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The Lonely Barricades


the whining of an honorable traitor

Posted by Zarayna , in Stories, Library Forums Aug 31 2012 · 359 views

The toa of iron slowly ran his hand along the flat of his sword, the leathery inside of his hand feeling the gradual curve of the keen blade. His eyes were half closed, and to a casual glance he seemed to be completely calm.

In reality, any calm he possessed had been replaced by numbing shock.

He was in his room, in a brief rest he had, before plunging back into the growing war effort.

I can’t go back, his mind whispered over and over again. Not after this.

The sword in his hands was his most precious possession; he had born it as a matoran, and also as a toa. It held a great memory…

But its memory had been tainted unchangeably, profaned almost.

I did my duty. I upheld my oath. I lived according to my honor, he reasoned.

And my blade tasted the blood of my friends. The blood of my love.

Could anything, he wondered, remove that from his mind? It was a tear, and one he could not bear. It tore through his heart, his honor, his being.

Was it treachery to do what I did? Would it have been treachery to not do what I did?

Those questions revolved in his mind, and he could not answer them.

I didn’t kill them! He rebuked himself.

You killed your bond with them, you delivered them over to death, his conscience was quick to point out.

I know… was his feeble response. His hand reflexively began to grip, and he blunted the edge beneath his fingers with his power, almost instinctively.

You delivered those you owed loyalty up for death for their desertion.

But, he countered, I owe my county more loyalty.

Athru is not your country. Dinaru is.

The toa almost snarled.

My country is my island! We are no longer part of Dinaru. We are our own. I owe my own my allegiance.

And your country is before your morals?

The question continued, although he neither dismissed it nor answered it. The toa sat in the silence, his features hard.


For those bemused, this is a write off story of mine, and also is about a character from my upcoming epic, And to the Republic.


The Unsung Reviewers

Posted by Zarayna , in Library Forums Jun 20 2012 · 359 views

I think we've all met them, usually when we've just began writing, or a little after. You have that short story that you think is good, but everyone else seems to ignore: 30+ views, no reply, that sort of thing. In reality, you'r story isn't very good, and people don't really want to read and review it as a result. Of course, you might apply for a review from the local critics club, which speaking from experience can be a BIG enthusiasm booster. But even better is when a person out of the blue leaves a nice, fairly sized review. That person doesn't tell you that your story is perfect, they just tell you what's good about it and what's bad about it, and what can really improve. They don't unkindly tear you and your story apart, and they don't unkindly falsely build your ego up with falsity. Some of their critique can sting, but it certainly drives you to do better!

A lot of people at one point or another become that anonymous reviewer (although speaking for myself, they usually try to find a nicely written story), and that's good. Every author needs reviews, especially those with 0 or only a few replies in all their topics.

You people who do that stuff, you're awesome.

We need more of you in the library forums.



Posted by Zarayna , in Library Forums Mar 31 2012 · 588 views

SSC9 exists. Go vote in its polls.


I'll Now Take The Time To Gripe

Posted by Zarayna , in BZPower, Library Forums, Life Jan 29 2012 · 409 views
BZP, procrastination, inactivity and 1 more...
At annoying inactivity.

Yeah, a combination of several things are seriously cramping me. I think I can sum it up like this: Little Time, other Sites, Strange Feel.

I'm still on an hour and a half of time per day, and I'm active on a few other forums.

The biggest thing however, is the strange feel. It's twofold, honestly. The first is the skin: it looks like [Mentioning social networking sites is not allowed, unless it's Twitter. -Takuma Nuva][This is what happens when I lurk for a month. :P -Zar], and because of that it really doesn't feel like BZP. Honestly, I am really missing the old skin right now. The second fold is, of course, the members. Probably half because of my inactivity, but it seems like pretty much everyone I know is a lurker.

Currently, I'm going to be holing up in the library forums. You might once in a while see a review from me, but I'll probably just be reading.

...I have like 10 chapters of Wings to read.

I'll be done reading them by summer, if Inferna doesn't kill me for procrastinating. :P

...Or if Aderia doesn't kill me for taking three months to review her SS contest entry.

...I feel scared now...


Did you see them going off to fight?
Children of the barricade that didn't last the night.
They were schoolboys, never held a gun,
Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun.
Where's that new world now the fighting's done?

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