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Unspoken Words



Posted by Trijhak , in Random Thoughts Mar 21 2015 · 892 views
things, questions, telephones are and 1 more...
I wish we could type things in different fonts in search engines. Sometimes I search things and I'm surprised they actually exist. Sometimes I search things and I'm disappointed they don't exist. Sometimes I search things and I end up with completely irrelevant results.

And for some reason, over the past few days, my mind has been wanting me to say 'Telephone' as if it were the pinnacle of all humour. What's so humorous about the word telephone, mind? I'd like to know why I giggle at the word telephone. Telephone. Telephone. Telephone. Te-le-phone. Why must I find this word hilarious suddenly? It'll go away eventually, hopefully, like the many other things I find humorous for six days and then stop thinking about. Almost posted a blog entry suggesting that anthropomorphic telephones are the enemy for BIONICLE 2017. Glad I didn't, that's a clear attempt at trying to be funny. Trying too little or too hard, and I find that humour ends up being forced and unfunny, you have to be told it's apparently funny. Granted, people have different senses of humour, but nobody thinks telephones are hilarious other than my stupid and unfunny mind right now. Once the 'hahaha randomness!' factor fades, so does the humour.

Also, don't play things that are survival-horror-ish at 01:00 in the morning.

Also, I'm suddenly curious to ask the following, about games, specifically, video games:
  • What's your favourite genre of game?
  • What's your favourite game series?
  • What's your favourite stand-alone game not part of a series?
  • What's your favourite expansion to a game (not downloadable content - an expansion is something much larger, at least that's how I choose to perceive the word)?
  • What's your favourite DLC of a game?
  • What's the worst game you've ever played that isn't that E.T. game or that superman game or any famous bad games?
  • What games are you looking forward to?
  • BIONICLE G2 gets a game. What genre is it and what is its defining mechanics?
  • What game has the best music?
  • Seriously: what's funny about telephones?


The Summer Story

Posted by Trijhak , in Random Thoughts Mar 03 2015 · 499 views
skull skeletons, LoSS, Summer, G2 and 1 more...
The defeated LoSS splats on the pavement of the Ancient City like a bug, disturbing one particular dead thing. Which conveniently happens to be SKULL GRINDER, THE GRINDER OF MASKS AND FLASKS.

The Toa, all six of them, enter the Ancient City, in search of Ekimu's lifeless body. They heard it has treasure and want it for themselves because Ekimu's worth a lot. However, Skull Grinder's arm bursts through the ground behind them, surprising the six Toa. Then Skull Grinder jumps out evilly, making sure to be as evil as possible while jumping so evilly. The Toa, being self-proclaimed and protector-proclaimed Heroes, rush towards Skull Grinder with the exception of Tahu and Gali, who are more pre-occupied with a transparent orange hau and a blue skull spider that magically appeared , with the message 'Hero pack: For when heroes are in danger'. Skull Grinder, being a skeleton, takes advantage of Tahu and Gali's distraction to take on the four Toa rushing at it instead of the six Toa it was expecting. It unleashes the evillest, scariest, evillest, vilest, worst possible most frightening beams from its staff-thing, which hits Kopaka, Lewa, Pohatu, and Onua, in that order. Those four then stop in their tracks, struck by skeletal fear... skeletal fear so strong their skeletons jump out of their armour and become the Skull Warrior, Skull Slicer, Skull Scorpio and Skull Basher, respectively. Their brains do not come with them but rather remain in the armour of the skeletonless Toa, this is why the skeletons are evil. Because they're magic. At this moment Tahu and Gali turn around three hundred and sixty degrees to see the new skeletons, and Tahu uses his transparent orange Hau, which is surprisingly not a mask of Fire! Instead, it is a Mask of Awakening! In the distance, where Ekimu is buried, the lid of his coffin/sarcophagus/burial/urn/whatever flies off to reveal not Mask of Light, nor Legends of Metru-Nui, nor Web of Shadows but The Legend Reborn: EKIMU, PROTECTOR OF CREATION! He has come to claim his Mask of Creation, because he has been awakened from his lifeless sleep. He is a zombie and focused only on the Mask of Creation. When he gets it, he will sleep again, because he is not a magical problems solver or a plot device. This also means Tahu and Gali must search for non-magical skeletons in the catacombs of the Ancient City in 2016 so that Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, and Pohatu can be not useless and stuck in the place of their armour and brains again. Except, of course, the catacombs were known in their time as the the Cataclownbs for a reason...


February Thoughts

Posted by Trijhak , in Random Thoughts Feb 01 2015 · 607 views
random, bonkles, hero factoricles
The Hordika Neck is definitely the most useful thing to come out of 2005.

I should get that transparent orange Mask of Fire. There's no other way to get it that I know of. With a bonus skull spider and poster too!

Lord of Skull Spiders could be improved so easily if you simply moved the Glatorian necks in the place of the technic beams and then attached the normal CCBS legs to it, placing the original IFB-claw leg-ends on the end of those legs. Not sure about this, but LOSS' function would still work. Boggles the mind why they didn't do something like that, especially considering when it's so simple to improve. Granted, spiders usually have eight legs, but who said LOSS is a spider itself?

Skull Scorpion and LOSS seem to be in a 'Who can be the worst arachnid-based set?' competition.

Skull Warrior has an awesome bow and BOWS ARE COOL. Especially oversized ones. Remember, it's not BIONICLE if the weapon isn't madly oversized. (See: Tahu G2's massive swordbladethings, Gali's G2's massive trident, Pohatu G2's frankly massive boomerangs, many G1 weapons)

Skull Slicey-dicey gets too much flak for being skeleton when it's a skeleton.

Skull Bashey-gnashey has two axes that look more like axes than Lewa G2's axes.

Skull Grindey-windey has a nice staff-thingy.

The summer wave has one thing everyone's been asking for too: a new chest-piece. Even if it's only in transparent colours. Also a new knee/shoulderpad piece. I noticed the old spherical and box-shaped armour attachments had mysteriously disappeared from CCBS, I'm guessing the piston attachment and that new piece are the replacements. You know what we also need? A piece like that 'wide' 6-stud long piece, except a bit a smaller, and also another a bit larger.

I foresee those new sword pieces getting overused to no end as well. Just imagine it in the place of the Brain Attack Sword, which is also overused, or the G1 Mahri Blade, or the HF Mahri Blade equivalent from Ordeal of Fire.

Why don't those new bone pieces have technic pin holes in them? There appears to be space, so there's really no reason not to include them.

That gearbox should be used in every set it possibly can. It's a nice piece, why not include gears now that we can have gears + posability all in one without sacrificing one or the other to the mythical 'Set Designers'?

I looked at Meltdown recently and I noticed that his yellow is slightly different to the CCBS yellow (was there a change in plastic or something when we moved to CCBS?)

On the same note, the old non-CCBS pieces seem to not have those three holes in them that the new balljoints do, is there a reason for that?

On yet again the same note, the transparent green that first appeared in 'Breakout Rocka' did not in fact first appear there, it appeared on Meltdown's 'waste' canisters

Why can't we get transparent dark blue shells on Gali? Kopaka already uses the transparent light blue shells, right now every element has a transparent colour unique to it (Fire = Orange, Stone = Neon Green, Air = Greeny green, Earth = Purple, Ice = Light Blue, Water = Light Blue)

I'm so glad we don't get any Inika torsos any more. I recently realised just how useless they were. The most creatively they were used was in Gadunka, and Gadunka was a fairly mediocre set. Who am I kidding? Everyone loves Gadunka, those teeth are amazing. Has good dental hygiene too! So did the Piraka. WHO HAD THE MASK OF DENTISTRY?


...Ahkmou. Ekimu. Ekimu. Ahkmou. Ahkimu. Ekmou. Ahkimou. Ahkmou?! THIS IS SHOCKING. I COMMAND EVERYONE TO BE SHOCKED. EKIMU IS AHKMOU GUYS.


Thoughts on Games

Posted by Trijhak , in Random Thoughts Sep 29 2014 · 672 views
overrated, games, graphics and 1 more...
Sometimes I get the feeling that people say games are good just because it's what everybody else told them: that it was good. No reasons. Just that it was 'good'. Or, if there were, that one part of it was good but not the other parts. Which really isn't enough to justify that a game is good, IMO. So then we end up with overrated games. However, games are allowed to be flawed. I do not mind a few bugs, but what I do mind is gameplay that is just bad and unclear graphics. Not 'bad' graphics, unclear graphics.

Related to this, I think game developers and gamers today focus far too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay. You know, that extremely important part that makes it a game? If we could stall graphics development for a few decades and focus on making games as entertaining as possible, it would be nice because I don't want to be staring at what is basically an uncanny valley.


The story of BIONICLE

Posted by Trijhak , in Uncategorized, Random Thoughts Jul 21 2014 · 516 views
bionicle, story, Freg Garshtey and 2 more...
You know what? I think I should make some [acronym=or maybe worsen]improvements[/acroynm] to the story of BIONICLE. These are the improvements of my friend, Freg Garshtey:

First off:
2001 stays as normal, only that the elements are no longer confined to one gender and that there is an equal gender ratio.

The majority of the Toa end up falling to the krana, leaving the remaining two to try and save them. There are three Bohrok queens: Cahdok, Gahdok, and Kahdok. The Exo-Toa have their own personalities, as they are no longer robots, but living creatures mutated for use, and feel immense pain when being used. Rather than hinder the Toa's elemental powers, the Toa have a moral dilemma about using them - initially, most of the Toa want to use them, while the others don't due to the harm it would bring to a living creature. Most of the Toa eventually decide not to use them, but at least one does anyway, forming a rift in the team. After trapping the three Bahrag, the Toa are transformed into Toa Nuva, and they decide to go their own ways, none of them wanting to work with each other, but especially not whichever Toa decided to use the Exo Toa.

The Bohrok-Kal thing still happened, but looked incredibly different to Bohrok and rather than being destroyed by their own enhanced powers, some were reasoned with, some were destroyed with no other option, and at least one was reasoned with but destroyed anyway. The Rahkshi destroy most of the villages, and kill one of the Turaga and at least five Matoran, almost succeeding in killing one of the Toa Nuva. The Mask of Light is found by Takua and Jaller, and at least three Matoran plot to steal it from them, planning to use it for their own gain. At least two Matoran start serving the Makuta, doubtful of the Turaga and Toa, and they are not Ahkmou. Makuta also sends out more than six Rahkshi. Upon Takua becoming Takanuva, he sends out a few more, which destroy the only remaining villages, forcing the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran to the Kini-Nui, where Takanuva decides to go and face Makuta, alone. It goes as it did in the movie from here, only that there is no Kolhii match, but the discovery that Makuta is not there - rather, he is diving towards Takanuva from the ceiling. Takanuva falls into the energized protodermis, and takes Makuta down with him, helped by the Toa Nuva, in his seemingly dying moments. Takutanuva is created, things happen as they normally did from here.

2004: Vakama is even more reluctant to be a Toa. Not once does Vakama try to be the leadership, leaving the matter to Nokama. The Toa Metru learn to deal with that, as a team not led by a Toa of Fire is, shockingly, possible, and come to accept the fact that Vakama doesn't want to be leader. But Vakama's reluctance ends up leading to the death of Turaga Lhikan, rather than being saved by her, and Lhikan's final words condemn Vakama instead, which causes Vakama to doubt himself instead, despite any surge of self confidence Vakama may have had. This also causes half of the Toa Metru to shun Vakama. Earlier in the year, Ahkmou is killed by two of the Toa, which is used as propaganda by 'Dume' against them. Makuta is sealed in a Toa Seal.

2005: Rather than Vakama joining Roodaka, three of the Toa Hordika do, not just Vakama - Vakama is simply the first to do so, being shunned by the Toa Metru and condemned by Lhikan's last words. The Rahaga help the remaining three search for Keetongu. Sidorak plots against Roodaka as Roodaka plots against Sidorak, both using the Visorak to attempt to betray each other. Both fall relatively quickly, killed by the Toa Hordika who joined Roodaka, claiming the Visorak for themself. Around this time, the Rahaga note the Visorak seem both more and less intelligent at times, and that they specifically seem to be hunting them and the three remaining Toa Hordika. The three remaining Hordika also learn that Keetongu can transform them back to their Metru forms, but only if he is allowed to use the life force of a living being.Eventually, one of the three 'beast' Hordika gets into a heated argument with the other two, and leaves, wondering if they made the right choice, eventually rejoining the others. Of the other two, one has to be forcibly transformed by Keetongu, and the other comes back after a long battle with one of the other Toa. Vakama is also forced to go back to retrieve the Vahi, as to atone for letting Lhikan die. Things go as normal.

2006: The Piraka don't just enslave most of Voya Nui, they kill about 15% of its residents, living up to their names. They also manage to kill Garan. Axonn decides to help the Voya Nui resistance at this point, while Brutaka allies with the Piraka, but not before killing one of them as a display of power and a warning not to mess with him. The would-be Toa Inika arrive in Karzahni, who severely weakens them as Matoran and almost kills one of them. The Inika arrive at Voya Nui, becoming Toa due to the Red Star. At least on of the Inika attempts to do battle with the Piraka almost immediately, but is killed, leaving the Toa Inika with five members. The Piraka and Inika face the guardians of the Mask of Life. Vezon is killed in the battle against him, ensuring that he does not become overused in later serials. Kardas is let loose to wreck havoc upon Voya- Nui.

2007: Mahri-Nui is under the rule of the Barraki, having fallen to them long ago. The Matoran dislike them, but serve them as they have no other choice. Dekar finds the Mask of Life, and is transformed into Hydraxon, but is overcome with the need to jail any living being, including a quest to jail the Great Spirit. The Inika become the Mahri, and the Barraki launch a surprise attack on the Mahri, killing yet another of the team, but not without one Barraki being killed, either. Gadunk- still happens, but is given the memories and intelligence of Jovan, causing it to be very, very confused. Makuta never inhabits a Maxilos robot. Matoro sacrifices himself. Jaller unleashes a Nova Blast... in Metru-Nui, unintentionally.
Into the Darkness: Doesn't happen.
Dreams of Destruction: Happens, but Lesovikk is the only survivor. The last sentence is Lesovikk realising that Karzahni had been dreamt up, and that Lesovikk had been responsible for everything the 'dream' had done.
Gali Nuva Blog: Happens as normal.

2008: One of the Toa falls to the Shadow Leeches. Another is killed by Icarax. The Toa begin to wonder if they can awaken Mata Nui with two less Toa. The Av-Matoran plot against the Nuva, being resentful of them - to the Av-Matoran, it seemed as if the Nuva had abandoned them, and so the Av-Matoran want revenge. One group of Shadow Matoran plots against the Makuta, and escapes Karda Nui, with their location unknown. Takanuva arrives and claims to be Takanuva, but none of the Nuva believe it, as Takanuva is much taller than a normal Toa due to being in Karda Nui. This causes mutual distrust. Takanuva ends up outright killing the shadow Nuva, just before discovering the Klakk. Year ends as normal, and Makuta decides to kill Artahka to prove a point.
Federation of Fear: 100% better without Vezon.
The Mutran Chronicles: Mutran chronicles.
Dark Mirror: Rather than being completely pointlessly thrown into an alternate universe, Brutaka's mask is a mask of random teleportation. Takanuva ends up all over the MU, which ends up being far more interesting than what Takanuva already did. The serial is instead about who Takanuva is as the onjly Toa of Light, and who Takanuva could become, as well as delivering some exposition on parts of the MU we know little about.
Destiny War: The OoMN declares war on the BoM, with the help of the DH. But what do the Matoran think? The Matoran populace of the MU begins to learn about the OoMN, and the Turaga of the MU condemn both sides - the OoMN claims to be an order of Mata Nui, but serves its own interests, and the Brotherhood of Makuta, well, we already know. The OoMN, as a result, declares war on the Matoran.
Dwellers in Darkness: The Rahaga are reverted into Toa Hagah, not by Roodaka (who is dead), but by something else. When Gaaki says that one of them will not return, it is not Zaktan that 'dies', it refers to an entire Toa Team, since the serial follows both the Mahri and Hagah. It is the Hagah that do not return.
Brothers in Arms: Mazeka and Vultraz have things happen to them. It takes place entirely in the Northern Continent, and expands on the less-prominent elements, such as Sonics, Magnetism, and Plasma. Vultraz eventually becomes a Toa of Shadow using a Toa stone meant for Mazeka. Mazeka is almost killed, and vows to kill Vultraz.

2009: Happens as it already did. Only difference is that Mata Nui finds some Fresh Bula Berries and A Car.
Riddle of the Great Beings: Tarduk and friends go an adventure, leaving them stranded on Bota Magna.
Empire of the Skrall: Tuma reminisces about the past and the future, plotting to turn Bara Magna into an empire.

2010: Mata Nui and friends battle the Element Lords on their way to the Valley of the Maze. Mata Nui learns the importance of dancing along the way.
New Serials:
The Core War
Riddle of the Element Lords: What is their Favourite Dessert?
Reign of Shadows, Part Two: More Pointless Twists

2011: Mata Nui and friends find their way to Bota Magna and meet its locals, including a tribe of Earth and the benevolent Element Lord of Earth, the original inhabitants of Roxtus. Mata Nui's car is eaten by the local Biodinosaurs.
Invasion of the Biodinosaurs
The History of Bota Magna
Reign of Shadows, Part Three: Makuta Loves Planning

2012: Happens as the 2010 we know did, only over the entire year. Mata Nui gets back to learn that there is an Agori civil war, but gets inside the prototype robot anyway and defeats Makuta, causing IMMENSE damage to the
Sahmad's Tale: Happens as it normally did.
The Powers That Be: The Red Star ends up hurtling towards Spherus Magna, with no known way of stopping it, and with Velika almost completing his plans, only to find out... Velika was Makuta the entire time, somehow. Because it would have happened, come on. We all know that the story was like: MAKUTA DEFEATED actually it was part of the plan haha you fools
The Yesterday Quest: Gelu and the three toa search for the Great Beings, only to find out that they've been wrong all along: the Great Beings are actually sentient Cheese Graters, and thus called the 'Grate Beings'. Orde reveals he is also Makuta instead of that whole controversial thing that happened. Yes, Makuta is both Velika and Orde.

The former inhabitants of the MU begin to shun Mata Nui for damaging their universe and not apologising, eventually going on a quest to destroy the Mask of Life which houses Mata Nui, as Mata Nui is unworthy of the title of Great Spirit after this disgrace. Turaga Vakama calls it 'the disgrace of the legend of Mata Nui', calling Mata Nui lazy for wanting another nap. The Turaga change their names to Turgida, as well as their names, wanting to be as separate from the Great Spirit as possible.

The Red Star crashing into SM is averted, but is teleported into another universe, where it is found by a scientist, and used as the energy source for a factory... a hero factory...

Now tell me... how did Freg do?

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