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The Island.



Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Dec 24 2017 · 300 views
Christmas, Holidays
I'm not going to have a lot of free time tomorrow, so I'm going to go ahead and say this now:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope the day is great for you all tomorrow. :xmas:



Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Nov 23 2017 · 329 views
Thanksgiving, Forgotten, Holiday and 2 more...
​Even though the corporate world have mostly forgotten about it, I know there are still people out there that remember and celebrate Thanksgiving. And that is one of the things I'm thankful for. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! B-)


The Next Franchise Michael Bay Might Destroy

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Oct 23 2017 · 356 views
Michael Bay, Dora the Explorer and 3 more...
Me: It's been over a month since my last blog entry. I wonder if I can find something to blog about.

'finds story about a live action Dora The Explorer movie being made with Michael Bay as a producer'

Me: Yeah, that's something to blog about. :P

So Michael Bay is helping to make a Dora The Explorer movie. I didn't see that coming, TBH. Apparently the movie will age Dora up to a teenager and will be about her moving to the city to live with her cousin, Diego.

So congrats to all the Dora The Explorer fans for getting a live action movie for your show. Let's just hope that Michael Bay doesn't blow it up. :P


A Thirty Fifth Random Question

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Sep 18 2017 · 344 views
35th, Random Questions
What is your favorite song covered by a band and/or singer who didn't originally sing it? (AKA a cover song)


Two Days

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Sep 13 2017 · 340 views
Two Days, Metroid, Samus Returns and 1 more...
Two days.

That's how long the wait is until Metroid: Samus Returns is available to the public.

I can't wait to start playing it. B-)


Thoughts on the Latest Updates to Pokemon Go

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Sep 07 2017 · 206 views
Pokemon Go, Progress, updates and 2 more...
Upon making this entry, I realized that I haven't talked about Pokemon Go since last February. Let's fix that. :)

Pokemon Go has changed a lot since Gen 2 was released.

The gyms have been completely redone, and for the better IMO. Now they can only have six Pokemon in them, with none of them being duplicates of each other. Plus they count as Pokestops as well. You can even feed berries to the Pokemon in the gym if it's under control by your team, helping them stay in there longer and giving the player stardust in return. Their set up is a lot better than the gyms of old, as they can give a reason to use different Pokemon for gyms other than Dragonite and Gyarados if they are already in said gym.

Players can now find shiny Magikarp and Pikachu in the game, though they are VERY hard to find. (You can also hatch a shiny Pichu from a 2K egg, though it is also really rare) They make for a nice surprise to find whenever you are on the hunt for Pokemon.

But the biggest and coolest added feature IMO are the Raid Battles. These are where you battle super strong Pokemon, and a lot of them can't be beaten by one person. I actually joined a couple groups, one on Facebook and one on Discord, that have members post when they find an interesting Raid Boss. That way, people can plan to meet up to take on the boss. I've had a lot of fun meeting up with other players, sharing stories of our hunts as well as talking about the Pokemon we have caught. I've met some really cool people thanks to these battles.

And with the Raid Battles came the Legendary Pokemon. Towards the end of the summer, Lugia and Articuno started showing up at gyms, with the latter only being available for a week. Moltres showed up the next week, then Zapdos. After that, all four were able to be caught until the end of last month. I wouldn't say I had the best luck catching these guys, but I did get at least one of all four of these Pokemon.

As you can see, the game has had a lot of events going on recently, and it doesn't stop there. As of this entry, the Legendary Pokemon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are wondering the globe. Raikou is in the Americas, Entei is in Europe and Africa, and Suicune is in Asia-Pacific. Ater this month, they will rotate to different regions, and than after that month they will rotate again. This gives everyone a chance to catch these guys. I already caught Raikou, so I just need to wait for next month to catch the next one.

On top of that, EX Raid Battles are starting to show up. These give you a chance to catch Mewtwo. Though you have to beat a raid boss at a gym to receive an invite to an EX Raid Battle. That's the only way to participate in this one, meaning you need to do Raid Battles on at least a semi-regular basis to get a chance to get an invite. It's kind of tedious, yes, but Mewtwo's catch rate is higher than the other Legendary Pokemon that have been introduced in the game so far. So that's something.

Overall, I've enjoyed playing the game with these changes over the last few months. It's allowed me to meet new people, join different groups online, and allowed me to explore my local area more than I probably would've otherwise. And of course, catching some powerful Pokemon has been great too. :P I look forward to catching the remaining Legendary Pokemon I need to catch, plus catching Gen 3 Pokemon when they arrive in the game. B-)

What are your current thoughts on Pokemon Go? Do you still play it? Have you caught any Legendary or shiny Pokemon?


Long Overdue Hurricane Harvey Update

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Sep 06 2017 · 175 views
Hurricane Harvey, Hurricanes and 2 more...
Here is an update that I probably should've posted earlier about how my family and I got through Hurricane Harvey. None of us were harmed in the storm, and we didn't lose our home or anything in it. We didn't even lose power. My parent's bedroom did take some water damage, but compared to what others have lost in the storm, we're not complaining.

As for my town, it is bouncing back to how it was before Harvey hit. Some food places still have a limited menu, but overall things are getting back to normal.

Overall, I'm really thankful that my family and I made it through the storm as well as we did. I know that can't be said for a lot of people affected by the storm. I just really hope we don't get another hurricane anytime soon.

And for all those that will be affected by Hurricane Irma, my thoughts go out to you. Please be safe.


New Metroid: Samus Returns Trailer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Aug 24 2017 · 247 views
Metroid, Samus Returns and 2 more...

I was debating on watching this, as I don't want to learn too much about this game before it is released. But I couldn't help myself. :P

It's great that we're finally getting another 2D Metroid game. It's also great to see the Gravity Suit back. (I still think it should've been in Other M.) The Aeon Powers look like an interesting addition to the game as well. I can't wait to see how they are used in the game.

My one nitpick about this is that they're are some content locked behind Amiibos. Yes, they aren't needed to play the game, as the content the Amiibos unlock is just extras. But they are cool extras that I feel should be on the game itself. Or at the very least the concept artwork should've been put in there. I love looking at that after beating a Metroid game. :(

That aside, I still need this game looks great and I can't wait to start playing it when it comes out next month. B-)

Will you be playing Metroid: Samus Returns when it comes out? Are you excited that we're finally getting another Metroid game? And what do you think about needing Amiibos to get some of the extra content in the game?


Tropical Depression Incoming

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Aug 23 2017 · 236 views
Tropical, Depression, Storm and 2 more...
...Or it will probably be a hurricane by the time it arrives in my local area.

So for those who may not be aware, there is currently a tropical depression, named Harvey, in the Gulf of Mexico that is being predicted to hit southeast Texas, where I live, sometime late on this coming Friday. It's stated that this depression could very well become a category 1 hurricane before hitting land though, and that could cause some flooding power outages, and other bad things to occur.

And what's worse is that the storm could sit on us for a day or two, which could lead to some massive flooding.

My local area hasn't been hit by a hurricane since Hurricane Ike back in 2008. Fortunately, our house didn't flood and we were only without power for a few days. My family was really blessed.

But time will tell how bad this storm will be. So if you don't hear from me this coming weekend and/or a day or two after it, this is why.

Hopefully it won't be that bad of a storm.


A Thirty Fourth Random Question

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Aug 17 2017 · 334 views
34th, Random Questions and 1 more...
What would you consider being the highlight of your summer of 2017?


Majora's Mask: Completed

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Aug 06 2017 · 220 views
Legend of Zelda, Majoras Mask and 2 more...
So I finally completed The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask a couple days ago. I know I mentioned months ago that I would beat it, and now I can say that I have. It wasn't at 100% though, as I didn't get all the heart pieces or masks. But that just gives me another reason to play through it in the future. :)

I really enjoyed the game overall. It took me some time to get used to the three day cycle and how it effected the world I was in, but once I did I started doing really well in the game. I also really liked the music in the game. Especially the theme that plays when you get the Deku, Goron, and Zora masks.

I'm really glad I beat this game, even though it wasn't at 100%. It's my third Zelda game I've completed, with the other two being A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. Hopefully I'll add a fourth Zelda game to my belt sometime in the future.

As for my next video game I'll play, I think I'll replay through Metroid Prime. It's been awhile since I've play through the Metroid Prime Trilogy. And with Metroid: Samus Returns coming out next month, I wouldn't mind completing a few Metroid games to get ready for its release. B-)

What do you guys think of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? And how many Zelda games have you completed?


A Random AMA Entry

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jul 31 2017 · 296 views
Ask me anything, Blog Entry and 1 more...
Since I really don't have anything to blog about at the moment, yet I still want to post something here, I'm going to make this one an AMA entry. Because I haven't done one in awhile, so why not? :P

So ask away. B-)


Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con Trailer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jul 23 2017 · 267 views
Thor, Ragnarok, Comic-Con and 2 more...

Talk about an awesome trailer. Now I really can't wait to see this in November. B-)


Quick Thoughts on Movies I've seen this summer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jul 20 2017 · 177 views
Movies, Wonder Woman and 3 more...
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting my thoughts on movies that have been coming out this summer. (Or you have not noticed. I don't know. :P) This is because it's been a really rough summer for me at my job. Summers have always been rough at my job, but this year has been extremely tough, especially this month.

But I still wanted to at least mention some of the movies I've seen this past summer. So I'm going to just mention which movies I've seen and give some quick thoughts on them. They are as follows:

1. Wonder Woman: Finally DC gets a great movie for the DCEU under its belt. I really enjoyed it, despite the fact I had to see it in 3D because the 2D showing I wanted to see was sold out. I definitely recommend this movie.

2. Transformers: The Last Knight: Anthony Hopkins being in this movie is the best thing about it. Otherwise, though, it's your typical Transformers movie from Michael Bay. It's the only movie I've seen this summer that I was though was 'meh.' I say wait for the film to be discounted in a sale to get it if you really want to see it.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming: This is probably my favorite movie I've seen this summer so far. Tom Holland proves that he can hold a movie on his own as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I really liked the many callbacks to the previous Marvel films too. Plus, The Vulture was an interesting villain, and was different from other villains we've seen in the MCU. I highly recommend this movie to those interested.

4. War for the Planet of the Apes: Another great movie IMO. It doesn't have as many action scenes in it as the name of the movie might suggest, but that didn't bother me because the story kept me invested in the film. Though the action scenes it did have were really good. I will admit that I think that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the movie that came out before this one, had a slightly stronger story. But this film is still great and I recommend it to all those interested.

And there are my summed up thoughts on these movies. Maybe sometime in the future I'll talk about some of these in more detail. But right now I'm looking forward to the future, and really hoping an Avengers: Infinity War trailer gets released this weekend at Comic-Con. :)

Have any of you seen these movies? And if so, what did you think of them?


A Long Week is Over

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jul 06 2017 · 361 views
Finally, Thank Goodness
It has been a LONG week for me these past seven days. At my job, the week of Fourth of July is the busiest in the summer. And since I work PM and overnight shifts, that resulted with me working a lot. I actually saw the sunrise three mornings in a row after working repeated overnight shifts. It was exhausting.

But it's over now, so the rest of the summer shouldn't be as bad. I hope. :P


Thoughts on SNES Classic

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jun 27 2017 · 250 views
Nintendo, SNES, Classic
With the NES Classic being so popular last year, it's not surprising to see Nintendo make a SNES Classic to follow it up. Here is a list of games for it, courtesy of IGN:
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • EarthBound
  • Final Fantasy III
  • F-ZERO
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby’s Dream Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mega Man X
  • Secret of Mana
  • Star Fox
  • Star Fox 2
  • Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out!!
  • Yoshi’s Island

Star Fox fans should take special notice of this, as this includes star Fox 2, a never before released sequel to the first Star Fox game. That alone could help the SNES Classic be even more popular than the NES one, as this has a new game on it.

As for the other games, I think it has a good selection of them. Out of all of these, I've only played Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Mario Kart. I've kind of been interested in playing Earthbound and F-Zero, just to see what they are like. I've also watched Let's Plays of Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong Country, so I wouldn't mind trying those games too.

Overall, I think this will be even more popular than the NES Classic, especially since it has a new game on it. I just hope that Nintendo makes enough for everyone to get a chance to get one.

What are your thoughts on the SNES Classic? Do you plan to get one?


Tropical Storm Cindy

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jun 21 2017 · 232 views
Tropical Storms, Cindy
Tropical Storm Cindy is predicted to be hitting my local area as of this entry later tonight. Or as least, we'll be getting hit by its dry side. (The west side of it) Regardless, it's been awhile since anything tropical has affected where I live. I don't know how bad the storms will be, but I do expect a lot of rain, lightning, and strong winds. Thankfully, I'm off from work today and tomorrow, so I'll be home when it hits and don't have to worry about work until Friday.

As with any storm, there is a chance that it could knock out our WiFi and/or power. So if you don't see me on here later tonight or tomorrow, that's probably why. Hopefully it won't come to that though.

Guess that's all I got to say on this. See you all on the flip side. B-)


A Thirty Third Random Question

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jun 19 2017 · 193 views
Random Questions, 33
What is the funniest summer vacation trip you have ever been on?



Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jun 13 2017 · 222 views
Metroid Prime 4 and 4 more...

Welcome back, Samus Aran! B-)


Quick Thoughts on Black Panther Teaser Trailer 1

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster , Jun 10 2017 · 220 views
Black Panther, Marvel and 2 more...

When I learned that this trailer was being revealed last night, I was a little surprised. I thought that we wouldn't see anything on Black Panther until at least after Spider-Man: Homecoming was out in theaters. But I'm not complaining, because this trailer is great.

I like how it continues to trend in recent Marvel movies of showing just enough to get you interested in the movie but not give the majority of the plot away. (Though Spider-Man is an exception to that. :P) It's a trend that I hope Marvel continues to use.

Overall, this looks really good. I'm interested in seeing it when it comes out in February. B-)

What do you all think of the teaser trailer?

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