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Great Games


Oh goodness

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files, Video Games, Collection Jan 30 2017 · 227 views

Posted Image

Nintendo please

If I get any more excited for anything that is even remotely related to this game I might actually give myself heart problems



Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files, Video Games Jan 18 2017 · 224 views

Wild Files 02: The Box Art
Posted Image

Above is the Japanese/American box art and the European box art for Breath of the Wild, which is my most hype and anticipated game of 2017, obviously, otherwise why would I even bother?

I'm a really big fan of both, but especially the American version (thankfully, since it's the one I'll be seeing on store shelves). Aside from the fact that the art itself is simply majestic (and that it shows off that hot new blue tunic that I really want to become Link's new main attire even though it won't), I think it does a fantastic job of selling the idea of there being a big, open world to explore.

The lack of a gold filter is also appreciated; I feel like it has been way overdone in recent years, and the cover of A Link Between Worlds in particular lost some of its luster by being converted into a monochromatic gold image.

I think there's something to be said about the logo as well - it lacks the traditional red color, something only Majora's Mask (purple) and Four Swords Adventure (green) have done, I think. Its decrepit state hints at the ruined state that Hyrule has reached before the adventure begins, and hints at a time long since past - which seems to be a major part of the game's story if the latest trailer was any indication. The Japanese logo goes even further, eschewing the typical logo and basing it upon the logo of the very first game in the series; while the American logo is still nice, a part of me does wish that the same had been done for us. It would have helped to set this game apart even more, as special as it is.

As for the European box art, while I don't like it as much as the American version, I do like that Link almost seems to be looking directly at you as if to invite you with him on the adventure - something that I don't think the series has done before.

I can't wait until I can see this game on store shelves.

Which cover art do you like more?


Check out that hot bod (Wild Files 01)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Jan 16 2017 · 473 views

Wild Files 01: Link's Hot Bod
(this is in no-way me modifying the Smash Files to suit a new game, nope, not at all)

So I'm like, seriously hyped for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild... as in the last time I was this hyped for a game was probably Super Smash Bros. 4.

I can't even afford to do this but I might go out and buy a Switch (or a Wii U) and this game just to play it.

Anyway, what better thing to blog about first than Link's hot bod?

Posted Image

Check out those knees.

Check out those calves.

The thighs.

The abs. Well, actually, you can't really see any, but I'm assuming he has them anyway because why wouldn't he?

He's just delectable. If I wasn't such a fan of the new blue tunic, I'd play through the game as Naked Link (although I will probably attempt that at some point in the future).

Oh yeah.


Bayonetta! (Smash Files)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Dec 18 2015 · 530 views

Posted Image
Species: Umbran Witch
Series: Bayonetta
First Appearance: Bayonetta (PS3/360, 2010)

Favourite Appearance: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U, 2014)
Party: 3rd
Known For: Killing angels, finding her past, summoning demons
Excitement Factor: 10/10 - Yes please. I mean, just look at this beautiful artwork that her inclusion has granted us.
Posted Image
Look at that gorgeous artwork.


Choose to Smash! (Smash Files)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Dec 16 2015 · 401 views

Posted Image
Species: Manakete
Series: Fire Emblem
First Appearance: Fire Emblem: Fates (3DS, 2015)

Favourite Appearance: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U, 2014) (Fates has not yet released in NA)
Party: 1st
Known For: Being another player-insert character, not being as cool as Robin, transforming into a dragon, being indecisive
Excitement Factor: 9/10 - hahahahahahaha get REKT everyone. The salt that has sprung forth from Corrin's announcement is a treasure to me. There are a few disappointments, of course; while we are getting new music, I guess Sakurai couldn't be bothered to make a new Fire Emblem stage?? I mean seriously we have two stages for the series at most, versus, what, sixteen or something for Mario? Yuck. Also, I would have preferred Azura.
Posted Image
Good job dooming Nohr and Hoshido to certain doom, idiot.


Into the Cloud (Smash Files)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Dec 15 2015 · 287 views

Posted Image
Species: Human
Series: Final Fantasy
First Appearance: Final Fantasy VII (Playstation, 1997)

Favourite Appearance: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U, 2014), because I haven't played FFVII
Party: 3rd
Known For: Being Cloud, appearing in Smash despite never appearing on a Nintendo platform in a main series Final Fantasy game
Excitement Factor: 7/10 - I spoke before of how I am excited for Cloud, but wished we had gotten Shovel Knight or Shantae (3rd party characters more associated with Nintendo) instead. With the revelation that we have reached the end of new fighters being added into the game, I wish that were true even more. Regardless, Cloud will be fun to play.
Posted Image


New DLC (Smash Files)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Nov 12 2015 · 503 views

Posted Image

So, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was announced for Smash in today's Nintendo Direct. To be honest, I'm both excited and disappointed. It's nice to see another third party character, but I can't help but feel like a character such as Shantae or Shovel Knight (who have both actually shown up on a Nintendo system before) might have been better.

Not to mention that Shantae has a whole variety of possible movesets.

Still, a new character+stage combo is always good, and more Smash is, well, more Smash. I am still very excited, and since they didn't mention the ballot, I'm assuming we have yet to discover who the winner from that was...

I'll whip up a profile for Cloud once he's actually released.


ROY IS BAAAAACK! (Smash Files 74)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Jun 15 2015 · 393 views

Posted Image
Species: Koopa
Series: Super Mario
First Appearance:


Posted Image
Species: Human
Series: Fire Emblem
First Appearance: Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (GBA, 2002)

Favourite Appearance: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U, 2014)
Party: 1st
Known For: Bringing Fire Emblem to everywhere not called "Japan", only appearing internationally in the Super Smash Bros. series (outside of a DLC cameo in Fire Emblem: Awakening), being a Marth clone
Excitement Factor: 9/10 - I went back to Melee last year and had a lot of fun with Roy... and now the fun can continue! Thanks to the changes made to Marth since Melee (as well as some modifications to Roy himself), he's no longer quite as much of a clone as he used to be. That said, it would be nice if he was 100% clone-free.
Posted Image

There can be only one.


HADOUKEN! (Smash Files 73)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files Jun 14 2015 · 615 views

Posted Image
Species: Human
Series: Street Fighter
First Appearance: Street Fighter (Arcade, 1987)

Favourite Appearance: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U, 2014)
Party: 3rd
Known For: Street Fighter, Hadouken!, Capcom
Excitement Factor: 9/10 - I have had the chance to try Ryu out, and while I have never been very great with the heavier, slower characters, it was still extremely fun. I look forward to using him some more!

Posted Image



Ranking Amiibo (Smash Files 72)

Posted by Lucina , in Hype Files, Collection May 28 2015 · 660 views

With all of my Wave 4 preorders either having already shipped (thank you, strange Japanese site for actually shipping Robin+Lucina) or starting to ship, and the other waves of Amiibo otherwise completed, I figured it was time to revise/expand my rankings.

Hopefully tomorrow I can find Greninja and complete Wave 4 in one fell swoop. Ironically, doing so would make Wave 4 the fastest one that I have completed, despite it also being the most nightmarish to get preorders for.

Anyway - let's move onto the rankings! All 36 of them.

1. Zelda
2. Luigi (SSB)
3. Lucina
4. Mega Man
5. Ike
6. King Dedede
7. Robin
8. Luigi (SMB)
9. Bowser (SSB)
10. Shulk
11. Toad
12. Sonic
13. Pit
14. Meta Knight
15. Little Mac
16. Bowser (SMB)
17. Lucario
18. Mario (SSB)
19. Kirby
20. Captain Falcon
21. Wii Fit Trainer
22. Mario (SMB)
23. Peach (SSB)
24. Samus
25. Yoshi (SSB)
26. Donkey Kong
27. Rosalina
28. Pikachu
29. Gold Mario (SMB)
30. Villager
31. Diddy Kong
32. Yoshi (SMB)
33. Marth
34. Fox
35. Peach (SMB)
36. Link

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