhood had retained a Psionic Toa well-versed in scrambling the minds of their prisoners. Asha was sullen, as ever, but was following his orders obediently, keeping her thoughts scattered enough to not use her powers, and in any case he had taken away the captive’s mask to make it harder.

“Master, her team is searching the caves,” Asha said, her voice dull. “They will be here in about ten minutes.”

“More than enough time to finish,” Volterix replied, pulling a sealed pair of vials. One contained a long, serpentine organic creature, while the other was a pale blue and significantly squatter. The former he passed to his companion, along with her mask. “You are wearing your heavy gloves?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Let the kraata infect the mask, but make sure it doesn’t touch your own.” Volterix knew that his Psionic Toa wondered why he was taking care to make her wear protective gear, or why he hadn’t infected her mask beforehand. But she had been in their service long enough to know that she could not escape them; time and despair had broken her into a willing servant.

As Asha unscrewed the cap on her container, the Makuta opened his own, and coaxed the creature into his gauntleted hand. The Shadow Leech fell into his hand, trying to attach to him and drain light that had been long exiled from his being. Mutran had warned him that they could only survive a short time out of their virus baths, but this one had only been out for five minutes. It would survive long enough to do its task.

The captive Toa, lying on the cave floor, saw the Shadow Leech in his gauntlet and her eyes widened. Even if she didn’t know what it was, the fact it was held by a Makuta was enough to target it as a threat to her. She redoubled her attempts to squirm out of her bonds, but they were good and tight around her body. Leaning downwards, he stretched his arm longer than it could normally reach, and placed the Leech on her bare face, not releasing it from his grasp until he was sure that the creation had a firm grip on her forehead.

The Toa tried to scream, but her voice faltered as its jaws gripped her tighter, and an application of Volterix’s power of silence kept the sound from escaping the room they were in. Turning away from the prisoner, the Makuta looked to Asha, who had a deathgrip on the black-and-red Kraata as its touch turned the Kanohi Pakari black and pitted. At the end of the process, she let go of the mask and let it float in the air with her telekinesis, using both hands to put the kraata back inside of its jar.

“Master,” she said simply, passing both the mask and the jar to him. The jar went back into the folds of his cape, while he held the mask in his hand.

“What is the status of her team?” he asked. The Toa closed her eyes in momentary concentration, then reopened them. “Far enough away that they cannot interfere with the process. Seven minutes at the earliest.”

“Good. Make sure they take a while.” He was confident that they would be done before they came close enough to find them, but he wanted to make sure the Shadow Leech would finish its job. Mutran had given a time of about three minutes, but there hadn’t been a lot of data for him to be confident.

However, it turned out the mad scientist had been correct, because a couple minutes later the Shadow Leech fell off the Toa’s forehead and flopped into the floor, feebly squealing in satisfaction at the feast of Light it had gorged itself on. As Volterix stooped to collect the creature, he took notice of how – while the Toa’s armor had not changed color – her eyes had changed from light blue to a deep red, with her pupils becoming visible and ink-black.

He carefully put the bloated Shadow Leech back in the jar and sealed it. Tests had shown that it would disintegrate soon after digesting the Light, but he wanted to leave no signs of the creature behind to be found. Better to let the Toa panic and worry about a plague of some kind than for them to get any hint of the Brotherhood’s secret weapon.

Turning back to the Toa, he noticed that she was still thrashing in her bonds, and the demands to be released had resumed. Odd, but not surprising: being drained of her Light would not make her more likely to be his servant, just more violent and amoral.

That was why he’d infected her Pakari.

Smiling a bit, he fit the mask onto her face, pulling the gag away to make sure it fit properly. The curses became audible for a moment, then faded as the kraata’s influence settled in her mind and held steady. The thrashing stilled, and stopped altogether, the Toa’s eyes on him and waiting patiently.

“Do you know who I am?” Volterix asked the new Toa of Shadow.

“You are my Master,” she replied without hesitation. A soft sound came from behind him, and he knew Asha was afraid. Good.

“You will not flee when I release you?”

“Why would I?”

“Good answer.” His hands gripped the rope and undid the knots, and they fell away. The Toa stood up, no longer a prisoner as she dusted herself off. There were still improvements that could be made to her, but they were for later, in his fortress. Now they had to clean up the evidence: the Toa team would be suspicious if they found no trace of their teammate in the caves.

“Asha,” he said, “where are the Toa now?”

“Three minutes away, Master.”

The Shadow Toa cocked her head in curiosity at the Psionics Toa, like she hadn’t noticed her presence until her statement. “What Toa?” she asked.

“Inconvenient Toa. As all non-Shadow Toa are,” the Makuta replied with distain.

“Oh.” A pause as she digested this. “Can I kill them?”

The Makuta hid his smile: this was just what he wanted to hear. “Yes, you can. We’ll let you have your fun and keep ourselves hidden away. They’ll think it’s just you.”

“Anything in specific I should do?” she asked, twirling her fingers and conjuring a spear of darkness between them.

“Wait in here for them to find you, and extinguish the lights when you do.” There hadn’t been much light – Makuta could see in the dark, after all – but Asha had needed light to see what she was doing with the kraata. One lightstone illuminated the room, easily destroyed.

Grinning, the Toa took a position in the center of the room, her feet finding their stance easily. Smirking, he pulled the reluctant Asha to his side as they moved into the furthest corner of the room, drawing an illusion around them to make them look like the wall. He wanted to see what the Brotherhood’s newest weapon was capable of, fresh from her creation and practically frothing at the mouth to get to work. He noticed Asha looking away from the room’s entrance, and used one hand to force her to look.

The sound of footsteps grew louder, along with the sounds of talking amongst the group of Toa. From his observations beforehand, including the new Toa of Shadow, they had numbered five, meaning four were on their way. All males, one was the leader: seemed he’d picked the right target to claim.

The talking abruptly fell away as they beheld their former teammate, now with glowing red eyes, a shadowy spear in one hand and a sphere of darkness in the other, and a vicious Muaka-smile on her face. Their expressions of horror and shocked exclamations were a joy to behold, and Volterix committed them to memory so he might appreciate them forever.

The Toa of Shadow, for her part, merely grinned at her former teammates before the orb of darkness rushed in a wave around her, destroying the lightstone and plunging the room into pitch black.

The screaming that followed didn’t last long.


Just a quick little story I wrote up last month, inspired by the seeming lack of Shadow Toa characters in Bionicle fiction. I've been considering expanding into an epic at a later date, though I've got a lot on my plate right now.

I'm posting it here for now, in case I do get around to expanding it. If someone suggests I put it in the SS forum, I might. =P

Any thoughts?



Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower Feb 17 2015 · 155 views
Writing again?, Maybe?
So I'm more or less still sticking around again. I won't be as active as I was back in the site's heyday, since I'm mostly sticking to DA these days.

That said, I'm considering starting to post my Bionicle fanfics here, as few as they are. I still have my Wings topics, so if I get that off the ground again I'll probably post chapters there, and I'm toying with a new story idea that might take precedence over it.

All being said, I want to know if there's anyone here that would read and/or reply to them. Call me egotistical, but I do like hearing what people think about my work.




Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, Life Jul 31 2013 · 176 views

I say I'm back, and then I immediately drop back off the face of the site again for two weeks. Go me.
Anyway ...
-I'm working as an intern at my mom's workplace now, since I couldn't find a job within a certain time constraint. Aside from the not-getting-paid thing, its not too bad.
-Birthday went well. Not much else to say there.
-I've been playing tons of Skyrim lately, but I might get back into Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 eventually. Said Skyrim playing has actually given me and Jayson (aka Akaku) ideas for a webcomic, but we're mostly messing around with ideas at the time being.
-Speaking of Ak: he's on the west coast for a few weeks, and is currently staying with me and my family for a week before he heads back up to BC. I'll probably be heading up there for a weekend or so in a little while.
-Bought a remote-controlled snake-bot at a street fair my town had a few days ago. I'll have some fun with it in a little while. >=D
-Saw Pacific Rim last Monday with Jayson. I'll be buying it when it arrives on DVD.
-Writer's block slowly breaking down; mostly been playing with ideas for Wired, an original sci-fi/fantasy story, though, so no Wings just yet.


And now for something much more cheerful

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower Aug 31 2012 · 173 views

I've been doing more in the last month than moping over the fact Ak's not here anymore, getting my soul stolen by Skyrim (and other entities), and ranting at RPGs. I've been doing what I'm supposed to do. Ya'know, writing.

And I finally have something to show for this.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration -- Chapter 14 of Wings


New Writing Contest

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower May 26 2012 · 114 views

I'm in. ^^

Just posted my Day 1 entry, In the Swirling Vapors. Not sure if I'll do any of the CoT themes, but I'll definately give the Bionicle ones a shot. =)


So While The Forums Were Down...

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, Metals, School, Life May 03 2012 · 114 views

I did stuff.
  • Pestered Mark about the second buckle, a Hau I'm casting (which I might sell at BCon, assuming I get down there this year), and various other things
  • Played Borderlands with one of my real-life friends
  • Finished the final section of my senior project and started pulling together my notebook
  • Got a package from Watashi Wa in the mail (TransNeon Miru ^^)
  • Worked on a commission from Swert
  • Got hit by end-of-the-year stuff like a ton of bricks
Just six more weeks until I graduate ... at long last.

(Oh, and Ak might be coming to Seattle over the summer! ^^)


I Feel Accomplished

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower Mar 03 2012 · 129 views
Wings, Chapter 13, posted and 2 more...

Despite the fact I have a ton of homework, I got Chapter 13 up. ^^

... and now I have to go do my homework again. v.v


So Valentine's Day

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in World Wide Web, Writing Feb 14 2012 · 144 views

For the record, I did write a special ... I just didn't post it here.

Mostly because I'm not sure what the rules are about writing SSs about two members' Bionicle personas are when said members are in a relationship anymore. =/


Short Stories Contest #9

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing Feb 13 2012 · 94 views

Lord of the Rings meets Bionicle.

I feel like I just died and went to nerd heaven.

Expect my entry soon.


"You! Shall not! PASS!"


No School Tomorrow

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower Jan 17 2012 · 106 views

yaaaay :happydance:

(also added a new quote to the quote boxes; kudos to Kothra for bringing it to my attention :P)


Writing To-Do List

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School, World Wide Web, Writing Jan 10 2012 · 98 views

  • Start work on my Valentine's Day special
  • Start the collaberation SS project Kagha and I are planning
  • Outline a plot-guide for my senior project
  • Wrap up Chapter 13 of Wings and post it.
Seems managable to me. ^^


Crisis Averted; Thanks For Your Concern

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower Jan 09 2012 · 94 views

Found my USB right under my nose this morning, so it's all good. ^^


Something That I'm Slightly Concerned About

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing, World Wide Web, School, Life Jan 08 2012 · 74 views

My USB drive is missing. The drive that has all the files of my writing, including the (nearly-complete) thirteenth chapter of Wings.


.... *resists urge to use the freak-out emote*

EDIT: And to top it all off, my Christmas gift to Akaku (which I mailed on the 16th of December) seems to have gone to LA for some reason and died. At this point, I'm considering trying to get it back and mailing it again when his birthday rolls around. <_<



Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, Video Games, School, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower, Toa Seneca Jan 01 2012 · 106 views

Soo New Years.

Won't offically be that in about an hour, but w/e. :P

My list:
  • Kill Volterix personally, for the second time (in the Seneca AIM RPG)
  • Successfully moderate the upcoming Seneca AIM Transformers RPG
  • Finish Wings (and torment Japoro all the way)
  • Wrap up my senior project (first 6 chapters of my novel)
  • Graduate from high school
  • Turn 18 and become a legal adult
  • Get into college
  • Dodge being someone's official girlfriend
  • Finish and publish aforementioned novel
I think that's a good list meself. Anything else that's good is just gravy. ^^


The Closest Thing I've Got To A Holiday Special Right Now

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower, Toa Seneca Dec 25 2011 · 154 views

“What are you doing?”

The tall, dark figure quickly whirled around from the corner he was facing to look at the speaker, who was holding a mug of eggnog. Trying his best to block the speaker’s view, he said hastily, “Uh … decorating the tree?”

Nemesis looked past him at what he was trying to hide, and after a few moments, decided not to inquire. “… whatever. She looks good in tinsel.”


The next morning was heralded by a yell that was heard all over Seneca’s Keep, which wasn’t all that uncommon. Occasionally it was loud enough to rouse even Kagha, who slept like the dead, but this time it was just loud enough to grab someone’s attention.


The Toa of Air paused on his way to the kitchen and the awaiting coffee machine to peer into the lounge. “What?’

“How’d I get out here, duct-taped into the tree stand and covered in lights?”

Akaku took a minute to answer, letting himself memorize the image of the annoyed Toa of Fire that was currently sharing said stand with a pine tree, along with the tinsel, lights, ornaments and a star on her head, before answering.


Based off an RP (and a picture) that Akaku and I had a few days ago. Basic gist is that Akaku thinks that I'd make a good Christmas tree. :P


I Am Typing This On My New Laptop

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing, World Wide Web, Life Dec 25 2011 · 147 views
laptop, presents, Christmas and 1 more...
Need I say more? :P

Well, I guess I could ...


I Got An Honorable Mention

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Writing, BZPower Dec 18 2011 · 101 views
SSC#8, honorable mention, stunned
In SSC#8.

I actually ranked somewhere in a writing contest.

I'm happy now. =D

Yours Truly

Username: Inferna Firesword
Real Name: [Classified]
Nicknames: Fern, Lady Greatsword, Inferna Greatsword, Witch Queen, Pteridophyta, Infernal Smokeknife, Tarnation Combustion Weapon, Fiction, and other assorted names
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Astrology Sign: Cancer
Astrology Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Dog
Transformers Alignment: Decepticon
Current Location: WA, USA
Occupation: Author-in-progress, college student
Status: Taken by you ^^
Dream Job: Professional author
Likes: Music (LP!), books, writing, good food, awesome people, Jewelry and Metals class, video games, pranks, archery, swordplay (really good swordplay), Transformers, role-playing, and Akaku ^^
Dislikes: Hypocrites, gum, math, shallow people, procrastination, overzealous fanpeeps (Twilight fangirls, for example), excessive cursing, lazy grammar, people that rip off of my work
Xbox Live Gamertag/Battletag/3DS Friendcode: Classified; PM me if you want any of them.


These halls have seen much. From tales of heroes and friendship to tales of villains and death, from stories familiar to the ones out of our world, they have seen them all.

Enter Seneca's Keep if you dare. These halls ring with the laughter, screams, and sobs of those that enter our realms and listen to our words. Many leave in the end, but there are those that fall so under our spell that they never set foot in the outside world again.

They still haunt the Keep -- you may see them out of the corner of your eye, pale and wane from lack of proper sustance. They will not harm you, so long as you do not give them reason to, but take their tale as a warning. Delve into our otherworldly plots with caution -- immerse yourself too deeply, and even we Seneca will not be able to prevent you from becoming part of the Keep and our stories forever.

Join us at your own risk.

The Toa Seneca And Their Wares

Who We Are: "Seneca" means "place of stones" in a certain Native American dialect. This relates to the Amaja Circle on Mata Nui, the story-telling pit where the Turaga used stones to represent various points of a story. In some way -- be it through Role-Playing in the RPG forum or CoT, writing stories in the Library, or creating comics in the Creative Outlet -- we all tell stories to others. By ourselves and with the aid of others, we bring these tales to life. We are the Storytellers. We are the Toa Seneca.

Main Members (aka the founding members)

Inferna Firesword and her Library

Akaku: Master of Flight and his Comics

Repicheep XXII and his Library

Aych Ehn (Hewkiinuva) and his RPG

Japoro - Toa of Ice

Kagha and his Library

Kini Hawkeye and his Library

Honorary Members

Saya (Chibi Bahamut) and her Library

Lady Kopaka and her Library

Unofficial Honoraries


Youmu Konpaku (better known as Potu)

The Keep

Location: Wherever we want it
Appearance: Dependant on viewer. Can appear as cottage, castle, or anything in-between
Property of: Toa Seneca; run by Inferna Firesword (assisted by Akaku)
Contains: 9 libraries/RPGs/collections, private chambers for all Toa Seneca, dragon room, 3 lounges, one large kitchen, studios, armories, dungeons, garages, shark tank, heated pool
Defenses: Six Transformer guards, Vuvuzela cannons, energy shields, comet callers, bazookas, dragons, halflings (Bionicle), Seneca powers, time stoppers, nuclear missles, grenade machine guns, watermelon cannons, sound-proof walls, Krakkan in the backyard lake, Ents on our front lawn, Balrogs in the garage, space slugs underground
Security Systems: Security cameras, ultrasonic sensors, thermal cameras, electricity sensors, laser alarms, security droids, Krakkan, Ents, Balrogs


Nuzar the Pinapoconut : That is just plain cute! Kopaka's expresiion is priceless.

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer : Kitty ears for Mata: $6 apiece at Hot Topic

Shrink ray to make them fit in teacup: $200,000

Kopaka expression once he discovers what the others are about to do to him: Priceless

~La Pantoufle Seule ~: OOC: ME TO THE RESCUE. -fanfare plays while I jump off building-



Alex Humva: Zarry has the powers of prediction, guys. Listen to him, lest you become a fly on honeypaper thats on fire with a nuke aimed at it.

Shot by a PHYSICIST!: *Spittake* Three point five? That does it. I'm moving to Washington.

Japoro (in an arguement with Kagha about the possiblity of AeolusxAmph in H&H): You say she wants to dump me for some loser air toa?! I KILL YOU FOOL!

Akaku: I'm not scared of Inferna -- just fearfully surprised.

Sir Kohran: If your parents think you're too old for Lego, simply ask them what you should be into instead, then enjoy the bewildered silence that follows.

Me: On a weird scale we're all normal, but on a normal scale we're all weird.

Half-Dragon: Seems like everyone and their archnemesis has a legacy. Me? I don't even HAVE an archnemesis, let alone a legacy. Does that make me shallow or just really lucky?

Akaku: I like to pretend everything is going well whilest in reality its nothing short of the apocalypse.

AlchemyFox: All love is tragic... Unless you're Shakespeare. Then it's just plain "Whaaaaaat?"

Dalek: I guess I can blame this confusion on your being knocked out with smoke. You are currently in a cell, with LK in the cell to your right, Tahu01 in the cell to your left, and Turakii in the cell to the right of LK's. I turned on Tahu01, knocked you all out, and stuck you in these cells. Now I'm gonna hold you all for a ransom of 500,000 widgets each.


Dalek: *teleports Nikira to Smeag-proofed cell* Pay the 500,000 widgets, or I test my new ray gun on her! >=D

Smeag (in Nikira's profile): There is no such thing as a Smeag-proof cell. My blundering bombast overcomes all. As you can see, I've already rescued her. >:3

Necro: A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.

Varderan: Violence makes the world go around.

Along with pretzels and assorted hair products.

Kagha (about something I told him from LST): ... DEATH?

Amph's gonna die?

*runs into basement, pulls out hammer, and runs after Inferna*

Kagha in KG: Anyway, curse you all and your stupid fast-moving RPG. ><

(My personal statement) "Interjection: Silence, meatbags!" - HK-47

Mangai (in my profile): @ Personal statement: Oh, yeah! HK RULEZ

Too bad I never played KotOR, or its sequel XP

Me (in his profile): Actually, that quote came from a MMO trailer that follows KOTOR II. =P

Mangai (in my profile): CARKITALL

Oh, well, now I have proof that I am unawesome for Zar. Thanks! :P

More Quotes

Alex (in KG): YAY-*Choughhackwheeze*

Necro: Wait.

If guitars are universes, and I play with and own multiple guitars, does that make me a God?


Alex (in Starscape): an era when Natsirt claimed to be guns

King of Shadows (in Starscape): BEST ERA OF ANYONE'S HISTORY ANYWHERE

Peach 00 (in PM): Always loved the Song of Double Time on Majora's Mask. Watch, we'll figure out somebody on the planet has an ocarina and is the source of why the year is going by so fast. :P

Myself (in an AIMRPG; as Toa of Psionics Kalima): "Who's he?"

Akaku (in the AIMPRG; as Toa of Undeath Akuji): "He ... He is part of everything ... He is the age in a being, the disease in a society, the bullet in a gun... He is what gives this world balance. He is the one who looks after the fallen, and either sends them to the pit or the realm of the great beings ... He is among all of us, even now, especially in my kingdom ... especially in me."

Why Inferna Shouldn't Play Rpgs

Rockhound (in the BZProvince Discussion Topic, fighting Xom and Kagha over my character): We really should get all three of us together and brawl it out. Winner-date-'Ferna. :P

Kagha (in KG): Lol, Xom, Inferna can only have so many romantically involved characters. XD

Rockhound (in KG): Says who, Kagha? :P

Xomeron (in KG): If by "So Many" you mean Infinity. In BZProvince, she had four people chasing after her character at once! My character included.

HN (in KG): OOC: Inferna, I am not going to IC six guards all fighting two people. xD
And Inferna, wouldn't that mean that you're fighting Mark? o_o; Do you want me to take Mark.
-i didnt give Inferna an idea I DIDNT I DIDNT-
-in denial-

Me (in KG): OOC: Thanks for the ideaaaa.[/singsongvoice] :evilgrin:

Me (in KG): OOC: Hint to HN: Don’t give ideas to the evil genius co-Moderator. :P


Akaku (on AIM): (If people are flirting with you in RPG's again, I will note I now fully reserve the right to yell at them XP)

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